Otto Kilcher is a famous TV star that became famous by appearing on the Discovery Channel. He is also a mechanic.

Early life:

His origins come from Alaska and his birth took place on 19th April 1952.

He is very proud of his ancestry and always talks about Alaska as the most beautiful country in the world. He thinks of Alaska as a place where a man could spend whole his life without even leaving the place.

During his childhood, lived in a cabin and spent most of his time playing alone since there were no kids near. He played in the forest and explored nature.

East End Road in Homer is the place where he is now. He takes care of his farm. This isn’t his number one source of income because he makes much more money as a mechanic.

During his childhood, he became interested into mechanics and cars. Whenever he would find a piece of metal to play with, he would make sure to repair it before playing with it.

He was soon really good in the job and decided that he could get more professional equipment that could allow him to start making money. This was one of his best decisions and it let to great improvement of his everyday life.

Career development:

He first appeared on the TV when he played in “Alaska: The Last Frontier”, Discovery’s popular reality TV series.

The TV crew decided to make his family the main event and after the show went on air, Otto has been earning more and more money.

Not only did they decide to make more seasons, they made 15 seasons of this show! The show was much more popular than they thought it would be and therefore had to be filmed in a lot of episodes.

The show also earned a lot of awards and it was featired with a Telly award.

The most money he makes is from his mechanics’ work and this earned him a nice little fortune.

He says that he is very happy because of the fact he got to pursue his favorite hobby and even make it a whole money source.

People claim that he is a master in his field and that he can fix things that seem unfixable. They have brought him cars that were totally ruined and he made them look like they were new. He is sometimes called a wizard too.

Personal life:

Otto has quite a lot of luck in money, but apparently not a lot in love. He had married three times and his last marriage was the only one that was successful.

His first spouse was called Olga Von Zegasar, but they really never got along. Their marriage was really bad and they just fought all of the time. That’s the reason they got divorced. Luckily, the divorce wasn’t bad.

His second wife is called Sharon McKemie and their marriage was a bit more succesful. They even got along! She gave birth to his two sons whom he loves very much although their mother isn’t in love with Otto anymore.

His last wife (third’s charm) was Charlotte Irene Adamson. Their beautiful marriage is now ocer two decades old.

Otto has one brother and a lot of sisters. Six of them, to be precise. This is why he learned to get along with other people. However, he could apply this only in his adult life since he didn’t meet a lot of other children in his childhood. It was a small village he lived in.

Today, he has a ranch and is in charge of transporting boats. He is also active in the bureau of the peninsula where he lives in. This is an important function he is very proud to be in.

His father was a senator and he helped him learn the values of life. Otto got along with him very well and misess him nowadays.

Otto was the sixth child of his parents and therefore he got a lot of advice from his older siblings. They all claim Otto is very modest and shares his money with those in need.

He likes to spend his time teaching his sons the ways to fix things up. From real physical problems that occur daily, to those that seem to be hard to fix (those in life).

Many people think that Otto is only his brother’s helper and that he isn’t even that important in the whole situation.

His childhood was pretty lonely and some media writers think that this is the reason why he is changing wifes to often. He once said: “I’d rather come home to a cold meal and a hot wife, than a hot meal and a cold wife.”

Quick summary

Full name: Edwin Otto Kilcher

Date of birth: April 19, 1952

Birthplace: Alaska

Age: 65

Profession: TV star in reality shows

Height: 164 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $5 million