John Charles Layfield more popular among his name with his ring name,  John Bradshaw Layfield or JBL.  His name is listed among the heavyweight Champion all around the globe. He is even famous for his other talents. The American wrestler is famous for employing the exclusive techniques in the other fields. He is an eminent and popular actor who is famous for his show deliveries in radio channels.

He is even a successful entrepreneur and a renowned footballer possessing an American nationality. John’s net worth is estimated somewhere around $ 9 million. He is into earning a huge amount of money because of his many talents like wrestling, efficient commentator, making an appearance in several television shows and involvement in several profit-making ventures and business purposes.

Early life

John Charles Layfield is popularly known in the wrestling ring as John Bradshaw Layfield.  He was born in Sweetwater, Texas on 29th November 1966. He got his basic academic qualifications from Abilene Christian University. He was an eligible member of the college football team. Layfield trained himself under Brad Rheingans and Black Bart.

Just after touring the independent circuit, Layfield decided of signing a contract with WWF in the year 1995 and went for debuting as Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw. He defeated Bob Holly in the match he played. After winning – the debut match event, he decided upon branding his opponents with a unique symbol, “JB” in indigo ink, but never intended hearting them.


Layfield in the year 1993 sent for his Japan trip representing the George and Shunji Takano’s Network Of wrestling. In that same year, he went to Mexico for wrestling representing Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre. The name was somewhat different as Varnpiro Americano or Varnpiro Canadiens. He had won the heavyweight championship in this wrestling match. In the year 1994, he went to Europe, Austria, and Germany for the wrestling association Otto Wanz’s Catch Wrestling Association. John achieved the honor of the World Tag Team Championship. After the unfortunate and sudden shutdown of GWF, John joined the National Wrestling Alliance and soon won the honor of NWA North American Heavyweight Championship in the year 1995.

He defeated Kevin Von Erich. Just after passing of two months later, John, unfortunately, lost the title “The Hammer” Valentine of NWA North American. In the year 1996, John debuted in the Channel WWF with a gimmick of a cowboy and had never thought back about proceeding with his career. He was quite successful in his venture. Just after retiring from his outstanding career, he did an exclusive exhibition of his talents by serving the channels CNBC and Fox News like a news correspondent.

This eminent talented personality had   been enlisted by the Northeast Securities to be in the position of Senior Vice President. The former wrestler has been the author of the book written on the basic principles of financial planning and named it ‘Have more money now.’  He regularly hosted the popular radio weekend talk show that was actually organized by the broadcasting channel Talk Radio Show. The show was based on political discussions and various other contemporary issues.

Personal life

In the year 1994, he got married for the first time to Cindy Womack, but their relationship never matured, and the marriage ended up with a mutually accepted divorce in the year 2003. Soon after 2 years, Layfield started dating Meredith Whitney who is a reputed financial analyst.  John has no children from both the marriages.  But the couple is happily married, and both the partners remain busy with their line of action. Presently,  he resides in Bermuda,  Hamilton.

John religiously hosts a tournament on golf and titles it Make-A-Wish foundation golf tournament. The tournament was held in the city of Texas, in Tyler.  John’s personal life is mingled with many incidents. He is a prominent business tycoon and is presently the CEO and sole founder of the magnificent companies Five Stone and Layfield Energy.

Quick summary:

Full Name: John Charles Layfield

Date of Birth: November 29th, 1966

Birth Place: Sweetwater, Texas, United States of America.

Age: 51 Years Old

Profession: Professional Wrestler.

Height:  6.4 Feet.  1.98 m

Weight:   135 Kg

Net worth: $ 9 million.