Kap G is a young and popular rapper who created sensation over the internet with his good music and awesome collaborations.

Early Life

George Ramirez is known in our world as Kap G as he has got popular with his rap name. He was born on 31st July 1994 in Lon Beach, California and belongs from a Mexican family. He went to the Tri-Cities High School and was mainly raised in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

He is very open about the families struggle with immigration and how it has affected their lives. He belongs from a big family, and he grew up with six brothers who worked hard to sustain them.

Unlike other popular stars, Kap G has an aim in his life, and that is to get over the stereotypes. He is never ashamed that he is a Mexican immigrant. In fact, he is quite proud of it as we see him rolling out tracks like “Like a Mexican.” He wants to get people acquainted with the hard lifestyle of immigrants, and he wants everyone to know the harsh reality they face when they live hand to mouth.


Kap G got popular by collaborating with known stars, and it helped him to get a stage to show his talent. In 2012, he released his first track “Tatted like Amigos” along with Chief Keef, and it made him popular in very less time. His lyrics touch the hearts of his fans as they are based on ground reality.  “F–ck La Policia” is one of his famous tracks that deal with the racial profiling that is faced by Mexicans almost regularly. He has rolled out fan favorites like “Jose Got Dem Tacos” which featured Young Jeezy. Some of his other tracks were “Like El Chapo” featuring Ca$h Out, and there was a song with Atlantic Labels where he got to sing with the famous singer Pharrell Williams. His next mixtape was El Southside featuring acclaimed artists like Young Thug and YFN Lucci.

In 2017, he has released an ambitious debut album called SupaJefe which contains stars like Chris Brown, Dae Dae, Kapfe and Pharrell Williams. Being a bilingual rapper, he has the ability to impress both types of audience that listen to him. He prepares himself to release more music in the future and be different from others. In every interview, he states that he will perform something that breaks stereotypes.

He is currently on the SupaJefe tour which will last until 26th August, and it will take him all over the USA, and he will collaborate with prominent rap stars.

A guy who has started his career at a young age of eighteen must be quite a bit fortunate with the money he might have. The constant release of singles, as well as mixtapes, gave him enough bases to get him a good fortune. Though he didn’t start out very well after meeting with stars like Pharrell Williams, he did have a turn in his career where his hard work paid off.

His 2016 single Girlfriend was an immense success on the Soundcloud platform, and it had 34 million views. He has a follower base of 44,600 people who are an ardent fan of his, and they are always eager for him to drop a track or two.

Personal Life

When talking about his personal life, then nothing can be said as he hasn’t made any announcement regarding his personal life yet.

Along with these, he has also made a YouTube channel to reach a wider audience and quickly, he has managed to get 166,000 followers who will rise more in a few days. The ad revenues generated from YouTube is quite essential and profitable for him. His track Girlfriend may have made more than $90,000 on YouTube itself. He has also performed a supporting role in the film Dope which must have landed a deal for him. Kap G has a current net worth of approximately $500,000 which will definitely rise more and more in the coming years.

Quick Summary

Full name: George Ramirez aka Kap G

Date of birth: 31st July 1994

Birth place: Long Beach, California

Age: 23

Profession: Rapper

Height: 5 ft. 11 inches or 181 CMS

Net worth: $500,000