Trinidad James is perhaps the most popular among the recent hip-hop rappers who had just got burst into fame with a viral number ‘All Gold Everything.’ His very own way to be with golden teeth, old clothing and curly hair have drawn the attention of many hip-hop enthusiasts.

Overnight he started receiving requests from the premium labels which includes DefJam; the label wanted the rapper for an album with a mind-blowing agreement of $2 million.

Early life

James was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, and Tobago on 23rd September 1987. He had his primary education in Trinidad in some Catholic school. Then when he was a boy of 5, his family shifted to Canada. The Later family further moved to South Caroline where his father with the name of Joe’s Collision opened a car repairing shop. Somehow his parents failed to live together and got divorced. Then James moved with his mother to New York, further to Florida and finally settled in Atlanta where he passed his younger days. James himself calls his days in Atlanta he cherished most.

In the beginning, he was little awkward with the accent of Trinidad. Initially, he exchanged heckling with the native of Atlanta then slowly things cool down with his witty jokes. In Eighth grade, he got into South Carolina and very much into basketball and other sports. A new friendship was a common feature in his high school days. He changed institution twice in his high school days. He has not entered the campus of the college.

With the influence of his brother he at first took North music. In Atlanta, it was the Dungeon Family, a hip-hop genre. With his parent playing the old music of Marvin Gaya and his own choice of Caribbean music he grew. As he grows slowly, he got interested in Jay-Z moments, T.I. moments, Cam’ron moments and also in Young Jeezy. The spectrum got wider as the day went by.

In the hustle, he passed his days of growing. In Elementary level it was Hot Wheel cars with the Dragon Ball, Pokemon cards filled the middle school days, and in his high school days, he was selling CDs and throwback jerseys. He wanted to have a name for himself and create a niche. He looked upon the fashion very closely and tried to be the trend maker. He has many tattoos on his chest. His mother and father face perhaps brought them together as any child love to see, with his own face of two ages to give an impression of family collage.

He felt writing his freestyle when he was 16. It was just simple raps nothing serious. After a short while left writing as after his high school, he started working. His cousins were really into music, and they have their own studio. Sometimes he acted the helping hand of his cousins. All this have not let James get away from music.

When all this was going, he got into some quarrel in one nightclub and locked up. He was released after two months, but he realized that it is not doing. He does not want to get into such situation anymore. This is far from any accomplishment. The period of punishment does not matter, what matters is your realization.

In 2012 he presented rap in a different way, which was not a presentation of karaoke but being inspired by the different music pattern he relayed in a presentable form his way of rap. He just wanted to be the rapper as he has the confidence in himself.


Then that much awaited moment came in his life for which he tried so much throughout. “All Gold Everything” was perhaps dedicated to all and most peculiarly by all. It’s the song for everyone, and no wonder that it was welcomed by all and the song picked 36 on Billboard Hot 100 and on the Rap Charts ranked sixth.

Actually, by the inspiration of his homeboys, he got serious into raping. Few beats were bought, and some demos were recorded. With some independent producers, beats were posted free online.

He made the music video of All Gold Everything with a mere $1000. Along with this “Don’t Be Safe” also came up. On YouTube, the music video generated more than 4 million views, and various premium labels had no other options left but to convince the rapper in their favor for the future.

He failed to release as promised 10 PC Mild in 2013. He came up with “Just a Lil” in 2016. On the eve of this New Year, he dropped “The Wake Up 2”.

Personal life

Apart from his early childhood nothing is known about his personal life.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Nicholas James Williams

Date of Birth: 23rd September 1987

Birth Place: Port of Spain, Trinidad, and Tobago

Age: 30 Years

Profession: Rapper

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $3 million