Kenny Loggings is a known American guitarist and a singer who won an Academy Award nomination for his soundtrack in a famous named „Footloose“. His carrer is a half century long and he made thousands of songs through that period of time.

Early years

He was born as Kenneth Clark Loggins on January 7, 1948 in Everett, in Washington, United States. His mother was named Lina and his father was Robert. The family lived as a middle – class family.

They moved a lot, and after living in Seattle and in Detroit for a while, they decided to relocate to California, to town Alhambra where they finally settled.

Kenneth was a student at San Gabriel Mission High School and he graduated there in 1966. He was a good student and didn’t make problems in the class. He has spent most of his free time during high-school enjoying music and writing poetry.

He eventually invited friends and musicians to form a band which was named „Second Helping“. The band released three songs in 1968/69 season, all released by Viva Records label.

Career development

He selftaught himself to playing guitar when he was still a young kid and he joined an American rock band from L.A. called „New Improved Electric Prunes“ as their guitarist.

He has also written a few songs for another band, this time it was Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and they have included those songs on their 1969 album.

A few years later he joined „Gator Creek“ band. After Kenny Loggings met Jim Messina, life gas turned for both of them. Jimm Messina worked for Columbia Records when he met Kenny who was relatively unknown author.

The two of them clicked and started making music together. Messina liked Kenny’s style and writing skills so he convinced Columbia Records to sign a deal with him. Kenny was obligated to make six albums and Messina was going to be the producer.

Messina formed a new band and named it „The Kenny Loggins Band“ with two former members of „Sunshine Company“, and three musicians.

Messina contributed a lot to the album so at the end he became a member. That made their first album’s name: „Kenny Loggins with Jim Messina Sittin’ In“.

Their first single was „Vahevala“, a song influenced by the Caribbean Islands.

The public responded better to the combination of Kenny and Jim so they decided to become a duo: „Loggins and Messina“.

Their first album named „Sittin’ In“ was well received in the public and after that albums just kept coming. They made five albums and sold over 10 million copies in the 70’s.

In 1976, they made a decision to end their collaboration because they felt they have reached their maximum as a duo.

They had their final farewell concert in Hawaii, and released their greatest hits album in 1977. It was named „The Best of Friends“.

In 1977, Kenny was already finishing his first album „Celebrate Me Home“ and releasing his first hit „I Believe in Love“. In 1978 he released „Nightwatch“ and in 1979 came „Keep the Fire“.

In 1982 he made a duet with Steve Perry named „Don’t Fight It“ and it was a start song for his new album „High Adventure“.

He started collaborating with Michael McDonald, who was a member of the Doobie Brothers. Their song „What a Fool Believes“ brought them a Grammy for Song of the Year in 1980.

Loggins received a Grammy award in 1979 for Best Male Vocal Performance of single „This is it“ where he sang about his father. This song became an anthem for 1980/81 NCAA basketball tournament.

He gained a nickname „King of the Movie Soundtrack“ due to his ability to write great compositions for movies.

He wrote for „Caddy Shack“, „Footloose“, „Top Gun“ and more.  All these films were huge huts which earned millions.

He was also amongst the artists who performed the single „We are the World“ for Live Aid foundation.

In 1994 he released an album for children named „Return to Pooh Corner“. He wrote it for kids, inspired by the birth of his first child.

In 1997 he released a new album which was based of his book. It was called „The Unimaginable Life“. He wrote the book with his second wife Julia and the book spoke about their relationship.

In 1998 he released a new version of „One Small Voice“ song from Sesame Street. It was one of the most popular TV series at that time.

In 1997 his single „For the First Time“ reached No.1 on Adult Contemporary Billboard chart.

He made a song for „The Tigger Movie“ too. After he got children he wanted to make a DVD for his kids.. He appeared in one episode of a known TV series „Dharma & Greg“. He was hired for a role of the musician at their wedding.

In 2005 Kenny and Messina started their tour nationally, in remembrance of their past. Their concerts were sold out everywhere

In 2007 he released his album „How About Now“. It gained moderate success. In 2009 he toured with Messina again, through „Sittin’ In Again Tour“.

He had an acting gig in „Raising Hope“ in 2014. It is a known American comedy TV series.

He wrote a single „The Art of the Deal“ to be used in a film which makes fun of Donald Trump. This was in 2016.

In 2017, he was invited to perform at the concert devoted to Aretha Franklin. He gladly came because he has a great respect for this singer.

In 2013, Blue Sky Riders, a trio in which Kenny was a member, released their first album „Finally Home“. In 2013, the creators of „Grand Teft Auto V.“ They used Kenny for a character of the host in the videogame. He appeared in a comedy TV animated series „Archer“ in 2014. He received a Golden Globe Awards for the Best Original Song.

He received a Hollywood Film Award for Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting for the movies.

Personal life

He was married for 12 years to Eva Ein but the marriage ended in 1990. They had three kids: two sons (Crosby and Cody) and a daughter Isabella. Later it was discovered that he wasn’t in a happy marriage almost from the start.

All of his kids turned to music: Crosby produces and Isabella studies Music.

He has met Julia Cooper in 1982. They were friends for years but all that time they felt a deeper connection.

Since they were both unhappy in marriage, in 1989 they both left their spouses and started their relationship.

He married Julia Cooper in 1992. They have a son and a daughter together. Their names are Lukas and Hanna.

In 1997 they published their book „The Unimaginable Life“ where they disclosed their relationship.

They got divorced in 2004 because Julia wanted it. Kenny claimed that she was in her mid-life crisis. Kenny resides in Santa Barbara in California and is very active in his community.

He currently holds No.1 on “People With Money’s” magazine’s  Top 10 of the best paid singers in America. He invested in  “Fat Loggins Burger” chain of restaurants. He, just as many celebs, has his own brand of Vodka named “Pure Wonderloggins”.

Quick summary

Full name: Kenneth Clark Loggins

Date of birth: January 7, 1948

Birthplace:  Everett, Washington, United States.

Age: 70

Profession: singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer

Height: 1, 93 m

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $20 million