Caskey Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Caskey Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Something you cannot achieve in a whole lifetime, if you do not have the inborn efficacy and music is one such talent which one can improve but cannot adopt.  Caskey is born talented, and he had chosen rap, the genre of music which had made the whole young generation of all times onto their feet.

Being influenced by the metal music he instead of rapping preferred instruments. His ability is further sharpened in the association of Three 6 Mafia, and N.W.A. His ‘No Complaints,’ which was a mixtape was highly acclaimed all over the realm of rap music. His other memorable works are ‘Lost Files,’ ‘Black Sheep’ and Transient Classic.’

It is just the beginning of a great run, and the artist had already gathered huge popularity in the world of music. Being one of the most aspiring artists, Caskey had collaborated with big stars such as Riff Raff, Trae Tha Truth, Machine Gun Kelly and many more. It is no wonder that the tremendous urge for music has not only given him enviable fame but also he is quite sound monetary.

He is quite young and had a long musical road to travel ahead but has already gathered 1.5 million dollars as his estimated net worth which is highly credible by any standard.

Early life

Brandon Caskey was born on 28th August 1992 in Orlando, Florida, United States of America. There is hardly any information available about his parents, who are they but in tribute to his father he had written one song titled ‘Letter to My Father’ in one of his album. It is disclosed that his father had committed suicide when he required him most, in his teenage at 16. We know nothing about his mother. Although it is known that the artist grew up with his sisters, but there is no further detail available about them. Only that his elder sister introduced him to Three 6 Mafia and N.W.A. like rap groups while he was still on the campus of the high school.

But again there is no specific declaration about his schooling or education. It is known that Caskey was into the world of music with tremendous interest from his early young age. At the beginning, Caskey had interest towards all patterns of music but slowly as he grew up his got gradually inclined to write raps of his own. Again it is known that his interest towards heavy metal had drawn him towards instruments more than raps. He has a high influence of Eminem, Dead Prez and Nas in grooming himself for rap music.


He started his musical career with two mixtapes “Blowin’ Out My Mind Vol. 1” and “The Intangibles” which were released underground. Soon after that, he came in contact with the producer of his native place, The Avengerz. That time he was preparing to create his third mixtape which was titled “Homegrown Vol. 1”. The Avengerz, took all the responsibility of production in the creation of his compositions. But before releasing the mixtape one day Caskey met an accident while riding his bicycle. He suffered an injury on his left arm. But he came out with the release of the mixtape on 20th April 2011. The Hometown was made available for free download from the website.

Then through The Avengerz Caskey released his fourth mixtape titles ‘No Complaints.’ DJ Nasty of Cash Money Records heard the mixtape and conveyed that to the CEO Bridman. Bridman was overwhelmed and saw the promise of the big performer in Caskey. Shortly after this incident, Caskey got into an agreement with the Cash Money Records to release his compositions through the label. The deal was not regarding his production of music but also deal made for marketing, publishing and merchandising and that was signed by Caskey and Cash Money Marketing LLC. A video was released with an intimation of a studio album. It was a dream come true for Caskey who wanted to be associated with a prestigious label. To celebrate his relationship with the label, he came up with ‘Cash Money Records 100 Bars’.

The debut single titled ‘Keep It on the Low’ was released on 8th December 2012. The song was taken from the mixtape ‘No Complaints’ and was featured by Kyle Denmead. On February next year he came up with a solo track ‘FBGM’ I none mixtape ‘Rich Gang: All Stars’ of YMCMB. A week later on 25th February 2013 with two fresh tracks, Cash Money Records released his earlier success ‘No Complaints.’ Along with Flo Rida, Limp Bizkit and Bridman, Caskay appeared in the creation of song ‘Sunshine’ which has been a major track in their release.

After few months Caskey declared on 24th June 2013 that he is going to release another mixtape which is titled as ‘The Transient Classic.’ The cover of the mixtape came out for the followers on 16th July and informed his fans that the release of the mixtape would be made on 28th August which is his birthday. The music video ‘Show Me Some’ which was created in Paris was put on the air on 20th August. The endeavor was produced by The Colleagues, Myles William and The Avengerz. It has been featured by Machine Gun Kelly, Trae tha Truth, Jelly Roll, Riff Raff, Rittz and some more excellent artists. The release was warmly accepted by the audience, and the critics gave favorable reviews.

Personal life

Undoubtedly his compositions have shown emotions. Obviously, the rapper has the potentials whom someone would like to have as her special but who is she is not disclosed yet. Perhaps the artist does not have enough time to focus which does not come within the scope of his music.

In 2016 XXL Magazine he was selected for the XXL Freshman Class. Caskey had announced his wish to be in the No Apologies Concert Tour around America. 

Quick summary:

Full Name: Brandon Caskey

Date of Birth: 28th August 1992

Birth Place: Orlando, Florida, United States of America

Age: 26 Years Old

Profession: Rapper

Height: 5 Feet 10 Inches / 180 cm

Weight: NA

Net worth: $1.5 Million


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