Kristian Alfonso is an American actress, a model and an ex figure skater.

Early years

She was born on September 5,1963 in Massachusetts, USA. Her family was from Sicily so she is of Italian descent. She has one sibling: a sister Lisa. As a child she started figure skating and she was really great at it, until she had an accident which made her leave her career in that beautiful sport. Although it crushed her parents dreams for her future, she was optimistic and knew she will be some kind of star ine day.

She gratuated in 1982 after finishing Brockton High School.

Since she was very pretty and had an awesome figure due to the sport she was training before,  she began her modeling career. It came really easy because she was already known to the wide public and her modeling agency was very satisfied with her public appearance. She signed a contract with Wilhemina modeling agency and  as a teenage girl she was already on the cover of many magazines, including Vogue and the famous Cosmopolitan.

Career development

In 1981 she was offered to co-star to a famous actor Rock Hudson in a TV drama called The Star Maker. She had good reviews coming from this film so she was casted to be one of the members in a soap opera Days of Our Lives. She starred in this series for four years and her role of woman named Hope brought her world glory.

She left it to play in her next movie, The Joshua Tree, directed by Vic Armstrong. In this film her fellow actor was Dolph Lundgren. Only one year later, in 1994, she returned to the soap opera where she was welcomed with open arms.

She was also a guest star in Full House, Melrose Place, Baywatch,  Murder, She wrote. In the famous sitcom Friends she appeared as herself.

She won four People Digest Awards for playing  a role of Hope in Days of Our Lives.

She invested her money in creating a jewelry line called Hope as her character in the series and she still designes it herself.

Personal life

In 1987 she married Simon Macauley and has a son named Gino with him. They separated in 1991.

Ten years later she got married to Danny Daggenhurst and they have one child together, and Danny’s child from his ex marriage lives with them.

Philantropic work

Kristian always answers to all charity events. He often attends events for children benefits such as raising funds  for the ‘I Love NY Children’s Scholarship Fund’ which is ment to provide sholarships for children whose parents died by acts of terorism.

She is a nature look lover so she is strongly against plastic surgery.

She is also a nature lover so she often donates funds for ecology and issues like saving clean water and forrest etc.

Quick summary

Full name: Kristian Joy Alfonso

Date of Birth: September 5,1963

Birth Place: Massachusetts, USA

Age: 54

Proffession: actress, model, figure skater, jewelry designer

Height: 1,63 m

Weight: 57 kgs

Net worth: $ 5 million