Larry English is a professional American footballer who started his career in high school. After that he receives numerous offers and starts his career in famous American clubs such as: San Diego Charges and Tampa Bay.

Larry was not only popular in football, he also participated in Reality TV Shows; he had several acting roles in animated films and cartoons.

Larry is also known for his turbulent personal life, through his career and life, Larry experienced many unpleased situation and scandals.

Early life

Larry was born in Aurora, Illinois; his father was a famous American football player Lawrence English, while his mother was a teacher in high school. His father had a big influence on Larry, so he was the main reason why Larry became a professional footballer.

Larry showed his interest in football, as well as his talent, very early, when he was only 7 years old, since then he began to practice with his father regularly and imagine his future as a professional player of American football.

His love and passion for football was obvious since his childhood, and since then he believed in his talent and possibilities, he was very persistent and hard working player. 


His serious football career has started when he was in High School. Since the school coach noticed that Larry shows a great talent for football and that he is different from other children. Larry had the position of the captain of the school team, in numerous competitions; he showed talent and won many medals.

In 2004, Larry suffered a serious injury, and many believed that he would not be able to continue playing, and then he retreated for 5 months, in this period he tried to recover. After a year, Larry begins to play again and shows that he is a great talent, that season, Larry played 13 games, and his team won 11 games. In 2009, he started playing for San Diego Chargers, where he changed his position.

In high school, and at College, Larry always played a defensive position, but when he came to the club he got a position outside the line. He played for five years in this club, but his game was very poor in this period.

In 2014, Larry gets a chance to play for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and decides to accept this opportunity. Although he is not satisfied with his game and health, Larry still has the opportunity to correct his mistakes and show his talent. The uncertainty of his career in Tampa ends very quickly, several months after signing the contract. However, half a year after the termination of the contract, Tampa offers another opportunity, and Larry again accepts their offer.

Personal life

His private life is very turbulent and reveals a lot of things about Larry. In addition to football Larry is also known as a great charmer and gentleman, he had many emotional relationships that he did not hide them from the public. What we love most about him is that he is honest, open and always ready to talk.

Unlike other celebrities, Larry never hide his private life, he sincerely talked about him and admitted that he regret about many things he had done in the past. Family had a great impact on Larry, especially his father who was also a professional footballer.

As we have already said, after finishing his career, his father began to drink, and soon he became an addict to alcohol.

This particularly affected Larry, he thought that this was the right path and began to act like his father, until he realized that if he wants success, he had to change his way of life.

Although today he has become popular and famous in the world of football, Larry still wants more fame. And once in interview, he said that he wants to become more popular and he wanted to experience other professions, he believed that he has special energy.

The biggest scandal Larry experienced happened in 2009, when girl from his town accused Larry of raping her, shortly after this scandal, Larry gets fired from his club, the press were putting enormous pressure on him, while he claims that this scandal is not true, Larry also claimed that he doesn’t know this girl and that he has never met her.

This case was one of the biggest scandals in 2009; many people believed that Larry had done it, while his family, friends and he, persistently claimed that this was a fraud, and that the girl only wanted money.

Shortly after this case, the court gets information which were crucial to this case. The courts get information that this girl blackmailed many celebrities and thanks to them she had earned a lot of money.

Larry was the only person who publicly talked about this case, the other famous people, although not guilty, did not want to talk about this case in public. After this case, Larry had numerous roles in American shows, and he became even more popular.

In 2010, Larry receives an incredible offer from the popular TV E!, where he gets a chance to be in a popular reality show called Upon with Stars.

In this TV show, Larry did not experience any scandal, although most people expected that he will show his other side of the personality, Larry even stayed stable in a stressful situation, he was honest, witty and communicative. He made friends with other people, and at the very end of the TV show, Larry won 2nd place.

After great success, Larry decides to spend time out of the country. In this period, Larry decides to travel around the world, learn other languages, and meet other cultures.

In one interview, he said that he wanted time for himself; he wanted to relax and spend days in new places and exotic destinations. After a break, Larry receives numerous calls from various TVs, which offered him participation in a reality show, but Larry rejects every offer and he believed that it’s time for changes.

In 2011, Larry had a great interview for the ESPN magazine, where he did not only talks about his career, but he also speaks honestly about his private life, he mention his family and friends, and talks about a journey that changed his life.

Larry was on the front page, and the interview was called ‘Larry: A Life-Changing Travel’.

Larry admits that he wanted changes in his life, and traveling through Europe, Asia and Africa helped him to take different steps, and major changes.

When it comes to love, we have to say that Larry had numerous short relationship and romances, but none of them was important as a relationship with Nicole Williams. Nicole is a well-known model, she works for many world brands, and often appears on TV E!. There were rumors for years that Nicole and Larry are in a secret relationship, but the couple has never confirmed this news, nor did they want to comment on them.

Larry, who has always been honest and ready to talk about many intimate things, at one point, decides not to give out his secrets. This was certainly a sign that it was a serious relationship between Nicole and Larry. It’s interesting that the couple never appeared together on the happenings that mattered, either to Larry or to Nicole, you could never see them together.

Last year, the couple decided to end silence, and announced they were married at a private ceremony, and that they have so far decided to keep private life secret. Shortly thereafter, there were rumors that Nicole was pregnant, but to date, nothing has been confirmed. 

Quick Summary

Full name: Larry English

Date of birth: January 22, 1986

Birthplace: Aurora, Illinois, USA

Age: 33

Profession: Football player, Reality TV Star and actor.

Height: 189 cm

Weight: 82 kg

Net Worth: $ 3 million