Jeanine Pirro is an eminent legal analyst who is also a well known Television personality .Jeanine is known to people for her excellent writing abilities and also can be listed among the contemporary writers.

She had hold the post of a legal prosecutor and even served as a judge in the County Court of Westchester. She was known to people when she started serving as the District Attorney and engaged herself in solving critical cases involving the cases of domestic violence and dealt with the issue relating to human rights.

She spoke aloud against the torture done to the elderly people worked towards eliminating such situations. She is a quite successful woman who believes in leading a life where one needs to consider the surrounding situations. Her net worth is estimated to be around $5 millions.

Early life

Jeanine Pirro’s early life happens to be a simple one. She was born to parents Nasser ‘Leo’Ferris, the father and her mother Esther Awad Ferris. She was born in Elmira, New York, United States Of America. She childhood days were spent within meadows and pastures along with her sister Lulu. Jeanine is of Lebanese ethnicity but posses an American nationality.

She was brought up with the necessities that are required for building up a successful career. Though her father was a hardworking salesman dealing with the mobile homes and mother was a model of a departmental store, the family never faced any sort of inconveniences and had passed days eventually without any such complain.

Jenine Pirro was quite studious from her early childhood and completed off with her schooling and went for achieving a bachelor degree in the field of arts. She had been schooled from Notre Dame High School and for prospering further in the field of education she enrolled herself in University of Buffalo. She was potent enough to be awarded with the J.D degree by the prestigious Albany Law School that is affiliated to Union University, New York. Jennie being a workaholic even served as a proficient editor for the analyzing and reviewing the critical law files.

Jeanine is quite a successful woman who has got acquired knowledge from different sources and has finally succeeded in getting a foothold in the world of professionalism.  She is well known figure in the industry of Justice and Law and even has been a notable prosecutor and who possessed the abilities to monitor efficiently upon the judicial laws


Jeanine Pirro served the Westchester County Court being an Assistant Director in the year 1975. She secured the position of an eminent prosecutor. She proved to have almost a conviction rate of 100%. In the year 1990, she was given promotion to be on the seat of the Judge. Within three years she was elected as honorable and prestigious of District Attorney which she served dedicatedly till the year 2005. Probably, she was the first lady to the President of New York State District Attorneys Association. While serving as the District Attorney she dealt commissioning the various means of protection involving the cases of the severe domestic violence. She spoke on behalf of the victims who were tortured. She served those families that were neglected and poorly financed.

She appeared in several of the television shows and discussed upon these issues. She was successfully climbing up the ladder of success until her husband was suddenly accused for getting engaged in the tax evasion case. She decided not to go for the designation for the post of the District Attorney after her such an accusation against her husband. She was also nominated as the Attorney General of New York and also got nominated for being the representative of the US Senate Candidate.

Unfortunately she could not achieve the stature of any of the position she got nominated for. She efficiently managed her political and media career. Being a prominent legal analyst she continued appearing in the channel Fox News and successfully hosted the show ‘Justice with Judge Jeanine. She has also been the author of almost 3 books that are written on the personal experience being an eminent prosecutor.

After continuous effort to be in the legal industry, she finally got appointed by the governor George Pataki who was serving as the governor during the year 1997. Her most successful venture was being appointed as the chairperson of the New York State Commission on Domestic Violence Fatalities. In the year 2005, Pirro announced to be a part of the challenge thus seeking the Republican nomination. She was to challenge the senator Hilary Clinton who was known to be a Democrat. When she was facing the public to declare upon her potency, Pirro misplaced certain part of her speech that was written in page 10 and become silent for almost 32 seconds that spoiled her campaign even before it hardly got started.

Pirro became a core member and an official candidate of the Republican Party and with passage of time got acclaimed as the attorney general. She even received offer for getting nominated for the New York Conservative and Independent Parties.

Personal life

Jeanine Pirro ultimately returned to maintain her personal life and started to appear as host in the television shows. She soon became a television personality. Jennine married a lobbyist named Albert Pirro.

The couple became proud parents of two children; the daughter was named Christi Pirro and son Alexander Pirro. The duo is in the profession of reviewing the judicial laws. The relation never faced any complication till the year 2000 but after Albert got accused in the case of tax evasion and was sent to prison for almost 1 month it suffered heavy tremors.

Albert was also rumored to have an extra–marital affair and even had an illegitimate daughter. Jennie soon got to know about her husband’s misdoing and soon decided to have a divorce. She lives separately with her children and is an ardent animal lover.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Jeanine Ferris Pirro

Date of Birth: 2nd June, 1951

Birth Place: Elmira, New York, United States of America

Age: 66 years

Profession: Prosecutor

Height: 5 feet 6 inches/ 1.68 m

Weight: 59 kg

Net worth: $ 5 million