Pat McAfee Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Pat McAfee Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Patrick Justin McAfee is a former American football player; he started his career as a player for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League (NFL). Patrick achieved very successful career, he remained remembered for his good play, but also for a very good sense of humor. Patrick played the position of placekicker and scored very good results in almost all matches.

During his career, Patrick has had a lot of critics who evaluated his game, skills and personal life. Despite excellent results in football, Patrick has always been at the center of attention for his private life.

When he decided to end up his football career, many believed that Pat would be forgotten by the public and the media, but that did not happen. In 2017, at the press conference Pat informed the public about the end of his career. On this event, Pat had very emotional speak, he talked about the start of career, he was grateful for all experience he had during career, but he also announced that he is planning a next chapter in his life.

A few months after this conference, Pat published his first article on the sports blog ‘Barstool Sports’. This magazine was very popular among young people; he spoke about comic situations in sports, in his first article Pat talked about his career in a different way. This article received a number of positive reviews, even some sports analysts said that Pat had missed the profession, and that journalism was his greatest talent.

After his first article, Pat got a job in this magazine, and he began to write weekly columns. His columns were full of comedies and satire; he talked about himself, his teammates, football, and many other sports events.

It looked like Pat had five minutes of fame. He was guest on numerous sports events, he was guest on many shows and the American public loved him.

For an interview with ESPN Magazine, Pat said that the US public wanted to see Pat as an ordinary man who was struggling with everyday life, commitments and problems. Pat also said that great attention is given to celebrities, and that this is completely unnecessary, he said that we all need to be equal and not to make differences between ourselves.

Pat loved humor; he loved to see people smiling, and he help people forget about everyday concerns. When he was asked why he changed his profession, Pat said that the answer is very simple, he simply loves people. After successful columns, Pat began to perform as a stand-up comedian, he had performances across America, and after several months, he received an offer to perform in Paris, Vienna, and Amsterdam. His performances were visited, people were thrilled with his talent, and Pat became a professional comedian.

Pat is a very special person; he has merged two different professions and proved that we can succeed in everything if we believe in ourselves and our abilities. Because of these and many other reasons about which we will talk later, we decided to dedicate this article to Pat. Here you can find all the information related to him, beside his career, we are talking about his private life, by which he was very popular especially during the teenage days.

We talk about his relationships, romances, friends, but also about his childhood, growing up and other talents. Pat did not grow up in a happy and rich environment; his success was achieved only with the help of persistent work. 

Early life

As we already mentioned, Pat did not have a happy childhood, he grew up in very difficult and bad conditions for his life. Pat was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he grew up with his parents and his older brother and sister.

His brother was also an athlete, he trained basketball and football, but in high school he experienced a very serious injury after which he could not continue his career. His coach and teammates predicted that he would achieve a great career and become a professional NBA team player, but this injury prevented him from realizing his dreams.

Unfortunately, Pat’s parents did not have enough money to help their son, so he was forced to change his career. Pat spotted his talent very early, he grew up kicking the ball and it was clear that he would be an athlete. Although he dreamed of becoming a basketball player as a boy, Pat changed his decision in high school.

Pat acknowledged a major turn in his life when his brother experienced a leg injury. His parents were scared, and they tried to reverse Pat from his decision. Still, Pat did not give up, he believed in himself and in his dreams.

His parents were very devoted to the children, Pat’s mother was a home assistant to a wealthy family, and she also had numerous part-time jobs, she tried to help her family. Pat’s father was a former soccer player, he loved sport, but he never achieved great results, nor did he manage to become a professional player.

Pat said that his father was very talented, but he did not have enough luck and money to achieve a successful career.

Pat got his first job when he was only 12 years old, he started working in a local restaurant where he washed dishes and helped cooks. Although his parents did not want Pat to do this early, he decided to save money for his sneakers and clothes.

As a teenager, he was very persistent and ready for hard work. In addition to his abilities, Pat was a very good student, he had good grades and he liked to read. He participated in numerous school events, but high school there was a turning point in his life. When he started high school, he did not even dream that it would help him to realize his dreams and start a professional football career. During the first few months in high school, Pat spoke with school coach and told him to pay attention to his game.

However, the school coach said that his game is rather amateur, and that it is clear he does not have enough experience, he told him to forget about football and to devote himself to learning. At that moment, his dreams broke down; he lost all hope of becoming a football player and decided to listen to the coach’s advice. His parents agreed with the coach’s decision, and they did not want Pat to have the same fate as his older brother.

After a year, a new coach came to the school who immediately noticed Pat and his game. He advised him to start training together, but told him not to expect big results. Pat accepted the offer of his coach and he decided to show his skills and talents.

He trained every day, sometimes twice a day, the trainings were very hard and intense, but this did not prevent him from realizing his goals. After several months of persistent work, Pat changed his game and joined the school team. Then, for the first time, the attention of the media was drawn to him and many critics believed that Pat was the new star of American football.

When he was final year of high school, Pat admitted he had earned $ 100 and went to the first casino where he played a poker game and then earned $ 1,300. Pat said that he had never had so much money; he decided to spend that money on a trip to Miami to compete in the competition for the best goals in the country.

At this competition, Pat broke the record and scored 9 consecutive goals. This competition was watched by numerous media, and Pat had a few minutes of fame at the time. When he returned home he received a scholarship from West Virginia’s College.


Pat started his career in Indianapolis Colts, this team was one of the best football teams in America, a great honor and privilege was playing for this team. Pat was aware that this team had very good statistics, so he decided to sign a contract with them.

In 2009 Pat signed a contract with this team for five years, after which, he decided to continue his career in Indianapolis, and then extended the contract for another five years.

Pat also had offers from other teams, but he did not even consider those offers. He scored very good results in this team; he had excellent teammates and very good coaches.

However, in 2017, after the expiration of the contract, Pat had the opportunity to continue his career for Colts, but he also had bids from other teams, but Pat decided to finish his career and start another profession. He got a job at Barstool Sport, where he wrote sports columns, after several years he became a stand-up comedian, and right now he is working for Fox Sport, where he is a reporter and commentator of sports events. 

Personal life

In 2017, Pat was arrested for harassment and violation of public order. He was found unconscious, he was wet and naked.

One woman testified that she saw Pat swimming in the river, after which he tried to steal her car, but he failed and after that he fell asleep next to him. Pat admitted that he had never felt so humiliated and embarrassed; he was regretting because of his actions and he admitted that he was under the influence of alcohol.

We do not have a lot of information about Pat’s private life, during his football career Pat had a lot of relationships, but right now he is not seeing anyone.


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