Jon Bellion is an eminent American songwriter, prominent record producer, and an outrageous rap singer.  He is recognized for his extraordinary mixtapes releases on after the other.  He has come up with a popular studio album as well, the most famous being titled “The Human Condition.”

He came up with his debut album positioning at the count of top five in the category under US Billboard Charts. Jon Bellion’s net worth has been evaluated somewhere around 4 million dollars.

Early life

Jon Bellion was born in the year 1990, 26th December in Lake Grove, New York, United States of America. He was brought up along with his sibling by his supportive parents.  On research, it had been found that he belonged to an Italian decent and was passionate about music from his early childhood days. He was keen on playing basketball since he got enrolled in the high school and was even selected for some of the national level tournaments.

While he was in his junior years, he was solely concentrated upon training himself with a strong musical foundation. He was prepared soon enough to participate in the extremely commendable musical collaboration that was scheduled to be held at the reputed institution Five Town College situated in the Dix Hills, New York.


Bellion decided to come up with his musical mixtapes during the initial stage of his career. He got it titled as “Scattered Thoughts Vol1”. Jon is quite a socially active person, and his musical updates had already attained a huge view count.  It has already received 11,000 download counts. He has a distinctive music appeal that makes him get appreciated by all.  Jon has composed many of the mixtapes that are having complete new music.

He constructed some of the hit numbers on collaborating with the famous group “Visionary Music” back in the year 2012. He was also the one who went for issuing Drake’s album “The Motto” that was highlighted on the page of YouTube channel. That very year he went for writing the lyrics of the choir song titled “The Monster.” It was a deal made with Eminem featuring the famous singer Rihanna. He went for launching his music singles one after the other.  He has them some of the most creative and unique titles that would raise a listener from one’s inertia of rest.  The titles are like “All Time Low,” the Psychedelic fiction titled “Woodstock.”

He went for releasing his next album on association with Capitol Records titled “Woke the F*ckUp.”  He went for declaring his second national tour titled “The Definition Tour.” He was brilliant enough to launch some of the fabulous hit numbers that were having unique and creative versions of acoustics. The versions were simple yet appealing and were given a soothing title “The Definition Album.” He came up with another album named “Human (Acoustic).”

Finally, he worked hard to bring out an approved album titled “The Human Condition.” He was successful enough to release three prominent music singles for promotional purpose and titled it unique “Guillotine,” “Maybe IDK,” and “80’s Films”.  He was a lead singer in the album released “All Time Low.” He had given his best performance to date in that very music release.

He was lucky enough to be selected as the “Artist of the Month” by Elvis Duran. He also got presented in the shows that were broadcasted on NBC’s Today that got hosted by HodaKotb and the co-associating host Kathie Lee Gifford. It was aired on the radio channel nationally, and he also gave his live performances with the release of his mixtape “All Time Low.” This singer was also there singing in the opening act of the famous rock band “Twenty One Pilots.” “Emotional Roadshow tour” was gone for in the year 2017. His song the “The Monster” that featured Rihanna was awarded the prestigious Grammy Award in the year 2015. It was under the category of the “Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.”

Personal life

Jon is still now a single man and is perhaps still in search of the right partner. Jon has come up with his latest creation through his album “The Human Condition” in the year 2016. He is very focused on his career and has never given away his sincerity and adopted casualness. On considering the single numbers, he is an excellent composer of some of the unique numbers. He was successful enough in whatever attempt he has taken in the context of album releases and mixtapes.

The three most appreciable ventures Jon has trodden into are “ Translation Through Speakers,” “The Separation” that got released in the year 2013 and finally he came up with “The Definition” that got released in the year 2014. One of his most beautifully composed songs is titled “Beautiful Now” won the prestigious and honorable enlistment from the RIAA: Gold. Travis Mendes came up to select Jon Bellion for making him appear in “Dead Presidents.”

The Songwriter and singer hailing from the land of America are immensely appreciated by the eminent musicians for his terrific tonal texture, and his repeated gestures of being humble enough with people have made him stay favorite among his fans and followers. The record producer has stated in one of his interview in the Huffington Post that he has got all his inspirations from the most wanted rap idols like Eminem, John Mayer, Andre 3000, Coldplay and finally Pharrell Williams.

He has been humble enough to declare that his interest words rap music has only achieved because of his repeated associated with his famous personalities more than ones. He is quite sure that his musical efforts would improve further and he would come up with many other techniques and styles of rap with further research.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Jon Bellion.

Date of Birth: 26th December 1990

Birth Place: Lake Grove, New York, United States of America.

Age: 28 Year Old

Profession: Singer, Record Producer, and songwriter.

Height: 6 Feet/183 CM.

Weight: 80 kg/ 176 LBS.

Net worth: $ 4 Million.