Lucinda Southworth is a very famous scientist who is one of Stanford’s prized assets and a loving wife to Larry Page, world known technology geek and a millionaire who is also the co-founder of the biggest search engine in the world: Google.

She is a very important person in the science world currently going ahead with her career goals in biomedical informatics at “Stanford University”.

Early years

She was born as Lucinda Southworth on May 24, 1979 in the United States.

Her family is known for members with doctor’s degrees: both her father Roy and her mother Cathy Mclain are doctors.

Her parents were very loving both to her and to her older sister Carrie so the two of them both grew up to warm, dedicated people.

The support she gained through her youth made her to be like that herself, both to her family and to other people.

Coming from such an educated family, she there were no doubts that little Lucy, often called just “Lu”, will continue the family tradition and became a stunning doctor in her field.

Although she was never pressured to become doctor or to excel at school, she was very bright and soon she realized how knowledge is worth gold.

It is probable that she found her inspiration in her parents’ lifestyle and the fulfillment they gained from their work.

Since she was always a kind and gentle person she was happy to find her career in an area which is oriented to working for greater good.

She has a sister named Carrie, who is always by her side when needed (and vice versa) and a younger brother McLain.

Lucinda was one of the best students in high school and was always soaking up knowledge like a sponge.

She was highly motivated for all her school chores and went to different science competitions during schooling.

She has enrolled the University of Pennsylvania, a modern research university and a part of Ivy League universities.

After she graduated from there she continued education at Oxford University which is one of the top colleges in the world. There she excelled, getting her Masters Degree in science.

Career development

Her third university was Stanford where she gained her doctor’s degree. This meant that she earned a Ph.D. title in area of biomedical informatics.

Her father was also a student at Stanford University so he is very proud  that his daughter is an important person in their research team.

After she reached her goal she was overwhelmed with emotions and very proud of her acomplishments. She felt like everything she sacrified and all the time she spent learning came to a great conclusion.

Although her husband is one of the most important people in Google, she isn’t connected to his work in any way because she has her own research to work.

Her main base of work is in Biomedical Informatics Lab at Stanford University where everything is modernly equipped and made im the best possible way.

She works on important biomedical researches and has long working hours but would never change it for anything.

She is well paid and has a net worth of $500,000. Combined by her husbands income it is not much since he is a billionaire but she loves her job and isn’t in it for the money.

Personal life 

All of the time she spends outside work is dedicated to her children.

Lucy is a very emotional and holds great empathy towards people in need so she is always a part of some charity work.

She is involved in the work of many charity organizations, especially the ones included in work in the Third World countries.

She is extremely likeable and very social so she often goes to social events such as dinners, various charity gatherings and similar.

It was in 2006 that she met her future husband Larry Page. They liked each other instantly so they began going out for a period of a little over a year.

They have soon decided to get married so they chose Necker Island in the Carribbean as their place to have wedding.

Their friend Richard Branson owns a beautiful property there so he gave them permission to have the ceremony there.

All the guests had to fly to the island in private planes and were settled in a five star hotel during the whole time they were there.

The hotel was opened only for the guests and everyone connected to the wedding. Nobody else could come to stay in it as long as the wedding took.

Some of the 600 guests who came to this wedding were Oprah Winfrey and American President Donald Trump (who was a businessman at that time).

Lucinda’s husband Larry Page is a very successful and world famous man.

Larry co -founded one of the biggest world tech companies ever: Google. From 2011, he is also the company’s CEO.

Larry is also an altruist as his wife. Their foundation called “Care Victor Page Memorial Fund” is one of the biggest donators in the area. In 2014, they donated a great sum of $15 million for fighting ebola.

Larry and Lucy have two children born in 2005 and 2011 whose names are still hidden by their parents.

They do this to protect them from media and limelight, allowing them to be raised in a normal environment.

Her older sister and best friend is Carrie Southworth. Carrie works as an actress, and her most popular role was as Dr. Claire Simpson in a TV series “General Hospital”.

Lucy’s brother McLain got married in a beautiful country of Croatia, in a pitoresque town of Motovun.

Lucy is not an enthusiast of social media accounts and isn’t active on them.

She likes the fact that her personal life is hidden from the media and there are no photos of her children published.

Lucy is very attractive and knows how to dress up but she always keeps it sofisticated and smart.

Quick summary

Full name: Lucinda Southworth

Date of birth: May 24, 1979

Birthplace: United States

Age: 39

Profession: research scientist, philantropist

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $500,000