Jason Joel Desrouleaux is a famous singer who became famous for his great voice, incredible dance moves and greta collaborations he has achieved in his life. He has eleven Platinum singles and is also a songwriter.

Early life:

Jason Derulo, as he goes by his shorter stage name, is a Virgo born on 21st September of 1989. His birthplace is Miramar, Florida, but his parents aren’t from America. They are actually from Haiti and they had made their way to America due to emmigration.

Jason has two older siblings and he loves them both. He still tries to keep the connection with them although he is much more busy now.

His mother says that he started to show interest in music when he was very young and that he started to sing when he started to talk. It was just a thing that relaxed him. He was a part of the school of art in Florida and he made his first work when he was only eight. He found it very interesting to write rhymes and later try to compose them.

Derulo finished The American Musical and Dramatic Academy and was a part of Ragtime, a theatre production.

As a teenage boy, he wrote a song for a rapper called Birdman and he let Jason be a part of the audio tape. He ended up being really popular amongst his friends for being so talented.

Career development:

Since he was pretty young, he started to write for other musicians and some of them were Diddy, Danity Kane, Sean Kingston and even Lil Wayne.

This was his way of perfecting his art even before he started to actually promote his own career.

While acting in theatre during his teenage years, he made a huge impact on the nation during his time on a show called Showtime at the Apollo. He won the grand prize and many producers were attracted to him after that.

One of them was J. R. Rotem. He decided to get him a contract with a label calleed Beluga Heights Records and Warner Bros Records.

He later talked about the time he started to work with Jason, and this producer claimed that Jason never stopped coming up with random ideas. He made songs in his head all of the time and was just a pure talent for it.

In 2009, Jason decided to show up on the music scene and he managed to do that by releasing “Whatcha Say”, a song produced by his friends and producer Rotem.

There was a lot of controversy because the song samples Hide and Seek by the Imogen Heap.

However, the song reached number 54 on Billboard and this was huge for an artist that never made a song before. Jason was very proud of his work and soon he released a music video for it.

His next hit was “In My Head” and it reached number 63 during December of the same year.

Jason decided to publish a whole debut album which was called by his stage name and he released it on March 2nd during 2010. He was soon on the top of UK and Irish Charts.

The album gained even more popularity when Jason turned out to be one of the opening acts on Lady Gaga’s The Monster Ball Tour.

His third song was no less favorized by the nation and it was called “Ridin’ Solo”. It was number 9 on Billboard and this was the moment that Jason realized he has made it. Soon each one of his songs will end up at the top of many charts.

His first big collaborations were with Will Roush with whom he made a song called “Turn it Up” and the other one with Pixie Lott and their song was called “Coming Home”.

2011 was quite a year for Jason. During this time Demi Lovato decided to feature him on a track called “Together” and this encouraged Jason to make his second studio album.

He decided to call it Future History and it was released during September. The album was long awaited because Jason kept teasing his audience with the video episodes of making his new songs. He posted these on his webpage where he ended up posting all of the information about his tour later on.

The lead single was called “Don’t Wanna Go Home” and it was number one in the UK. This is why Jason decided to make a tour for the UK only and planned ne of his biggest and best performances during this period of his career: his performance at Wembley Arena in March.

However, the performance actually never happened because Derulo sufferend an injury and broke one of his vertebrae. This ended up in canceling all of the dates he planned to tour on.

At the end of spring in 2012, he appeared on American Idol where he partnered with Coca-Cola for a great performance. The fans actually had a chance to finish his lyrics and the vote for the best remake of his songs.

He then appeared on a show called Everybody Dance Now. He was one of the dance masters and his co-worker, Kelly Rowland, said that they had to cancel the show because it had very poor ratings.

In July of 2012, Jason signed Arlene Zelina to his own record label that he had made with his manager Frank Harris. He met Arlene when he attended a performance of hers at Whisky A Go Go.

In April of 2013, he released a single called “The Other Side” which ended up being a massive hit. It reached number 18 on Billboard and Jason was so happy about it that he shared with his audience that he is working on a third album called Tattoos.

It was released on September of the same years and the second single was published on YouTube too. It was called “Talk Dirty” and it was a number three on Billboard.

This album was very popular because it features a popular rapper 2 Chainz.

He premiered Marry Me on a show called On Air with Ryan Seacrest in August. The single was very well accepted by the nation.

In March of 2014 he said that he will release a remake of his album Tattoos and that the new album will contain 4 new songs and 7 old ones. The new name for the album was Talk Dirty.

Soon his fame rose even more when he collaborated wih Pitbull and made a song called “Drive You Crazy”. The single also featured an artist called Juicy J.

At the very beginning of 2015, Jason joined a show called So You Think You Can Dance for the season number 12. He was very excited for it and spoke about it in many interviews since he was honored to be a part of something this interesting.

In March, he released the first song from a new studio album which he decided to name Everything Is 4. The song was called Want to Want Me and it was added to 156 pop stations which is a world record that Jason now holds.

It reached number five on Billboard and topped the UK charts.

In June, he decided to tell his fans that he will release a compilation of his greatest hits on an album called Platinum Hits. It also featured a new song called Kiss the Sky. It was made as a soundtrack to Storkss.

During September of 2016, he got an opportunity to prove his acting abilities in a drama called Lethal Weapon. Although he only acted for an episode, he got very good critics.

In 2017, Jason Derulo made a comeback to the music scene with the release of his single called “Swalla”. It featured Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign, both very popular on today’s music scene. This is probably the reason why this song topped all of the charts around the world. It is very catchy too.

He worked with Pitbull again in March of 2017 and this time they made a song called “Educate Ya”.

Billboard Music Awards of 2017 have been huge for Jason too because he has announced his fifth studio album called 777.

Jason has been asked a lot about how does he define his music. He claims that he makes pop music that features R&B and hip-hop rhythms.

Jason claims that Michael Jackson was a great role model of his and many people see similarities between these two artists, especially when it comes to dancing. Jason said that when he was four years old, he saw The King of Pop for the first time and he was very touched by his performance.

He also states that Madonna, Elvis and Usher, as well as a great icon Prince have made his music he way it is now because all of them were a part of his inspiration.

People describe Jason as a very good singer because he has a special sense for rhythm which can also be seen in his performances since he always dances in them. He has special moves that are considered to be similair to Michael Jackson’s.

Jason also appeared in Empire, a show where he acted as himself.

He had woon three  Teen Choice Awards, two BMI Pop Music Awards, two Los Premios 40 Principales award, one YouTube Music award and even one CMT Music award. He was nominated for much more.

Personal life:

Jason is very well known for partying. He likes to attend clubs and is rumoured to be addicted to alcohol and strippers since he features them so much in his music.

He dated Jordin Sparks, a singer famous for winning the sicth season of American Idol, for three years. They split up around Jason’s birthday in 2014. He proposed her in a music video for the song Marry Me, but the pressure that was constantly put on their relationship ended it.

Jason isn’t featured in too much drama since he is always making new music and is on tours. He tries to interact with his fans a lot, but he hasn’t got too much time for that.

His love life is pretty simple, Jason isn’t commiting to anyone but his career any time soon, as he joked in one of his interviews.

Quick summary

Full name: Jason Joel Desrouleaux

Date of birth:  21 September 1989

Birthplace: Miramar, Florida

Age: 28

Profession: singer, songwriter

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 78 kg

Net Worth: $10 million