Kordell Stewart is a former American footballer who has played for consecutively for 11 long years as an able quarterback in the prominent organization National Football League (NFL) he is popular to people by the name Slash.

Kordel is known to people for versatility and an amicable personality that have let him mingle everyone. Stewart is a successful person who has been popular in the world of football and even after retirement is remembered and saluted by his juniors. Kordell’s estimated net worth is around $ 16 million.

Early life

Kordell was born in the distinct city of Marrero, Louisiana, United States. He was born on the 16thg day of October, in the year 1972. He possesses an American nationality and by ethnicity is an Afro-American. He was born to Robert Stewart Sr. who was the father and mother Florence Stewart. Kordell received his early basic education from the reputed institution of John Ehret High School.

In the year 1991, Stewart was potent enough to receive a scholarship from the University of Colorado and started playing under the Coach named Bill McCartney. The school authority soon recognized his abilities in serving as potential quarterbacks when he went on making highlights in the history of Buffaloe’s records that included the most of the passes that are completed ,Most passing in yards and lastly the passes categorizing with the touchdowns.

In the year 1997, the initial days of his career Kordell got his name listed in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and were commented upon by Bob Smizik, a regular commenter that he was attributed with the gift of versatility by his various defensive abilities. He was able enough in the making out through the short-yardage situations. He was quite successful to manage the conditions of offensive positions and was an expert in the back running and wide receiver.


Kordell has been awarded a bunch of honors and achievements namely Football Player of the Year in the year 1990 for the New Orleans; then he was successful enough to win the All-State, Louisiana in the same year of 1990; his next achievement was All-American 2nd Team, and Associated Press after 4 years in 1994.

Then Kordell prepared himself to participate in the Most Valuable Beginner, Pittsburgh Steelers, in the year 1995. Later on, Kordell started adding on serious efforts to the teams’ offense, when the Steelers became an effortless contender to the NFL. They consecutively won eight clean games and earned a foothold in the field of payoffs.

He was efficient enough to complete a set of five of the total seven passes for the count of 60 yards. He had brilliantly maintained and balanced his various offensive roles. In his next tournament that was held in Indianapolis Colts, Kordell was caught off with a serious complication that helped the opponent Steeler gets the AFC Championship. Again in the championship Super Bowl XXX that was held against the Dallas Cowboys, Stewart was capable enough to get two techniques of his stunningly; he led well with the quarterback as well as the back running technique. In spite of a worthy performance, Kordell couldn’t achieve the ultimate goal and was lost the game with the scoreboard showing 27-17.

At the end of the year 1996, Stewart’s teammates considered there teammate Kordell, the team’s top capable rookie and he was successful enough to win the Joe Greene Great Performance Award.

Even after such a showering of achievements and fame he was satisfied with his performance and claimed that he still wanted to be a quarterback in the field. He ardently and desperately wanted back the position of being the main quarterback. He knew his abilities and was confident enough to make the pre-game radio program that was broadcasted in the year 1997.

Although Stewart had received many interruptions, he was able enough to proceed with excellent running skills and turned to the most popular sports personality in the whole of Pittsburgh. He has made a record of achieving a 74 yard run by his latest touchdown technique.

Personal life

Kordell has quite an intriguing personal life. Kordell was ones married to a beautiful lady; the couple didn’t have a lasting relationship. They had a divorce finally for some personal issues. He was married to the well known and popular American Television personality Porsha Williams. The couple dated each other and finally got reunited in the bond of marriage with the blessing of the Almighty.

They were blessed with a happy marriage life only for three years, and soon the couple decided to get separate. The couple finally got separated in the year 2013. Before he got married to Porsha, he was seriously involved with Tania Richardson, and they also had a son whom they named Syre.

Just after getting divorced with Porsha, he started taking an interest in the American singer Towanda Braxton. The couple dated each other for a long time and after several months after knowing each other due to some misunderstanding, the couple broke up. Presently, Stewart is dating no one and has declared to be single.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Kordell Stewart.

Date of Birth: 16 October 1972

Birth Place: Louisiana, United States of America.

Age: 45 Years

Profession: Former Football player.

Height: 6 Feet 1 Inches

Weight:  99 Kg

Net worth: $ 16 Million.