Lil Flip is whose real birth name is “Sunshine” star Wesley Eric Weston Jr is known mainly for his stage name. He is known to an eminent international rapper who is also known to be a well known Hip Hop performer whose performances are widely appreciated all around the globe. He hails from the Cloverland, Texas and is also one the leading producer and record maker on rap music.

He is basically known for his freestyle music genre and is a favorite figure among the young teenage group. He decided to move on from his freestyle career and to the rapping genre after he got an opportunity to sign a contract with the Suckafree Records in the year 1999. Today the great Hip Hp Artist’s net worth is about $ 5 million.

Early life

The young and talented rapper was born in the year 1981, 3rd of March. He grew up in Houston, Harris County, Texas, United States of America. Not much is known about his early childhood days, but this much is known that young rapper was interested in making his career in rap from his early childhood days. There is no information available about his parents or siblings.

Though there is no such information about his educational qualification, it seems that Lil could have been a meritorious student if he continued with his studies. Ones he was awarded A grade while he was studying in the six standards. When Lil was only of 19 years, she was successful in releasing his first rap album titled “The Leprechaun” and it a considered to an absolute hit number. Lil has seen the hard days of life and struggled a lot with making his career cross all the miles stones.

Perhaps he has a long way to go and have an enriching career by releasing more of his brilliant rap numbers. The birth name “Sunshine” star Wesley Eric Weston Jr, seems to be an apt one as Lil shines brightly as the Sun in the rap industry because of some of his rap masterpieces are notable and appreciable.


Wesley Eric Weston is known for his freestyle brilliancy, and he proudly claims to have recorded over 1000 mixtapes in total. He is known to launch his extraordinary abilities by releasing his first album “The Leprechaun.” Then he came up with another of his hit number that had derived the attention of all rap lovers globally. The single “I Can Do That.” As per the available record, the release was a terrific hit and sold over 100,000 in the whole region. It even derived the attention of the famous personality Def Jam South, the famous A&R and the reputable rap personality in Houston, the eminent rapper Scarface.

For some year he was signed with Def Jam on a contractual basis. But after getting a foothold in the industry, he understood about the market strategies and decided to leave the reputed label of Def Jam and at ones joined Loud Records, and soon he got the opportunity to sign the contract for recording his first ever debut album nationally. He had even suffered a crisis during his pick time of career. He was shot by some trace passing assailants in the session of drive-by shooting. He was agile enough to survive even after the attack and successfully finished off his recording.

Lil was hardy 20 years old when he came up with his second release that was his sophomore series titled “Underground Legend.” This was Lil first nationally acclaimed album. He decided to make his albums gets commercially acclaimed, and they were featured as “Ludacris” and “Three6 Mafia”. The album got debuted under the segment of Billboard Hot 100 Charts and also got selected under the category of Hip-Hop /R&B Charts.

It also enlisted under the category of the Top 20 singles. The beat that was used by Lil in the single was very uncommon. The beat was named Namco Pac-Man beat, and in the video, Lil was proud to show his fans that he was getting tattooed. The single was listed in the 1st position in the chart of Hip Hop genre. Lil’s next Single was almost a lover’s anthem titled “Sunshine.” It featured Lea and was ranked in the 2nd position on the category of Billboard Hot 100.

Lil received numerous requests via the channel MTV 2 and famous channel BET. There he received a certification of double platinum. Lil was famous and appreciated worldwide for his unique freestyle techniques. Soon enough he went for releasing the double-disc CDs. He remained humble enough to acclaim the late rapper DJ Screw for all his success that he has achieved. He even tattooed his master name in his arms to remember him forever. DJ Screw ones declared him as the “Freestyle King” in the rap industry.

With the passage of time, Lil got with several other record groups like the Universal Records. He was loaded with respect in the city of Texas and was even respected in the parts of South. He came up with two collaborated series “Al Eyez on Us” and the “Young Noble from Outlaws Group.” The other album that got immense appreciation was Young Money from GuddaGudda”. Soon after he decided to release his first individual album with his label titled Clover G Records. He came up with his fourth album that was meant to be released in the year 2007and was finally released in the year 2010. He came up with releasing two prominent albums “Ahead of My Time,” and the “Underground Legend 2” and the most appreciable one being “Respect Me.”

Personal life

Lil has a personal life where he is into multiple relations. Though there is no possible record of Lit getting married to someone. But there is a gossip up in the air that he is involved with a lady who has a daughter from his previous relationship.

Lil also has a son and a daughter from his previous relationship. There prevails a rumor that Lil never about cares about his son and adopted a daughter and is not at all a responsible father. Even at times, Lil has claimed that he is not a father to any child.

Apart from being a rap professional, Lil is into making money by getting involved in the business of fashion line. He has been earned considerable fame in the real estate industry. He earns a lot of money from the live performances that he goes for all over the world.

Lil possesses an ability to change or flip the script of the song he is performing in a live concert, or he is in a recording studio. Being a rapper, he is immensely attributed to various talents. Some of his most notable hits rap numbers are The Way We Ball, Game Over, and finally, his most popular single known as Rollin on 20′s.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Lil Flip

Date of Birth: 3rd March 1981

Birth Place: Houston, Harris County, Texas, United States of America

Age: 37 Year Old

Profession: Rapper, Hip Hop Artist

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $5 Million