For the present topic, we have prepared an interesting text that talks about an extreme sport, and this sport is not followed by many people. This sport was created during the 1960s and in the beginning many people were skeptical about this sport. It took a lot of courage to start dealing with this sport because in that period security was not at a great level.

This sport is called Drag Racing and there are certainly a lot of people who have not heard of this sport. This sport is very demanding and it takes a lot of skills and experience to start playing this sport.

During the 60’s and 70’s there were several drivers who gained glory in Drag Racing, and in today’s text we will talk about one of them. His name is John Force and he has achieved a lot of success in this sport and is one of the most famous drivers.

John Force was active in Drag Racing until 2013 when he decided to dedicate himself to his life but he continued to train young people who wanted to make a career in this sport. He, as a 60-year-old, continued to deal with Drag Racing and many fans of this sport were fascinated by his abilities and capabilities.

John Force is one of the most challenging drivers in this sport and he has set many records that no one has managed to overcome. Because of this, fans of this sport believe that John Force is the best driver in the history of this sport and his name will remain forever recorded in Drag Racing.

During his career, he managed to make a big financial profit and managed to secure his family financially. His son inherited talent for this sport and began to train when he was 17 years old. John thinks that if his son is persistent, he can succeed in achieving success like him.

John Force scored over 20 titles and managed to win the races organized in different countries around the world.

He stated that he managed to realize his dreams and now wants to dedicate himself to his children and grandchildren and to enjoy life. If this sport is of interest to you and if you are interested in more details about this driver then stay with this text because we will reveal details of his life and childhood and career.

Early Years

John Force was born on May 4, 1949 in Bell Gardens, California, USA.

His parents, Harold and Betty Ruth Force, moved to the United States a year before his birth, but at the beginning did not have good living conditions. They had to go through many difficult moments, and John spent some of his childhood in various migrant camps until his parents succeeded in gaining citizenship. After that, they managed to find jobs at Bell Gardens and their lives went for the better.

John Force is not their only child because he has six other brothers and sisters. His three brothers are older than him and two brothers and one sister is younger than him. His sister went to another city at a young age and they did not live together. He often said that he missed his sister in childhood, but that she had made the right decision, since in the later period she managed to make a great career.

In the later period when John began to build success and become a champion she came to watch his competitions and she wrote about him various articles in the magazine for which she worked for. She became a very successful journalist and she managed to build an excellent career in this field.

His two older brothers loved car races in high school and they often followed this sport on television. John also began to accompany this sport and he became interested in cars during the elementary school. John became obsessed with cars and he knew every type of car.

John was very impatient to become adult and start driving a car. His father often taught him to drive and in a short time he became very talented for driving.

During the elementary school, John was a solid and quiet student who was in excellent communication with other children and professors. He did not like all the subjects in school, but his favorite subjects were mathematics and physics. When he finished elementary school, John continued his education and enrolled at the Bell Gardens High School.

In this period, his love for cars began to grow, and his biggest wish was to deal with automotive in the future. He followed several types of this competition and wanted to participate in one of those tournaments in the future. In the later period his wishes came true, but he had to wait a few years to participate.

When he was 18 years old, John immediately began to take the driving test and he managed to pass all the tests in a very short time. When he got his driver’s license, John often drove a car from his father, but he wanted to make money for his own car. He found a job at a local restaurant and spent a lot of time at work.

He was the fourth grade of a secondary school and during that period he often left school. His professors told him that he had to come to school more often, because otherwise he would be expelled from the school. John had to listen to these tips, but he was still working at the restaurant. He reduced his working hours but he did not want to quit buying a new car.

When he succeeded in earning a part of his money, his father helped him and gave him the rest of the money that he had missed. John was very happy and excited about his first car and after that he began building his career in Drag Racing.


John Force began his career in the 1970s when he was given the opportunity to take part in the first event. This competition was not at the highest professional level, but this was an opportunity for him to show his talent and abilities.

In this race he drove Mustang and he took part under the name Night Walker Mustang. He managed to win the second place in this competition and this was a huge success for him because he was the youngest participant in this race.

After this race, John decided to apply for the next competition in 1971 and he was not lucky at this competition because he ended up in position five. He was not disappointed by the failure and he wanted to continue to deal with this sport. His next race was at mid-1972 and this race was held in New York. This race was a big moment in his life because he managed to win the competition. After this race he began to get fans across the USA and had a great motivation to continue to deal with Drag Racing.

Until the end of 1970, John took part in smaller tournaments that made much less financial profit than the highest-level tournament. In the beginning of 1980, John began to participate in the biggest tournaments in the world and signed a contract with Chevrolet and he drove this car until 1994.

At the beginning of 1980, John took part in his first professionalTournament in Drag Racing and managed to achieve a successful performance in this race.

In 1981 and 1982 he managed to win several tournaments and he was ranked third in several tournaments. From 1983 to 1984, John had to take a break because he suffered injury during a Miami race. He spent at the hospital about a month, but his family considered that he must rest from this sport for one period of time.

In the second half of 1984, John signed up for the first tournament after a break and managed to win. In the upcoming tournaments John showed great talent and skills and was among the top 10 Drag Racing drivers.

He managed to gain a large number of fans around the USA and his career began to grow. In the period between 1986 and 1997, John achieved tremendous success and managed to win at 67 tournaments, including the World Championship.

He became No. 1 in Drag Racing and was the best driver in this sport. John managed to realize his childhood dreams and managed to become the best in the sport that he likes most.

Private Life

John Force is one of the best drivers in the history of Drag Racing and he managed to make great success. He was active in this sport until 2013.

During his career, he managed to make a huge financial profit of about $ 30 million. John currently lives in Miami with his family. John is not active on social networks.

Quick Summary

Full Name: John Harold Force

Birthplace: Bell Gardens, California, USA

Date of birth: May 4, 1949

Age: 70

Profession: Drag Race Driver

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 78 kg

Net Worth: $30 million