John Mahdessian is a known American businessman known more as the problem-solver for Hollywood celebs than the owner of a dry cleaning business named “Madame Paulette”.

It is a company settled on the Upper East Side and is the largest in the dry cleaning franchise.

It is widely known that Mahdessian knows all the important people in Hollywood, especially the stars. This is how he got such a good reputation.

His good position comes from the fact that he owns a very successful dry cleaning business but also in the fact that he is the man to call if you have a problem.

Some of his clients are Madonna and Steven Spielberg. He often speaks about this.

He became legendary for some of the work he was hired to do. For example, his company was the one who was calked to clean all late Princess Diana clothes which were than auctioned off for charity.

Another example is when Melania wore a quarter of a million dress when she married Donald Trump, he was her emergency person in case something happened to the dress.

Early years

John Mahdessian was born on July 28, 1965,  in Queens in New York City, United States in an  Armenian family.

His father was the one to open “Madame Paulette” and he has ran this business for thirty years. John was sort of lucky to inherit it.

John’s father named Noubar started working for his relative in his cleaning business but soon took it over. He saw the greater potential in it.

John, who was the eldest son in the family, was obligated to continue his father’s work after he retired. This was not hard for him because he loved it already.

While he was in high school, Mahdessian sold goods at the market to earn some money for himself.

When he enrolled college, he started selling properties and real estate. He wasn’t that interested in college because he earned money fast.

Since John went to college, his mum Ann, who was a school teacher, left her job to help her husband Noubar to run the business.

After John finished college and with a good job waiting for him, John decided to help his father run the business for a while.

Mahdessian decided to stay and take over the business. His father retired.

Madhessian is called a pioneer of new cleaning techniques because he invested time and money to test thousands of fabrics and ensure only the top quality.

Career development

He had a good nose for business and he quickly upgraded the business. Many say that he would be a great executive director for some companies, but he says he isn’t interested in such offers.

He expanded the service and offered his clients a 24/7 business, cleaning a lot of other things other than clothes, such as furniture or plane interior.

The most interesting episode which happened to him was when he pulled his strings at New York’s Police Department, in order to get police escort for a famous rapper P.Diddy who needed a hurry way to go through the city.

This made NY City Mayor mad, because the police was used as a private service.

Donald Trump likes John so he often calls out for him: he takes care of their clothes, especially Melania’s, he cleans their private jet and interiors of the house.

John is famous for the fact that he never let’s 9ut a word he shouldn’t. Obviously, when cleaning he gets into some business many would sell for money. He knows a lot of dirty things about celebrities.

“Madame Paulette” is not an ordinary dry cleaning business – it is one of four “special” cleaning businesses, so called “white-gloved” dry cleanings settled in New York City.

The other three dry cleaning services are very secretive about their services and don’t want to reveal any information about their clients or similar.

Madhessian is very different when it comes up to this. He talks about his services and about the things he can realize for his customers. He was called “Sultan of Stains” by New York magazine.

He is currently involved in a lawsuit from his employee, the driver Benjamin Brown, who claims that John steals from his employees, doesn’t pay them wages and treats them like lower people.

Personal life

His girlfriend was Dorinda Medley, known from “The Real Housewives of New York City”. The two of them were together during her time in the show.

He had an altercation with one of th housewives in the show, Bethenny Frankel, when he claimed that she has stolen design for her brand from another  company called Skinny Cow.

Medley, who was John’s girlfriend, was very displeased with his behaviour but in the end she stood by his side. She loves him more than anything.

Where does the name of their business come from? “Madame Paulette” was opened by his great uncle, in the 50’s, and was named after his great aunt who came from France.

Mahdessian often talks about his Armenian roots. He claims that the strength and eager for success lies in the fact that his family survived genocide.

The family ran to United States as soon as they could, leaving the bed past behind them.

John became publically known after he appeared in a reality TV show “The Real Housewives of New York”.

He immidiately caused a controversy after getting involved in a fight with another celebrity from the show:  Bethany Frankel. He said some mean words and so did she.

Dorinda Medley still stayed his girlfriend although she wasn’t happy with his attitude in the show. She claimed that all of the media changed him and that this is not who he is.

John loves to bragg so he often talks about his client from Vera Wang and  Christian Dior to Angelina Jolie to Melania Trump.

He became quite arrogant, many people say. He denies it and says he is busy and has the right to say what he wants.

Quick summary

Full name: John Mahdessian

Date of birth: July 28, 1965

Birthplace: Little Rock, New York City, United States

Age: 53

Profession: businessman, reality TV star

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $5 million