Keira Christina Knightley is a British actress.

Her estimated net worth is approximately 50$ million.

Early life

Keira Christina Knightley was born 26 March 1985 in London. She is the daughter of actor caple Sharman Macdonald and Will Knightley.

Keira grew up in Richmond with her brother Caleb and attended Stanley Junior School.  She enrolled the Esher College studying English literature, art, and history.

Keira suffered from dyslexia during her childhood.

Personal life

Keira dated few actors such as Del Synnott, Rupert Friend, and Jamie Dornan.

Finally, she get married to musician James Righton. They have daughter Edie and family currently resides in London district Canonbury.

Keira is an atheist.

Keira is known for her charitable work and activism. She is the face of non-governmental organisation Amnesty International.

Acting Career

Keira’s career began at her childhood as she filmed many tv commercials. Her first movie role was in the 1993 movie Royal Celebration. In 1994 she appeared in A Village Affair with a small role.

The first lead role she took the British-French movie, Innocent Lies (1995 ), co-starring with Stephen Dorff and Gabrielle Anwar. Three years later she took the main role in the first part of British serial Coming Home ( 1998 ), as Judith Dunbar. In 1999 she played with Robert Lindsay in miniseries Oliver Twist.

Brief appereance in the episode Swan Song Keira has in the British series The Bill, where she portrayed child burglar Sheena. She also appeared in the Star Wars Episode The Phantom Menace (1990) as queen’s decoy Sabe.

Very noticeable lead role Keira had in adventure Princess of Thieves, where she played Robin Hood’s daughter Gwyn in 2001. Thanks to this role she mastered horse riding and fencing. She also appeared in the horror The Hole as Frankie Smith, one of the school friends who has fallen into the hole.

Co-starring with Scottish actor Hans Matheson, they played in the remake of 1965 movie Doctor Zhivago. Keira portrayed Lara Antipova, Zhivago’s beloved one. The movie earned two nominations Bafta Awards and Satelite Awards for best miniseries.

Another significant role she has in the awarded movie Pure ( 2002 ), where she played pregnant drug addict Louise.

The role that brought her wide popularity and recognization is the role of Juliette Paxton, a female football player in the sports drama Bend It Like Beckham ( 2002 ). The movie was the box office hit and won four awards.

After the success of the movie Bend it like Beckham, Keira took one of the most important roles of her career in the fantasy movie Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl in 2003. Co-starring with  Johny  Deep and Orlando Bloom, she portrayed Elizabeth Swann. Keira was praised for her acting and movie achieved one of the biggest box office grossing in the 2003 year.

In 2005 Keira filmed three movies The Jacket,  Domino and Pride & Prejudice, where she played  Elizabeth Bennet and earned very positive critics and two award nominations. The next year she filmed the sequel of Caribbean, under the name Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest which set the record in earnings.

During the last few years, Keira most successful role was the role of an English cryptanalyst Joan Clarke in the historical drama The Imitation game ( 2014 ), where her partner was Benedict Cumberbatch. Keira was nominated for 17 awards and finally won Hollywood Film Awards for Best Supporting Actress.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Keira Christina Knightley

Date of Birth: 26 March 1985

Birth Place: London, England

Age: 32 years

Profession: actress

Height: 1.70

Weight: 54 kg

Net worth: 50$ billion