Kendra Wilkinson Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Kendra Wilkinson Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Kendra Wilkinson, popularly known as ‘K-dub,’ is a model, author, entrepreneur and television personality. Kendra came into the limelight as the girlfriend of Playboy’s editor in chief, Hugh Hefner.

Kendra also garnered her popularity by appearing on the television reality show’ The Girls Next Door.’ Kendra has also appeared in Playboy pictorials with Hugh Hefner’s other girlfriends.

Kendra also appeared on another reality series which was based on her own life and was named ‘Kendra.’ Apart from these, Kendra has appeared in a number of other reality shows.

Currently, Kendra is married to the famous footballer, Hank Baskett and appears on a show called Kendra on Top.

Early Life

Kendra Leigh Wilkinson was born on June 12, 1985, in San Diego, California. Kendra’s parents are Patti Wilkinson and Eric Wilkinson. She also has a sibling, Collin Wilkinson. Kendra’s father, Eric, was a graduate in biochemistry from University of California, San Diego and he started many biotechnological companies. While Kendra’s mother, Patti, was a former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader.

Kendra’s parents got divorced in 1994 when Kendra was only eight years old. After the divorce, Kendra started living with her mother and grandmother. Kendra attended the Clairemont High School and graduated from there in 2003. Kendra used to play softball for Clairemont Bobby Sox. After graduating, for a very brief period of time, Kendra worked in a dentist’s office as an assistant


Soon after graduating, Kendra started working as a model. Kendra got an offer to be one of the ‘painted ladies’ in Hugh Hefner’s 78th birthday party, and she took it. In the party, Kendra caught the attention of Hugh Hefner, and he was very interested in getting to know Kendra, as Hugh had already seen a photo of Kendra at the Playboy Mansion, shot and faxed by Kim Riley. Very soon, Hugh asked Kendra to be his girlfriend, and Kendra accepted the offer gladly and moved to the Playboy Mansion, where two other girlfriends of Hugh were already present.

In an interview, Kendra once said that she was very glad to accept the offer, as she badly wanted to move out of her apartment at that point of time and she did not know for quite a time that there was sex involved in this arrangement. Kendra’s first ever breakthrough came in 2005, with the show ‘The Girls Next Door,’ in which her life along with Hugh’s two other girlfriends lives, living in the Playboy Mansion, was documented.

The show was a huge hit, and it broke many records in the first episode only, as a result of which the show was expanded from an eight-episode series to a fifteen episode series. Soon, Kendra appeared in other shows like Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Las Vegas, all in cameo roles. In 2005, Kendra started writing a regular column for the Philadelphia Eagles.

In 2006, Kendra made her debut in movies with the role of a young blonde in the film, Scary Movie 4. She also appeared in Akon’s music video, ‘Smack That’ and Playboy Special Editions Sexy 100. Kendra made an appearance on the MTV show ‘Celebrity Rap Superstar,’ in which she rapped to the song “Fantasy” by Ludacris. She came second for her performance.

In 2009, Kendra moved out of the Playboy Mansion after announcing that she was engaged to the famous footballer Hank Baskett. After moving out, Kendra was cast in the spin-off series of ‘The Girls Next Door,’ called ‘Kendra.’ This show was also a huge hit and ran for three seasons. Kendra appeared on E! True Hollywood Story and in the show she discussed all her life and her journey to the stardom that she is enjoying currently.

Kendra participated in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ season 12. She was paired with Louis Van Amstel and was eliminated in the seventh week of the show. In 2012, Kendra started her own show on We T.V. which is named Kendra on Top. The show is still on the air. Kendra in 2013 appeared on the show Celebrity Wife Swap along with Kate Gosselin.

In 2014, Kendra participated in the reality show ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!’ and she finished in the sixth place. Recently, Kendra appeared on the show ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition’ with her mother.

Personal Life

Kendra’s personal life is not at all a clean slate, and she spilled all the dirt about her life in her memoir named ‘Sliding Home’ which was released in 2010.  In the book, Kendra wrote that she about her drug addiction at the age of sixteen and her many lovers. She also gave an insight of her sexual life which started at the early age of thirteen years.The book is filled with the gory details of Kendra’s life inside the Playboy Mansion.

In 2008, Kendra announced that she is engaged to her long-time boyfriend Hank Baskett, who is a football player in the show Chelsea Lately.Hank proposed to Kendra at the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington and she said yes. Hank and Kendra got married in the Playboy Mansion only, on June 27, 2009. At first, it was announced that Hugh Hefner would give away Kendra in the marriage ceremony, but, finally, it was Kendra’s brother Colin, who gave her away.

Kendra announced about her pregnancy on 11 June 2009, and the baby was born on 11 December 2009, in Carmel, Indiana. The baby was named Hank Baskett IV. Kendra revealed in an interview later that after her first child was born, she suffered from postpartum depression. She cited that the depression occurred because she had to move to Indianapolis where she couldn’t adjust at all. Kendra gave birth to her second child, a baby girl, on May 16, 2014. They named the girl Alijah Mary Baskett.

Soon after the birth of their second child, a rumour started doing rounds that Hank cheated on Kendra with a transgender model, Ava Sabrina London. Initially, Kendra did not pay any heed to the rumours, but later on, she found some evidence which indicated that the rumours might have been true. In spite of all that happened, Hank and Kendra decided not to part ways and are still living together.

Kendra’s life has been full of controversies. In 2010, an alleged sex tape surfaced. An entertainment company got hold of it and were planning to release it, but Kendra threatened to sue them after which the plan was dropped. Regardless of all the scandals and dirt, Kendra has quite a huge fan base, and she has managed to acquire a net worth of $6 million.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Kendra Leigh Wilkinson

Date of Birth: June 12, 1985

Birth Place: San Diego, California, United States

Age: 32 years

Profession: Glamour Model, Television Personality, Author, Businesswoman

Height: 5.2.”

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $6 million


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