The rapper, actor, and model hailing from the land of Ethiopia had become famous through her portfolio photoshoots being selected by the Black Men Magazine in the year 2006. She also made appearances in the Smooth Girl Magazine in the falling if the year 2006.

She came up to be the first international model residing in the D. C area and is also the co-founder of her company label titled Blue Rose Entertainment. Monroe’s net worth is evaluated somewhere around 600 thousand dollars.

Early life

Fershgenet Melaku is the birth name of Lola Monroe who was born on25th October 1986 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She grew up in Washington D. C. Her name shares a meaning of biblical illusion as Fershgenet means “the precious fruits of heaven” and the world Melaku means “angles of the heaven.” When she was only 12 years old, she got interested in writing poems and made music her part of life.

She was very good at the creation of heart rendering lyrics and selected the typical tunes to match her lyrics. She knew that she belonged to the developing country of Ethiopia and couldn’t felt much of the terrible conditions as her family was judicious enough to migrate to the city of Washington D.C for making their talented daughter prosper and get free from the shackles of abject poverty.

Her father started working in a well know insurance company and even took another part-time job as a computer technician of a local administered firm. Her mother was a simple housewife and devoted all her time to looking after her children. She grew up along with her two other siblings named Joelle and Jeslyn. Jeslyn has made his way through the real estate industries. She was a very serious student, and though interested in prospering with a modeling career she always tried to cross all the educational hurdles.

She had decided to spend her whole school life in a Catholic ambiance and also took the initiative to learn the basic gymnastics. She was good track runner and played for the national levels and was even selected for the school’s vibrant softball team. Primarily Lola proved a terrific national level player who even took the initiative to participate in the national championships.  She completed her schooling and went for getting enrolled in Baruch College, but never considered it a mandatory criterion to complete her graduate degree.


On being born in a family that is not sound financial, she might have been brought up in a small apartment, but the wheel of fortune has made the model come actress become the owner of some of the luxurious mansions. She has been highly successful in possessing the commercial properties. She has some of the branded and expensive cars that involved a lot of capital restaurant. She started with her modeling career in the year 2006 in some of the trusted urban journals. She was well known in the modeling industry by the name Angel Lola Love.

She appeared in Smooth Girl Magazine and the Black Men Magazine. Within some years she became an integral part of the high profile hip-hop personalities as 50 Cent, Buster Rhymes, and Kayne West. She was the first rapper from Washington D.C to be on the specific note.

In the year 2007, she declared her retirement from the profession of modeling. She started collaborating with the eminent rappers and started releasing the mixtapes one after the other. She went for releasing four nix tapes with unique titles like Boss Bitch’s World, Untouchables along with Boosie, Art of Motivation, Boss Bitch’s World II: Batteries not included.  She recently came up with Lipstick & Pistol. In the year 2012, Lola got recruited by Wiz Khalifa for joining the Taylor Gang movement, and she became the model portray woman power.  She became a core member of the associations dealing with human rights and started having a philanthropic approach toward life.  She even advocated for the right of the LGBT sector.

She acted as an active participant in Wendy William “Queen of Media” and also acted in the series of “Before I Self Destruct” where he portrayed the character named Mona. She played the character of Pier Angeliin “Crazy like a Fox.” She made a classic appearance in “Video Girl” as the character of Jessica. All through her career, she was compared to the legendary singer Marilyn Monroe. She came up with her debut album Licker.

In the year 2017, she starred in E! Reality television series titled “The Platinum Life” and provided her a boost in the net worth. Primarily she worked for the trusted brand names Miss V Family. She went for getting associated with Style Elite Talent Agency. She even went for launching some of the top rated videos. She was got booked by the famous Mike & Michelle Booking Agency for making a worldwide appearance and dealt with her outing widely. She went for serving the brand Miss V INC

Personal life

She has a controversial personal life and has many rumors in past life. She ones dated her co rapper Lil Boosie, but soon the couple broke up. Soon enough she got her next boyfriend King Los and is presently his wife today. On December 25th, 2012, Monroe announced expecting their first child. The couple became proud parents of their baby son Brixton Royal Coleman on March 12th in the year 2013.

Today Monroe is having a lot of money and leads a peaceful life along with her husband and son. She has earned enough throughout her life, and now she thinks of spending her entire within the warm cuddles of her son and undoubtedly knows the real meaning motherhood.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Fershgenet Melaku

Date of Birth: 25th October 1986

Birth Place: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Age: 32 Year Old

Profession: Rapper, Actress, Model

Height: 5 Feet 5 Inches / 1.65 m

Weight: 50 Kg / 110 Pounds

Net worth: $600 Thousand