Maci Bookout is reality TV star, writer, public speaker and activist for woman rights. She became popular to American audience after reality TV show called ’16 and Pregnant’, her life story has inspired many people, and some of them think that Maci is very strong woman and fighter.

Maci has also participated in another reality program called ‘Teen Moms’, this reality had a lot of attention because cast member of this show were telling the real life story.

It is obvious that Maci became popular because of these TV show, but she is not only reality star, she is also public speaker and author of many books. Maci decided to tell her life story and to help other people who had the same problems as her. In her books you can read different stories about different parts of her life.

Also, if you want to visit places where Maci done her speeches, then you can be sure that you will found out many interesting information.

Maci is young, positive and brave women, even if she got a child with only 16 years, Maci continued with her education, and now she has even finished College. Through life, Maci has had a lot of problems, but she has always been ready for new challenges and new chances.

In this article we have decided to talk about her life, we will tell her life story and try to explain her characteristic. We will talk about her early life, about her family, childhood and parents. We will also talk about her personal life and struggles, we will talk about fathers of the babies, and we will give you more information about her turbulent relationships.

Early years

Maci was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She was raised by her parents Gene and Sharon, who are also familiar to the publicity. Maci has got an older brother, but there is no information about him, or his personal life. Maci often mention that he doesn’t like to talk or appear on Television.

Maci always had support from her parents, but she didn’t have a chance for nice childhood. Maci had a special relation with her father, but he wasn’t the best role model. In many interview she admitted that her father was alcoholic and that he often cheated her mum. Maci says that he always had a special place in her heart, but there was a time when she was completely disappointed in him.

Her father was former football player. Football was everything what he had, and we can say that he was obsessed with it. He was good player, but once in the game, he got a serious injury and he couldn’t continue with playing football. This fact destroyed him completely, he was aware that he will not have a chance to play football again and he had to accept this fact, but this was very difficult for him. Maci says that his injury didn’t just destroy his father; it has destroyed the whole family.

After his injury, he became waiter in local coffee bar. He was disappointed, devastated and sad and he decided to drink alcohol. He often cheated his wife, he wasn’t there for his kids and he underestimated his family.

On the other side, we have got Maci’s mother. She was kind women, loyal and she was devoted to her family and children. Her mother was actress, she wasn’t famous but she played in many documentaries and short TV shows. She wasn’t successful in this job, and that is why she has decided to change her profession.

When Maci was just 5 years old, her mother began to work in grocery shop, but this wasn’t only job for her, for weekends she would clean houses. Through, this period her family had a lot of problems, they didn’t have money and her father couldn’t find a job.

Her mom decided to fix things up and to provide her family a better life. She also had a lot of problems in her relationship with Maci’s father. When Maci was 7 years old, her parents decided to get divorces, her mother founded out that her husband was cheating her and she could not forgive him.

In the meantime, Maci stayed with her grandparents in Los Angeles, she went to primary school and she had good grades.

Maci was very talented girl, she went on sport, she played guitar and she had good grades at school, but soon her future will completely different.

Maci got her first child with 16 years, and this was big step for her. She admits that at the beginning she was not sure what to do; she was not sure about keeping baby. At the same moment, this was most terrifying and most beautiful period in her life.

Maci didn’t have a chance for peaceful and happy childhood, but she has promised to her children that they will have everything what she didn’t have.

The big impact on Maci and her childhood had her grandmother. She often visited her in Los Angeles, her granny was lonely women, she was single mother and she raised four children alone.

In many Maci’s interview we can notice the impact of her granny; she was her role model, and her inspiration.


As you have already known, Maci and her family had money issues, and that was the crucial reason why she started working early. She had different jobs, she worked in grocery shop, in clothing shop, and she also worked in local night bar.

Maci wanted to continue her education, but life had different plans for her. With only 16 years, Maci got pregnant with her first baby. This was very difficult period for her and her family.

At the beginning she wanted to have an abortion, she was not sure if she would be able to deal with this problem. She was very young, she didn’t know anything about motherhood, and she didn’t have money and other condition for raising baby.

However, her family supported her and they encouraged her to keep the baby. In 2009 Maci got a chance to a part of reality TV show called ’16 and Pregnant’. His show was following the life on Maci and her friends who have struggled with pregnancy in this age.

This show was showing the Maci’s life and reality, it was showing her problems and struggles trough pregnancy. Maci’s mother, brother and friends also appear in many scenes.

After this show Maci got big audience attention, she also got another offer but from different reality. This time Maci participated in reality show called ‘Teen Moms’, she appear in every episode till the end of the show 2012.

In the meantime, Maci got many offers from different reality shows but she didn’t want to participate, she devoted time to her kinds and family. She had many public speeches and she talked about her early pregnancy.

She wanted to share her experience and to help other girls who were in a same situation. She was aware that pregnancy in this age is very difficult, that is why she advises other girls to continue with their education and to inform about this topic.

Maci says that she didn’t have enough knowledge about pregnancy and motherhood, in many public speeches Maci emphasis the fact that kids in schools are not inform about this topic.

In 2013 Macy participated in another reality show called ‘Teen Moms OG’. After this reality, Maci made a decision to not participate longer in reality show; she decided to change her profession and to devote herself to writing.

In 2016, Maci finished her first book called ‘Bulletproof’, this books talks about her life, about her story. In many section of this book, Maci is talking about her turbulent life; she is talking about her life struggles and problems.

This book had a good reception in America, Maci also confirms that many people have contacted her and many of them had good reactions.

In 2017, Maci decided to publish another book called ‘I Wasn’t Born Bulletproof: Lessons I’ve Learned (So You Don’t Have To)’. This book has got the strong relation with the previous one.

In this book, Maci decided to confess her mistake and to advise other people not to follow her steps. Maci admits that her children are most beautiful things in her life, but on the other side, she didn’t have a chance to develop her career and her talents.

This book was inspired by her true story, she advises other girls to not make the same mistake as she. She also advises them to educate themselves, to think about their future.

For girls who were in a same situation as her, Maci told them to be strong despite their problems, to have courage and to think wisely. Maci also has travelled across the country; she has visited a lot of different places, where she has met a lot of lot women who needed her support.

She said that the biggest problem for these girls is support. Early pregnancy is big taboo and if you haven’t got the support from your parents, friends and family, then you are in bad situation.

In this book, Maci is telling a story about girls who are pregnant in different ages, she is explaining their problems, struggles and she is giving them support.

This book had big success, in was one of the bestselling books on New York Times Top List.

Right now, Maci is planning to start her own business and to finish her College.

Personal life

Maci is very open about her privacy, she is active on Social Medias, and she has got her own blog, where she shares information about her private life.

Maci got pregnant with 16 years, with her boyfriend Ryan Edwards, after the baby birth, the couple decided to get engaged, unfortunately their broke up 2 months after engagement. The main reason was Ryan’s betray, also he wasn’t ready for serious relationship.

In 2010, Maci started dating with Kyle King; he was her friend since childhood. Both of them wanted a serious relationship and they decided to live together. While she was filming for reality her boyfriend couldn’t deal with this pressure, and he decided to put end on this relationship.

After this, Maci began dating Taylor McKinney; he was a motor ricer from Texas. The couple decided to get married and now they have got too children.

Maci confirms that Taylor is her true love, he understands her completely and he is very good husband and father. The interesting fact about their relationship is that Taylor proposed Maci in reality show, while the couple was filming scenes on Venice Beach.

Quick summary

Full name: Maci Bookout

Date of birth: August 10, 1991

Age:  28

Birthplace: Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States of America

Profession/Occupation: reality star, public speaker, writer.

Net worth and salary: $1 million

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 55 kg