Jon Lester is a known baseball pitcher for the Chicago Cubs who won the 2016 World Series with his team.

Early years

He was born as Jonathan Tyler Lester on January 7, 1984 in Tacoma in Washington. He was a student at Bellarmine Preparatory School for whose team he played. He was recognized as a three time Most Valuable Player in the team. In 2000 he was named the Player of the Year in Washington.

Career development

He was selected by the Red Socks on the 2002 Major Baseball draft and signed a $1 million worth contract with them.

He became the Pitcher of the Year both in Red Socks minor league and in the Eastern ice hockey pro league. He made his team debut in 2006 against Texas Rangers and he showed  great performance in these preformancs.

He started feeling problems with his back    (which everyone thought were the result of his previous car accident) but the story eventually ended in a very different tone. become  this wasn’t true.

He was taken to a hospital where he discovered that he has an anaplastic large cell lymphoma. This is a sort of a cancer. He was sent to Seattle for kemotherapy treatments. They seemed to work and his cancer was in remission.

He returned to Red Socks for the 2007 season. He tried very hard to keep his spirits up and he wanted to move on and work hard.

He was given the Tony Conigliaro award in 2007 in honor of his comeback after the discovery of the lymphoma. This was another proof of his strenght.

2007 was a good year for him because he broke several baseball records.

In 2008 he received the Hutch award which is given to the player with the most fighting spirit. He stated that illnesy is like

He signed a contract with Red Socks in 2009 worth $13 million.  This was a huge investment by the company which proves he is a really good player.

In 2014, he was traded to Oakland Athletics.

He joined the Chicago Cubs in 2014 and made a great score in the team.

He was always accepted to teams very well by other teammates since  is a good player and everyone likes to have a good game with him.

He was named the most valuable player the 2016 national championship.

In 2009, he married Farrah Stone Johnson and they have three kids together.

He released his own wine label in 2011. The earnings from the sales were given to the Hutchinson’s centre.

Farrah and Lester created „Never Quit“, an organisation for research of children’s cancer.

His agent is Josh Yates from ACES agency.

The official sign of the „Never Quit“ organisation is a white baseball with letters NVRQT on the ball: this stands for the innocence of children.

He is respected amongst the people working inthe hospital since he is one of the rare people who actually want to donate the money they earn,although they are rich.

Personal life

He is a big fan of wine and hunting. He says that he would like to spend more time in the nature since he doesn’t have the opportunity often, but he doesn’t have the time since he always finds something more important to do.

His biggest sponsor is Nike. That is why he acted in the Air Jordan commercial the same year. He says that it was a huge deam come true when one of his all-time favorite brends wanted to collaborate with him and feature him in the campaign.

Quick summary

Full name: Jonathan Tyler Lester

Date of birth: January 7, 1984

Birthplace:  Tacoma, Washington

Age: 34

Profession: baseball pitcher

Height: 1, 93 m

Weight: 109 kgs

Net Worth: $40 million