The world have seen her as a reality star in the “Bearing Sea Gold”, where she is the gold miner, she is Emily Riedel. The American reality star of the small screen has a tremendous inclination for music and so she is also enjoys her profession as an opera singer.

She had gathered quite some money for herself and her estimated net worth comes around in the range of $250 thousand dollar.

Early life

Emily was born on the 4th July, 1988. Steve Reidel is her father who was seen with his Wild Ranger and Minnows in the reality show in which Emily was the lone female character. Emily’s family income was basically based on fishing. From the very early childhood Emily was a keen lover of music and she had an ambition to become one opera singer of repute. In line of her aspiration Emily has always taken training and procured degrees. Emily got her vocal training from University of North Carolina’s School of Arts.

It was really going tough for her those days. She was somehow managing her opera singing and university expenses. During these days when she was struggling for money she received a call from her friend Zeke Tenhoff. It was an invitation for Emily to Nome, Alaska. She was been offered with a job that she hadn’t done earlier, its gold digging. The job opens a scope for some easy money and she was really in need of some dollars.

She took up the job and started working at her friend’s vessel ‘The Clark’, initially as a deckhand. Sometime later she was seen working on some other vessel with name ‘The Edge’. She went to Nome with only $300 dollars in her hand and stayed five miles away from the city in a very small shabby shck which was just enough for her to lie on.


During this tough time, when she was somehow managing her days a fabulous opportunity came in her life. One of the prominent channels in the television world, Discovery Channel, approach the group in which Emily was working. The channel was with the plan of releasing the actual life of these gold miners on the television screen for the world to see how these miners live through their reality show “Bearing Sea Gold”.

The offer was accepted at once. During the third season of the show Emily bought the dredging vessel The Edge from her friend Zeke and named it as The Eroica. Earlier she was working with her friend and now she is the captain of her vessel. Emily has confessed in one of the interview that on the first go she had accepted the job of gold digging to support her higher education and training in opera singing. With the passage of time as her name and fame grown with money in hand she cannot imagine without this venture which had turned up as a basic sustenance of her life.

She is the lone female participant of the reality show but instead of having some genuine problem she emerged as one of the most efficient worker in procuring gold. In the show of real daredevils she is the voice of caution. As appeared she had taken up all challenges with full courage and determination as far as possible. Some her role has not come up to the expectation of the viewers.

In the show she was seen diving with the underwear or the swimmer. One day while diving she had almost drowned herself as she ran out of oxygen. Recently she had taken up astrophysics as her subject to study.

Personal life

Emily’s life with her friend has the similar trend of the sea. She had kept an off and on relation with her friend Zeke. Their relationship was sometime had taken some space in the show. Emily is single now and never married to anyone. Emily always had a busy schedule which very well explains why she has not gone for any other relation. Her relation with Zeke is perhaps doesn’t fall under such engagement as others do.

The two persons, her father and her ex-boyfriend, have a tremendous influence on her life. For both the relations she has a deep feeling and at the same time she wanted to get away from them. Although Zeke had got his love but still Emily prefers working with Zeke instead of her father. Perhaps neither the father nor the child had understood each other. Her personal life is more often experiencing the whirl of the sea. To her Marilyn is the goddess and without Pavarotti life is impossible.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Emily Riedel

Date of Birth: 4th July, 1988

Birth Place: Alaska, United States

Age: 29 Years

Profession: Television Personality, Singer

Height: 5 Feet 11 Inch

Weight: NA

Net worth: $250,000