Rosa Acosta the dancer model belongs to the world of fitness as well. She belongs to the Dominican Republic. Walter Latham’s Comedy after Dark and Bird and straight from the Horse’s Mouth had given her fame.

She had quite a few awards for her voluptuous figure and had accumulated a good amount of money so far which comes around $450 thousand.

Early life

With a Latin ethnicity and Taurus Zodiac sign Rosa was born in Santiago, the Dominican Republic on 30th April 1984. DJ Smoke is her brother. She is into dancing from the early childhood; she was into ballet class at Centro de al Cultura when she was just a girl of four years. She has a Bachelor degree in Arts from e Ballet School of Norma Garcia.

She is a multi-talented lady having engagements in dancing, modeling, and acting. She is well recognized as a guide in the fitness training and a reality show personality. The Dominican has a special interest in various hats. On Twitter she described herself as Massage Therapist, Ballet Dancer, Scar Kisser, Elbow Lover, Midget hunter, Shower Opera Singer, Nippologist, even she had not stopped from calling herself as a future chef.

Her lascivious figure is common for some very popular fashion magazines. Being a regular star in some of the popular video songs and a reality show on television she had earned a huge popularity. She has various occupations, but her main focus is on the physical training. Instead of having wide acceptance and fame Rosa is still very much humble which add up to the gracious look and create a special corner in the heart of her fans throughout the globe.


Nothing comes in an easy way; everything that Rosa has earned today is because of her dedication and regular, sincere effort from the early childhood. She completed her training at ICA and Ballet School of Norma Gracia. By joining the Dominican National Ballet at the very early age, Rosa Acosta got her career started as ballet dancers. In 2002 she was the youngest soloist performer. With this outstanding performance, she got into the modeling world with the assignment of renowned DR Businesses.

The United States is the real dream for any performing artist, and she followed the same and reached America in 2006. Her performance back there in her country has created huge interest in the international arena of fashion as well. Then her name started spreading and very shortly most of the leading magazines in America approached her to be their part, to name few King, XXL, Smooth and Black men.

In the year 2009, she won ‘Eye Candy of the Year’ organized by XXL magazine through voting. The model was also felicitated by the Urban Model Award in 2010. From 2009 to 2012 she is perhaps considered to be the busiest model with various assignments from the leading media outlets.

It is very natural that success in the modeling world would automatically take her to the television industry and music videos. She came up with most appealing and charming beauty in Juelz Santana’s “Back to the Crib,” Drake’s “Best I Ever Had,” Mike Posner’s “Drug Dealer Girl.” The list is further augmented by Dey’s “I Need You,” Mario’s “Break Up,” Chris Brown’s “I Can Transform Ya,” Booba’s “Caesar Palace” and Harvey Stripes’s “Must be Money.”

As she has a keen interest in fitness training, she got into YouTube with the regular updates of videos of exercise and training to make the world well shaped as the model herself. In 2012 she inaugurated CossaMia which serves people with fitness training and clothing.

Personal life

The Dominican model has a brother who belongs to the world of entertainment is called by the name of DJ Smoke. It is coming up that the supreme dancer is now involved with French Montana, the American Hip Hop artist.

She still carries the same charming an sensuous beauty even in the thirties. “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” has been claimed to be her lover. Rob Kardashian was once into her life, and although the relationship did not last long, she got pregnant but unfortunately had a miscarriage.

Her performance with Nikki Mudarris while they were doing “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” raised eyebrows. Now her sexuality is under question. The two were involved in with too much of affection with kissing, cuddling, nuzzling and what not. Later she had also admitted that she had something to offer to the ladies. Might she is comfortable both with the men and ladies as well.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Rosa Acosta

Date of Birth: 30th April 1984

Birth Place: Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

Age: 33 Years

Profession: Model, Dancer, and a Fitness Trainer.

Height: 5 Feet 5 Inches

Weight: NA

Net worth: $450 thousand