The exhibition of his rapping talent has earned him enough fame in the world of music. The rapper has been a wanted host in the show ‘Pimp My Ride,’ a production of MTV. With his “At the Speed of Life,” he entered the rap arena.

Then he magnified his strength in the field with ‘Man vs. Machine’, ‘Restless’ and ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ which earned him a high rank on prestigious charts. Along with his rapping talent, Xzibit had also engaged himself in acting, radio and television hosting and also in the capacity of a record producer.

It is quite evident that during this quite a long career in rapping Xzibit has come across many eminent personalities. These include Cypress Hill, Eminem, Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Alice Cooper, 50 Cents and much more who are the real stalwarts of his genre of music. His works are not confined within the scope of his country rather had spread out in the wide scope of the international arena. He joined hand with German Reptile, Russian Timati, Australian Bliss N Eso and Pakistani Adil Omar. During his entire life, Xzibit had worked with various Labels, and they are Loud, Open Bar, Columbia, Koch and EMI.

Now when worth is considered as the yardstick to measure the success of any personality one may be wrong to ascertain him in the lower strata. The rapper has gone through some pecuniary crisis. Twice he faced financial problems, first in 2009 and then again in 2010 he tried bankruptcy but failed in both the occasions and then faced a house foreclosure.  Once he owed the IRS by $1 million for tax evasion.

Clearing such difficult situations, Xzibit had accumulated not less than 3 million dollars as his estimated net worth which is highly appreciable in any standard, particularly in the state of the affair through which he had gone through.

Early life

Following the tradition of rapper, he got fame with his stage name, but he is Alvin Nathaniel Joiner. He was born on 18th September 1974 in Detroit, Michigan, United States of America. He grew up in a very odd locality which infested by the ruffians and drug peddlers. Under the close watchful eyes of his writer mother, he improved his creative writing skills.

He also got his humor polished by watching serials like ‘The Muppet Show,’ ‘Saturday Night Live,’ etc. The days were passing in the warmth of the affectionate mother. Destiny has other intention, suddenly the whole world of the boy collapsed with the demise of his mother when he was just nine years old. As if all his delight has been robbed by some unseen force and boy failed to manage his life in the absence of his mother. Somehow Alvin started rapping after a year to get away from the melancholy state and get into the rhythm of life.

There was no radio in his house, so he started composing his patterns. The elders have rarely lived by their example, and his father retained the disgraceful attitude and failed to manage his life without the adherence of a lady. His father remarried, and the young Alvin’s life got all the normal hindrances that a stepmother should provide. His father shifted his family to Albuquerque which is at New Mexico. He got into some school and practiced rhymes with his friends. When he attained 14 his life once again tasted the raw deal of fortune. School declined to retain their student anymore after he got into some fight. His father asked him to leave the house, and Alvin got him in the state custody.

Alvin headed west after he got the release, he was 17 then. He reached Los Angeles and got a chance to start his life afresh. Life was not at all easy, but then Alvin had his life. He was happily struggling to find a new track for his survival. He started doing all odd jobs as car wash, etc. He started sneaking at the underground clubs to get the buzzing effects of music and also remained imbued for some time in his cappella. Soon he got into the notice of such underground clubs. His sincere fidelity for music got him a chance to make a guest appearance on ‘Free Style Ghetto’ in an album ‘IV Life’ of King Tee in 1994.

He also got an opportunity in 1995 to give guest appearance on ‘Hit and Run,’ in the making of album ‘Coast II Coast’ by Tha Alkaholiks.


In 1996 Xzibit signed with Loud Records in the making of his debut album ‘At the Speed of Life.’ One single with the title ‘Paparazzi’ which went into the Billboard Hot 100 gave Xzibit a reasonable recognition in his world of music. His second album ’40 Days & 40 Nightz’ was released by the label in 1998. It was a highly acclaimed and considered perhaps the best effort of the rapper. The single, ‘What U See Is What U Get’ got into the Top 50 singles in some charts of that period. The huge unforeseen success of the album gave him a red carpet entry in various concerts. He made an appearance in ‘Top Dogg,’ the album by Snoop Dogg. His potential was realized by the masters of hip-hop. Dr. Dre had produced Dogg’s album and acknowledged Xzibit by putting on an invitation for an album planned for 2001.

In the companionship of Dr.Dre and Snoop Dogg Xzibit improved upon his fast-growing fan base. To give him yet more exposure worldwide he got into the 2000 tour of Limp Bizkit and Eminem. His third album ‘Restless’ had hit the music world with its release. The album got the certification of Platinum and Xzibit’s popularity gathered immense strength to convince the music lovers. ‘Restless’ was produced by Dr. Dre and was created with the participation of Snoop Dogg, KRS-One, Eminem, Nate Dogg, DJ Quik, Erick Sermon, Rockwilder, Rick Rock, Battlecat and few more.

By this time Xzibit had got a strong foothold among the prominent hip-hop artists around the entire periphery of pop music. During these days his fans were overwhelmed by his various stage performances. A year later in 2002 ‘Man Vs. Machine’ which was an outcry against the corporate world got the Gold. The popularity was further strengthened. Among prominent members in the creation of the album Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Nate Dogg, Anthony Hamilton and obviously Dr. Dre claim a special mentioning. The Album reached the third rank in Billboard, but the acclamation in the chart fails to make a significant economic gain. Gasping to make a major hit the album managed to get the status of Gold. The final curtain falls with a disappointing performance of his fifth album release in 2004.

Xzibit turned his attention towards acting. Though he had previous experience of acting in ‘The Wash’ and ‘8 Mile’ which were released n 2001 and 2002 respectively, he looked upon the scope of acting more seriously. In 2004 he appeared in ‘Full Clip,’ and in 2005 he gave his performance in ‘XXX: State of the Union’ and ‘Derailed.’ Along with his schedules for the full-screen Xzibit had started making appearances for the small screen as well. ‘Pimp My Ride’ a production by MTV got massive popularity, and the series retained the time slot for many seasons. In 2006 with his ‘Full Circle’ he wanted to make a re-entry in the musical arena, but no major label showed any interest in his retrieval.

He again tried to make an impression with the ‘Napalm with the assistance of Wiz Khalifa and Dr. Dre, but wishes did not make the convincing realization. The rapper had also given his performance in the series ‘The X-Files,’ ‘American Violet’ and ‘8 Mile.’

Personal life

The rapper Xzibit got acquainted with Krista. Finally after passing several years together the couple in 2014 decided to get married. The marriage held on the Laguna Beach in California. Quite paradoxically the rapper passed his first night of the marriage in one prison because of wrong driving.

The rapper has three children, and all of them are his sons, and they are Xavier Kingston Joiner, Tremaine Joiner, and Gatlyn Joiner.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Alvin Nathaniel Joiner

Date of Birth: 18th September 1974

Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan, United States of America

Age: 44 Year Old

Profession: Rapper, Actor, Radio Artist, Television Host, Record Producer

Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches / 177 cm

Weight: NA

Net worth: $3 Million