In the early 90s, rap and hip hop music had great success. This style of music began to evolve much earlier, however, during the 90’s this music experienced an expansion. In this period there was a number of rap and hip hop artists who appeared, this music helped young people to express their emotions, show their dissatisfaction and express their thoughts.

Among the many rap and hip hop performers in America, Kevin stood out. He made his first musical steps in this musical direction. Kevin was a hip hop and rap artist, a songwriter and a music producer.

Kevin is best known for his collaboration with Chris Brown, a famous American rapper, with whom he later became a good friend. Kevin worked on his first album ‘Exclusive’, which brought him great popularity. Kevin has written several songs on this album, including ‘Take You Down’ and ‘Kiss Kiss’. In addition, Kevin was the producer of this album and helped Brown to achieve incredible fame and success.

Interestingly, this was the most lucrative album in the United States for a year, Chris then performed a great number of appearances and became a new American star.

Since he was an associate on this album, many have noticed his talent, so Kevin received a lot of positive reviews at that time, and it was clear that many people wanted to work with him. Kevin refused a lot of bids at that point, because he did not want to leave Chris. That’s why he signed a contract with CBS (Chris Brown Entertainment), but after a few years he realized that he did not use his talent enough, and that he wanted to become an independent artist.

In this text we are talking about career and private life of Kevin McCall, we will talk about his childhood, growing up, his parents, and his first musical steps.

Early life

Kevin was born in Los Angeles in 1985; his childhood was not like other famous music stars. Kevin grew up in a very poor and dangerous neighborhood in Los Angeles, along with his three sisters.

The big problem for his family was money, his father did not have a job, he had a big problem with gambling and alcohol. Kevin admits that his father had big problems, and that he was not always ready to help his family. Although he was the youngest member of his family, Kevin began to work very early, in order to help his sisters and mother.

His mother had part-time jobs, she would sometimes change more jobs during the week. She tried to help her children, to provide them a better life and for that reason she had to sacrifice her time and strength. Kevin talked about his mother in several interviews; he said that his mother was a real hero, that she was always there for her children, and that she never gave up on them.

She sacrificed her youth, beauty, and health for her children. She had a great influence on Kevin, especially in his early youth, thanks to her Kevin discovered his talent for music.

Kevin did not like school and learning, he expressed his interest in sports and music. He started to play football very early, and as a boy he wanted to become a footballer.

Kevin had good results, and the school coach placed him in the main team, but during the High School, Kevin had to make a decision whether to continue his football career or start a musical career.

Certainly, the crucial moment in his career was when he had to make a decision which way to choose.

Will he start his musical career or devote himself to football and realize his dream? Kevin reveals that he was sure that football would be his decision, but at the last moment Kevin discovered a different side of his personality and decided to dedicate himself to music. Kevin says that music was like a medicine for him, helped him to overcome difficult days, to express his emotions and discover himself and his passion.

His first musical footsteps started very early, when Kevin became a member of the church choir. He then accidentally discovered his talent, and his mother felt that she should not give up music. Because of her persistence, he learned to play the guitar, and as a teenager began to write musical lyrics.


Although he discovered his talent for music very early, Kevin admits he did not have the courage to start an independent career. He was terrified and did not believe in himself and his talent, so he made the decision to become music producer and associate to Chris Brown. However, after several years, Kevin began to work on his first songs and albums. He released his first song, Naked, in 2012, in collaboration with Big Sean, and two years later, he released another song, ‘Yo Chick’.

Kevin appeared as a featured artist with numerous music stars, especially with Chris Brown. In addition, Kevin composed music for numerous films. In 2011, Kevin was nominated for Grammy for his album with Chris Brown.

During the year 2018, Kevin fully dedicated himself to the music. He released a number of songs that included “Love Police”, “Magnum”, and ‘One Heart’…

During that year, Kevin emerged from a shadow, became an independent artist, and showed his true talent. During that year, he was a guest at numerous shows, nominated for many awards and received positive critics from his audience. His songs have been a great success in America and Europe, and many have thought that Chris Brown used his talent for years, and did not allow him to show his true abilities and musical style.

Personal life

At the beginning of 2019, Kevin experienced a turning point in life, as his ex-girlfriend Eva Marcille has reported that she has suffered violence for years and she discovered that McCall was abusing, humiliating and discriminating her.

Eva, who is an American top model, is a participant of the famous Reality TV Show ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’. In the last episode, she discovered that she had lived in fear for years and that Kevin raped her several times. After the show was broadcast, Kevin announced that it was a complete lie, and that Eva had been obsessed with him for years. According to the latest information, we can say that the case will be moved to court, where the truth will surely be proved.

Kevin and Eva together have their daughter Marley Rae McCall, after their brake up, Marley stayed with her mother, but Kevin has the right to see her daughter regularly.

Kevin is a great lover of nature, he often travels and explores new places. McCall claims that love for nature is special, and that like music, it helps to feel free and relaxed.

When he stopped his romance with Eva, Kevin did not appear in public with other girls.

Although Marcille had a number of interviews about her relationship with Kevin, he never spoke about the subject, and he always had a positive opinion about his former girlfriend.

Quick Summary

Name: Kevin McCall

Birthday: 25 July, 1985

Age: 34

Birth place: Los Angeles, United States of America

Height: 183cm

Weight: 78kg

Net worth: 22 million dollars