If one is aware of ‘The Dragon’, then there is no shade of doubt that he also knows the former American wrestler Ricky Steamboat. Ricky began his career in the American Wrestling Association went passed Jim Crockett Production and finally reached World Wrestling Federation which remodeled as World Wrestling Entertainment.

Among various championship titles, he won the United States Heavyweight Champion four times and NWA Heavyweight World Champion once. To honor this eminent personality in 2009 wrestling world had included Steamboat in the WWE Hall of Fame. Though Steamboat has never been a great warrior in the mainstream that does not restrict him from earning huge recognitions.

One of the best babyfaces had earned fabulous wealth during his entire career. His accumulation of estimated net worth of 1 million dollars is no match to the acknowledgment and love that his fans and followers have poured on him.

Early life

Ricky Steamboat is Ricky Henry Bloodstream who was born on 28 February 1953 in the West Point, New York, United States of America. He was born with Pisces as his zodiac sign to a mixed ancestral family.

His father was an Englishman who married a Japanese lady. He grew up with his brother Vic Steamboat who later earned enough fame as a wrestler. He got into Boca Ciega Senior High school which is in Gulfport, Florida for his education. His interest in wrestling grew while he was there in his school. During this period he clinched New York Wrestling State Qualifier twice and also became a wrestling champion in his locality.


In 1976 he made his debut appearance in American Wrestling Association as Rick Blood. He participated in various minor championships in and around Florida for one or two years. He gained much fame when he was participating in the American Wrestling Association. Here from Steamboat got into the rings of Globe Wrestling Federation and Globe Championships Wrestling and proved his dexterity in wrestling.

After some time he got in contract with National Wrestling Alliance for eight years. But the real breakthrough came when Steamboat went in for a contract with World Wrestling Federation. His efficacy in wrestling had also been an appreciable feature of North American Wrestling Association, World Championship Wrestling, and New Japan Pro Wrestling.  In 1977 Steamboat went to taste his strength in the Jim Crockett Creation and remained there for eight years.

The world of wrestling would remember this blessed warrior because of his signature moves as Dropkick, Front Power Slam, and Arm Drag. His Diving Crossbody has made him very much popular in the wrestling circle. Till date, his feuds with Ric Flair is still considered as one of the best feuds ever. On 5th February 1989 Steamboat appeared against Flair and defeated him at Chi-Town Rumble to win the World Heavyweight Champion. Then in the Champions VI Steamboat came across Flair in which Flair emerged a winner after an intense fight, but the match is still remembered as the classic encounter of all time.

The major highlight of Steamboat wrestling career at WWE came when he came across Randy Savage in the WrestleMania III and defeated him to clinch the Intercontinental Title. This brawl is also rated high in the history of wrestling. It was a major win for Steamboat as Randy was ruling the ring during that period and everybody wished that with that win Steamboat would make a long-lasting effect in his career. After the big event of WrestleMania III Steamboat wanted to take an off from wrestling which Vince McMohan never appreciated and took back his title. Though he returned to the WrestleMania IV but failed in the first round and left WWE.

Personal life

Presently Steamboat stays with his wife Claudia Sobieski at Mooresville, New York City. He is the father of Richie Steamboat. Sometime he must be wondering why his personal life was not as smooth as his career. Before his relation with Claudia in 2004, the relations came and got broken.

As the life gathered momentum around his wrestling career Steamboat wanted to share this moment with his first love Maureen Muriel Powers. The steady steps of the wrestling ring stumbled before Maureen, and he wished to exchange rings and vows. The duo got married in 1977. Unfortunately, the relation did not last long, and two agreed to depart from each other in 1980.

Then in 1981, he married Debra who left him after four years. He wanted to rejuvenate his life again. In 1985 as he got married to Bonny Hastings which worked out well but with the call of destiny, the two hearts made the distance in 2003.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Ricky Henry Bloodstream

Date of Birth: 28 February 1953

Birth Place: West Point, New York, United States of America

Age: 64 Year Old

Profession: Wrestler

Height: 5 Feet 10 Inches / 1.78 m

Weight: 107 Kg / 235 lbs

Net worth: $1 Million