Kailyn is one of the cast members of famous MTV show called ‘Teen Moms’, she is reality star, writer, public speaker. Kailyn is single mom, who has got three sons. She become popular to the publicity with her sad life story, this story is presented and shown on MTV, where you can see Kailyn’s life problems and her everyday troubles.

In this article we will dedicate attention to Kailyn life, career, childhood and family, we will talk about her life decisions and we will tell you the complete story of this young, independent and amazing woman.

Early life

Kailyn is born in 1992, in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Kailyn often talks about her childhood, and she admits that this period of her life was very difficult and hard for her. Kailyn was raised by her parents, but her father did not pay too much attention on his family, and he was often away from home and his children.

Her father was a construction worker, he travelled to different places, and his work place was constantly changing, he didn’t have a special connection with family, he believed that his work is most important thing in his life. Kailyn admits that she has never had a special relation with her father, she could not establish a good communication with him, and she has never felt like he care about her and about her brothers and sister.

We must mention that Kailyn has got two older brothers and one sister, she is very close to them and she often mentions that her brothers and sister have been always there for her, they supported her and they believed in her.

On the other side we have got her mother, who was completely different from her father. Her mother was an independent, hard working woman, who was ready to sacrifice everything in order to provide her children a better life and future. Her mother didn’t have a full time job, she was working temporary in different areas, and she would accept any job just to help her family.

Kailyn family had a lot of money issue, because of this, her brothers started working very early and they didn’t have a chance to continue with their education and go to University or College.

Kailyn did not have a chance for nice childhood, she got her first baby when she was just 16 years old, and it was very hard for her family to accept this fact and to move on.

Kilyn didn’t give up from her dreams, as a child she was talented and she was very good at writing, so her dream was to become independent, strong and ambitious women.

She often mentions that life did not go by her plans, but she made a decision to follow this journey, to accept problems and face with them. We can say that life was very cruel to her, but this young woman has never given up, she was strong and she always had a smile on her face.


Kailyn first job was when she had just 13 years, as you already know, Kailyn’s family had money issue, and she needed to work, in order to help her mother and to continue with her education. When she was 13 years old, she started working at grocery shop; here Kailyn met her first love.

In High School, Kailyn got pregnant with her first child; this was unexpected moment for her and her family. She didn’t have a lot of money, and she wanted to continue her education, but still she was sure that keeping baby will be the right decision for her.

In the meantime, MTV show ’16 and Pregnant’ was looking for cast members, and Kailyn decided to join them. This was the right decision, and soon after joining to this reality show, Kailyn became one of the most popular teen moms.

This reality had a big impact on her life and future, it helped her to develop herself, to earn money and to educate herself about pregnancy. This was one of the most popular Reality TV Shows in 2010, his show has been following a life of teen moms, and it was showing their everyday problems and struggles of becoming pregnant early.

Kailyn was different from other cast members, she didn’t have a support of her family at the beginning and she needed to make decision and do everything alone. Kailyn was also the only member of the cast who didn’t have a support of father baby. She was completely alone, but she was determined to idea that the best thing was to keep baby and do everything by herself.

After big success in this reality show, Kailyn got an offer from another reality program, and she decided to join it. This reality was called ‘Teen Moms 2’, and it also had a big success on TV, but this one was different than the last one.

‘Teen Moms 2’ was following a life of single moms and their first year of motherhood. Kailyn couldn’t separate her personal and professional life, this was her first year of motherhood and she had a lot of problems with baby, she didn’t know anything about raising child, but if you were following this reality, then you could see that she was ready to sacrifice her life for this child and that she would do everything for her baby.

After this reality, Kailyn decided that she will not continue with her apperience on TV shows, she wanted to start something different and to change her career.

Kailyn was talented girl, she was very good at writing, and her dream was to become a writer that is why she has decided to write a book. Her first book was revealed in 2014 ‘ Pride Over Pity’, after this Kailyn revealed her second book named ‘Hustle and Heart’, last year she announced that she is writing her third book ‘A letter of love’.

These three books are dedicated to her children and family, Kailyn says that she was writing about her life and all problems that she had. Kailyn also admits that writing has helped her to become better person and to discover her emotions, feelings and desires.

Kailyn has always been determined to her ideas, she understood how important education is for life, she wanted to be a role model to her children, and that is why she decided to go to the University of Delaware, where she was studying Mass Communication.

She also has tried acting, and in 2017 she has participated in TV Show called ‘Coffee Convos’.

Personal life

Kailyn personal life is very turbulent, right now Kailyn is divorce mother of three children, and she is a writer and future actor.

Kailyn got pregnant with her first child, when she was just 16 years old; the father of the baby was her boyfriend Jonathan Rivera. Their relationship fall apart because they couldn’t establish honest communication and Jonathan was not ready for baby, and becoming a father. This was very stressful for him, and that is why he decided to put an end of their relationship.

In 2011, Kailyn start relationship with Javi Marroquin, they got engaged after one year of dating and they have decided to married and be together. In 2013, Kailyn was pregnant with her second child.

Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t work out, and they decided to get divorce after two years of marriage. Together, they have filmed a lot of scenes in Kailyn’s second reality show ‘Teen Moms 2’.

In 2017, Kailyn got pregnant again with her friend Chris Lopez.

In her last interview Kailyn says that the best part of her life are her children, without them her life would be different and she is sure that her success would not come without her children.

Kailyn admits that she planning to have more children, she is planning to educate herself about motherhood, and she is ready to provide her children a better life and future.

At the beginning of her journey Kailyn didn’t have a support from her mother and brothers, but now her family admits their mistakes, they regret some things, and they have promised Kailyn that in the future, they will always be there for her and she will never be alone again.

Quick summary

Full name: Kailyn Lowry

Date of birth: October 18 1992

Age:  27

Birthplace: Nazareth, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Profession/Occupation: Reality TV star, writer, publish speaker…

Net worth: $500 000

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 65 kg