Playboi Carti is a 19-year-old American songwriter and rapper who have got famous really soon through his debut mixtape.

Early Life

The young artist named Jordan Carler came in this world on 13th September 1997 in the city of Atlanta, Georgia but he was raised in Riverdale city of Georgia and attended the North Springs Charter High School. He was also interested in basketball and used to play for his high school team, but he dropped it to pursue his musical career.

Playboi Carti started his career because of his friend Ethereal who is much help to him. Carti was interested in music, but he always wanted to do something different, so the usual trap beats that Ethereal provided wasn’t always liked by him. Carti kept on visiting Ethereal’s house to record new songs and the release his musical talents.

Playboi Carti has stated that he has been inspired by artists like Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, Shawty Lo, Jeezy Michael Jackson, Prince, etc. who has taught him to be different and straight forward about his musical motives.


Playboi Carti initially named himself Sir Cartier and also released a mixtape called Young Misfit but soon when he turned 17, he changed his name. The Broke Boi song in the year 2015 gave him quite a few followers as it soon gained some sensations. He started off his career by performing in fashion shows like Yezzy Season 5 and in VFiles and Raf Simons events with performers like ASAP Rocky and Lil Uzi Vert. In 2016 A$AP Mob featured him with their Cozy Tapes Volume 1 as debut studio album Friends in tracks like “Telephone Calls” and “London Town.”

Carte has released an eponymous debut mixtape this year featuring prominent artists like ASAP Rocky, Leven Kali, and Lil Uzi Vert in guest appearances. The album got noticed by many music publications like Pitchfork, XXL, Spin, etc. and it shows how talented Cartie actually is. The track Magnolia gained quite bit popularity amongst critics and well as followers of Cartie, and they found it to be filled with emotions and references of rappers. Soon Cartie announced his tour which had opening acts featuring Dreezy and Gucci Mane. In 2017, he has also been featured alongside A$AP Rocky in a track of Lana Del Ray called “Summer Bummer” from her Lust for Life, her new album.

Carti is practically still new in the field, and in the future, the music industry hopes to see lots of new music and talented stuff on his behalf. His ongoing popularity and performance with renowned artists have already made him appear quite a bit prominent among the music circle.

As his new mixtape has been loved by many people, it has already generated quite a bit of money. He is currently the new face of sponsorships and endorsements, and as a young man and a great artist, he is quite sought after. He is currently having a net worth of $200,000 which isn’t a lot, but it will progress soon enough because of his popularity and public acceptance. He hasn’t already got hold of new cars or houses as his career is still in the making and he will need the money to set his musical career rather than buying random things.

Personal Life

As of his personal life, nothing much has been revealed. Maybe he doesn’t like to open up regarding things or doesn’t have a personal life at all.

Playboi Carti is doing great on social media, mainly twitter, and YouTube. His track Magnolia has about 15 million views which also help him generate ad revenues through Google.

He has soon acquired a Vevo channel on YouTube as well. On Instagram, he has around 1.2 million followers and updates it regularly with posts about his life and music. He loves to party and has a modern taste in fashion. He is also quite famous on Soundcloud, and you can listen to him anytime. He uses his rap as a getaway and regard music to be his spirituality.

His music is filled with the vitality of today, and anyone is noticing his work will be mesmerized by the maturity in a 19-year-old boy. His will to do something different is still standing, and he is working towards it each day.

Quick Summary

Full name: Jordan Carter aka Playboi Carti

Date of birth: 13th September 1997

Birth place: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Age: 20

Profession: Rapper

Height: 6 ft. 2 inches

Weight: unknown

Net worth: $200,000.