Post Malone Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Teeth, Girlfriend

Post Malone Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Teeth, Girlfriend

Post Malone is a new star on the trap and hip hop music scene. He is from America and dores producing, playing and also sings.

He writes all of his songs alone and he became famous after releasing White Iverson.

Early years

Austin is a Holiday child, being born on July 4, 1995 in Syracuse in New York. This place is often called “Salt City” and “Emerald City”. When he was a kid, he started to become interested in various hobbies and did sports for a while. He was a passionate basketball player, but he never wanted to be a professional one. He always knew that music was his best shot. Music and basketball for him had a special meaning: he used them to get rid of negative emotions he gathered while he was a young adult.

One of the events that made it even harder for him was moving. His whole family moved to Dallas because his father accepted a new job offer.

He always liked his father’s job since he was an assistant for an American team called Dallas Cowboys. Although this wasn’t basketball, Austin enjoyed spending time with sportsmen and he used to even develop strategies and help.

As his father was a huge part of his life, it wasn’t weird that Austin found a music idol in him. He liked everything: rock, pop, rap, country…

Since he had some free time on his hands and some emotions bottling up inside him, Austin started to make songs. He never thought he was good at it ao he didn’t show his lyrics to anyone.

He took guitar lessons because he wanted to get engaged in a bane. In 2010, he became a pretty good guitarist and he wanted to join “Crown the Empire”. It was a devastating moment for him when he got turned down. However, he stayed confident and decided to make his music heard more than he ever wanted it.

FL Studio (ex Fruity Loops) realized that Austin has some serious talent and they decided to help him in producing. Austin published his first mixtape at the age of 16 and shaked the trap audience with the great lyrics he made. The mixtape was a bigger success than he thought it would be and he was very thankful for the opportunities that he got.

Grapevine High School in Tarrant County, his high school, was the second place where he tested his mixtape. He played it to his classmates and they were soon all cheering his name. The mixtape went viral in the building. Post was very happy that his talent is being recognized and now became confident he’ll have a music career once. His friends were his great supporters.

Soon he got a chance to be in a heavy-metal band and they played on school events. Austin became a sensation.

He tried to please his parents by enrolling a college, but this all ended up being a huge failure. He wasn’t anywhere near interested into it and wanted to do music for the rest of his life. Syracuse University soon became his past.

Career Development

However, Austin didn’t want to do anyone bad and he was trying to make everyone haply so he soon moved to LA and started to seek for a music career there. He met Jason Stokes and they soon very good friends. Jason taught Austin some beats and they seeked for happiness in this big city of pop stars. became He was trying to find the best solution friend Jason Stokes and the two of them went out to seek their happiness in the world of pop stars.

Soon, he decided he needed a new stage name and had to build up his picture. He came up with “Post Malone” and soon started to wear dreadlocks. People loved his new stage name and soon it was heard all over the state.

During his time in LA, he met a lot of artists and producers. They were all interested in making him successful and in the end, he found a group of people who was perfect to him. They helped him produce some of his biggest hits. Record house Time Fki made White Iverson possible. This song turned viral pretty quick and soon he became worldwide famous.

He also posted the song on Sounscloud and the public was all into the beats he made. His rhymes became quotes people posted on social media, his picture was on profiles.

Not only did the single help him make instant money, but it also made his future much more successful. Republic Records was one of the record houses that soin wanted to produce his work. They offered him a really good deal and Post couldn’t decline.

Known artists were fascinated by this new caucasian rapper and Young Thug, 50 Cent and even the famous Kanye West had a wish to be involved into some of his work. Being surrounded by his idols that now knew who he was made him understand that he is actually getting famous.

Soon, he started to hang out with the massive pop star Justin Bieber. On Justin’s 2016/2017 tour, Post Malone performee to open one of his shows. This act made a huge difference on Post’s career since he started to gain audience from a different genre.

His next hit was “Go Flex and it was published during the spring months of 2016.

Further more, he also made a song going by the name “Too Young”. It made it to the Billboard chatta and Malone was astonished when he heard that.

At the end of 2016, he made an album called “Stoney” and people loved it. It became Platinum.

His mixtape “August 26th” is very special since he produced it all by himself and worked with Jaden Smith, 2 Chainz and Lil Yachty.

Personal life

His father Rich was a DJ in his teens and he taught Post Malone everything about genres and music. A lot of people think he is responsible for the music Austin makes today.

Both of his parents were from NYC and they have even met eachother there. They had a nice marriage until first problems occurred. Soon they had to split up and a lot of things changed for Post. However, they never fought and had a healthy relationship overall so they didn’t affect Austin in that way.

Post Malone is dating a woman callee Ashlen and the media is very intrigued by the whole thing. She isn’t really famous on social media and nobody knows a lot about her so it’a something that his fans aren’t really into. They were guests on a radio show where they talked about the day they met. It was a show booking. Post Malone says that he is really happy that he found her and that she tries to tell her everything that’s going on in his life so they have ni secrets.

Interesting Facts about Post Malone

When he was a teen and auditioning for a band he wanted to be in, he didn’t pass because his strings broke while playing. He was very angry that they didn’t give him another chance, but he soon forgot about it.

He used to play Guitar Hero all of the time when he was staring out his music career. He even taught himself how to play a guitar thanks to it.Popular series of music games called “Guitar Hero” helped him a lot when he just started to get interested in guitar. In the end, he had to get a professional coach since he couldn’t do it all on his own.

He dedicated his very first song to a basketball player and this proves how much of a basketball fan he is.

He loves tattoos and has quite a few of them. He says that they make him remember the good things that happened in his life.

A very popular teen influencer Kylie Jennner chose Post Malone as one of the singers on one of her birthdays. This was a big thing since it was all over social media.

He has a merch shop where he sells the things he designs himself: sweatshirts, hats, etc. This is his second biggest source of income.

Post Malone has a very special look going on: he has gold teeth, braids, oftenly wears bangs, sometimes has a full-on beard and sometimes a medium one.

People have been comparing him with Jesus, Moses and even pedophiles. Post Malone just laughs it off.

Austin claims that he is very afraid of the fact that he will once become a superficial person who cares only about money and fame. He tries his best not to get changed.

He is not a huge fan of cars, but he has a customized car that he got himself as a treat when he made his first big money. It was a special moment for him.

Quick summary

Full name: Austin Richard Post

Date of birth: July 4th, 1995

Birthplace: Syracuse, USA

Age: 22

Profession: singer, songwriter

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 83 kg

Net Worth: $1 million


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