Rachel Cruze is American writer, Rachel is writing about finances and economy. She is trying to help people to get rich, to reduce their costs and to use their money rationally.

Rachel is top selling writer in this area, but her success did not come easily, she was persistent, she worked hard and she did not give up from her dreams. Till today, Rachel revealed a lot of books about finances.

We must mention that Rachel is not only writer; she has got her own video blog on You Tube. Rachel participated in many conferences, she is fighting for Women’s Right, and she has done a lot of speeches on this topic. She is also writing articles for The Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

We must admit that her career is varied, she has a lot of experience in different field in career, and she is very strong and successful women.

Rachel is not only successful women, she has got successful marriage and she is a happy woman who has got two children. We must admit that Rachel is very good on the both side.

In this article, we will talk about Rachel childhood, education, family, career and her personal life.

Early years

Rachel was born in Franklin, Tennessee. She comes from modern family, her mother is a layer, she is still active and she work constantly. Her mother is successful and ambitious women. Her father is famous American businessman and TV host, he started his career as radio reporter, but her career changed after several years of working on TV.

In 2005 her father Dave Ramsey started his own business in finance sector, this business was very successful and his whole family started working together that was one of the reasons why Rachel started her career in finance area.

Rachel finished primary school in Franklin, we can say that she had happy childhood, her parents very always with her, and they were her support from these days till today.

In High School Rachel showed her talents and skills, she was very good student, she had a lot of interests and ambitions.

Rachel was also interested in art, she loved music, she also played guitar and violin, but finance area was her passion.

Rachel has got two older sisters, they are also involved in finance business but they are not successful as Rachel.

She always mentions that her family had a biggest influence on her, they were always motivating her and they were helping her to break limits and establish new borders.

Rachel finished The University of Tennessee; she studied on Finance and Communication department. Her professors were her biggest support; they have noticed her hard work, ambition, persistence and courage.

While she was studying, she has started working her family business and she was getting experience and extra knowledge.


Rachel started her first job when she was only 14 years old. For lot of people this is not acceptable, but her parents were convinced that this will bring her work habits, and it would be much easier and better for her future. We also need to mention, that her sister started their first job in the same age, and Rachel wasn’t exception.

Her first job was delivering newspapers on the bicycle; she needed to wake up every weekend at 5 am, just to start her job. This was very strange for a lot of people, because her parents were rich and they didn’t need extra money, but still Rachel was working.

Now, Rachel admits that her first job was not something what she was expecting, but she loved it, she was making people happy, and this job was her first lesson about work and obligations.

She understood that if you want to earn money, you need to work hard; you need to be dedicate and you need to have working habits.

After finishing College, Rachel was aware in which direction her career will develop. In first last year of College, she start working with her family, and this work had a crucial impact on her and on her development.

While she was working with her father, she made a decision to be independent and to start her own business. She wanted to share her knowledge and to help other people, that is why she became finance adviser.

She has done a lot of speeches about purpose of money; she tried to help people to use money rationally and not to spend too much. Her conferences were visited by a lot of people, but still she was not satisfied with her mission, that is why she has decided to write a book.

Her first book is ‘Smart Money, Smart Kids’, this book was revealed in 2014, and it experienced great success, it become one of the best-selling books in America. This was the first time that public has heard about Rachel. We also need to mention that this book was number 1 in New York Times Best Selling List.

In this book, Rachel presented her ideas about money costs, she explained how you can reduce your cost and how you can pay them easily, she also talked about costs that are not familiar to the lot of people, but also we pay them.

Rachel pay attention on the students, she had a lot of suggestion on our education system, and she talked about students cards. These cards would be made just for students; it would help them to pay their apartments, their college and to save some extra cash.

After enormous success with her first book, Rachel decided to reveal another. Her second book was revealed in 2016 and it was named ‘Love Your Life, Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want’.

Unfortunately, this book was not as successful as the previous one, but it had a lot of useful advices and suggestions.

Rachel participated in many conferences and student forums; she is very open when she is criticizing political and educational system. Rachel is also a member of many organizations that are fighting for women’s right.

Rachel is also social active and she has her own You Tube channel, were she is talking about finances, costs, politics, economy and education.

Personal life

Rachel is married to Winston Cruze, and together they have got two kinds. She is very open when we are talking about marriage and emotional relations. She admits that her husband is the only person who understands her, her career and her mission.

She also said that Winston is her biggest support, and that he has more courage and patience. Rachel and her husband are working together; they have got a blog, were they are sharing their money tips, and where they are advising people how to save money.

Rachel is active on Social Medias, she shares photo of her family. He has been a guest on many TV shows.

We also need to say that Rachel is not only successful women; she is also dedicated wife, friends and mother. She is very close to her family, and she has got good balance between personal and professional life.

Quick summary

Full name: Rachel Cruze

Date of birth: October 18 1988

Age:  31

Birthplace: Franklin, Tennessee, United States of America

Profession/Occupation: Finance adviser

Net worth: 2 million dollars

Height: 171 cm (5 feet and 6 inches)

Weight: 55 kg