Scot L. Pollard was born on February 12, 1975 in Murray, Utah and he is a former professional basketball player who played 11 seasons in the NBA. With 2,11 meters of height, he played in the position of pivot.

He is known for his defensive play and for his unique and extravagant haircuts. If you want to know more about the life of this basketball star but also about his career, read the following text. You will surely find some very interesting facts about this successful basketball player.


High School and University:

Pollard played basketball for three years at the Torrey Pines Institute in San Diego, California, before moving to Kennewick, Washington, to attend the Kamiakin Institute. After graduating from Kamiakin, he spent his college career at the University of Kansas, graduating in 1997. During his time in the NCAA, Pollard finished sixth in Kansas history in attempted free throws, with 358; fourth in rebounds with a total of 850.


Pollard was selected in the 19th position of the NBA Draft in 1997 by the Detroit Pistons. In his first year in the league he only played 33 games, averaging 2.7 points per game and 2.2 rebounds.He was transferred to Atlanta Hawks by Christian Laettner, being cut a month later without debuting on the team. Pollard was sent to Sacramento Kings, where an injury allowed him to play only 16 games in the finish campaign (1999-2000).

During his stay at the Kings was devoted as a great reserve, giving rest to pivot Vlade Divac. Pollard spent the 2002-03 season very punished for his injuries.He was transferred to Indiana Pacers after the completion of the course. In his three years in Indiana he played little, providing intensity and defense in his limited minutes on the court. After the 2005-06 season Pollard ended the contract but it was renewed, signing a one-year contract with Cleveland Cavaliers in the summer.

In August of 2006 he signed for Boston Celtics as a free agent. In the 2007-2008 NBA season Pollard was part of the Boston Celtics’ rotation for much of the season, but at the end of the regular season, with the arrival of PJ.

Brown to reinforce the inner zone of the Celtics,so Pollard lost his minutes in the game. The 2008-2009 season Pollard was left as a free agent, not signed by any team, appearing in informal events such as the delivery of rings by the Boston Celtics, and the celebration that the Sacramento Kings did for their ex-superstar Chris Webber, retiring the number 4, that was the last formal appearance of Pollard.

Scot is not only publicly known for his basketball career. He always attracted a great deal of attention. He was very impressive. There were always different comments about his various hair styles in the games, but he never left anyone indifferent.

An incident occurred during one of the games. Scot, looking at the camera, said: ‘Kids, do drugs’. A large number of fans condemned him for this. Scot had to apologize long after this incident.

Interesting information about Scott Pollard is that he also tried as an actor. 2013 debuted as an actor in the horror film ‘Axeman’.

This movie did not get a good rating, so it could be said that Scot’s acting excursion was a pure failure, but for those who want to look at their NBA star on a big screen, we will uncover the plot of this movie.

In a hut, three bank robbers kill a mountain man with an ax. Later, a group of friends gets this hut for their trip after settling down, one of them mentions that the reason he was given a cabin for such a low price because he allegedly once belonged to the family he was killed by a man with an ax. All their troubles begin at that place.

In 2016, Scot took part in the reality TV show Survivor. He always said that this was an unforgettable experience for him. Scot won the 8th place. He once said that he was not exactly good enough, but that he’d better if he got a second chance.

Private life

Scot is jealously guarding her private life from the eyes of the public. We know very little about his life and his family. Because of the lack of this information Scot is always in the center of interest. Many girls are in love with him and are loyal fans, but there was never information about a relationship outside of marriage.

The only thing we know about Scot’s wife is her name-Dawn Poland. They have no children so they intrigue the public much morebecause they are married for a very long time. There was a rumor that Scot has problems with sterility. He denied it. He said that he and his wife are still waiting for the right moment to establish a family.

If you thought this was the end of the interesting information from the life of this NBA player, you were cheated. After finishing his career in the NBA, Scot slowly surrendered to drugs and alcohol.

He started with a night parties. He had a lot of money that he earned by playing in the NBA. That money somehow had to be spent. Scot was surrounded by bad people who just wanted to use him. He did not understand it. His family did not know what was happening.

After coming to a Christmas family lunch, drunk and high, his family knew that they had to take things into their own hands. They sent him to treatment at the rehab clinic. He was there for six months. After that, Scot did not appear in public for a long time. He wanted to distance himself from bad company and public life.

He opened a clinic to treat addiction to help people in a similar situation. One of the things that makes this clinic authentic is that Scot as the owner has transmitted his personal experience in the fight against drugs and alcohol. In his clinic there is a school for basketball. It helps addicts to turn their thoughts away from drugs and alcohol and regain their lives.

Scot used his bad experience and turned it into something very good. He helped a lot of people. The attendants of his basketball school often point out how grateful they are to him.

However, Scot always states that everyone should be grateful to his wife who was there for him in good and bad. Scot always says he would not succeed if there were no for his wife who supported him throughout the whole process. It was a very stressful time for his wife and his family.

Still, everything ended well. Scot has been sober for 12 years now, his clinic works great. He still helps people, and his wife is still with him. We hope that they will soon expand their family because they deserve it after this fight. 

Quick Summary

Full Name: Scot L Pollard

Birthplace: Murray, Utah, USA

Date of birth: February 12, 1975

Age: 44

Profession:Former Basketball player

Height: 211 cm

Weight: 126 kg

Net Worth: $15 million