If one is aware of ‘Dipset,’ the Hip Hop band of East Coast or an inevitable part of Us Now or the UN, then one must be knowing, the rapper Cam’ron. His distinct, challenging patterns in the raps with rhyme influenced by the street dialect had earned the appreciations by all the music lovers. He is also known by his signature color pink. His was hitting the rap world with his distinctive style of singing, but the real breakthrough came with his ‘Come Home with Me.’ The single of his third album took him to his highest rank on the Billboard chart.

To be more specific the album took him to the second rank on the Billboard 200. As far as the ‘Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums,’ the album reached the top rank. For the single ‘Oh Boy’ Cam’ron along with his ‘The Diplomats’ companion Juelz Santana credited for the nomination of Grammy Award in the category of ‘Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group.’ In all, he has been nominated for the Grammy twice consecutively in 2002 and again in 2003.

Apart from his rapping endeavor he had also appeared in the ‘Paid in Full’ movie in 2003. His debut film was a production of Damon Dash.  After this, his next major success came in with his DVD movie ‘Killa Season’ in 2006. Cam’ron released one album with the title of the movie. On the chart of the albums, Killa Season went up to the 2nd rank. As far as his personal life is concerned several times Cam’ron has been assaulted, but he came out of these incidents without any major injury. Cam’ron has involved with some feuds with his professional personalities as Jay-Z, 50 Cent and few more. But no one would deny the success of the eminent rapper who can act as well. To sum his success, his singing ability merged with acting had earned him quite handsomely throughout his career. So far Cam’ron had accumulated not less than 9 million dollars as his estimated net worth.

Camron is one of the most wanted rappers whose total sale of all records had gone beyond 5 million. Throughout his career Cam’ron got on with many alliances and feuds. It will not be unreasonable to state that Cam’ron has a clear concept of successful entrepreneurship.

Early life

Cam’ron was born as Cameron Ezike Giles on 4th February 1976 at the Harlem in New York City, United States of America. He has been looked after by the single mother, Fredericka Giles. After acquiring the primary education, he got into Manhattan Center to prone up Mathematics and Science. During his schooling days in Manhattan Center, he was acquainted with Jim Jones and Mason “Mase” Betha and a deep friendship developed between the boys.

He was not very attentive in his studies and henceforth did not make any progress in education. All his attention was fixed on the rapping world. He failed to graduate from his school and got into Navarro Junior College which is at Texas but did not feel like continuing with his studies and return to his place Harlem where he started drug peddling.


Realizing soon that this way he cannot achieve anything, he wanted to pursue a career in the rap world. Along with his close companions Mase, Big L, and Bloodshed who was his cousin, Cam’ron formed a band name ‘Children Of The Corn.’ But a sudden car accident of Bloodshed on 2nd March 1997 scattered all the members of the band. Cam’ron as others started seeking a career of his own. One day Mase introduced him to The Notorious Big who instantly convinced Lance “Un” Rivera, his partner, to sign Cam’ron with the Untertainment label.

After some month his first album with the title ‘Confessions of Fire’ was released which earned a gold certificate from RIAA. The debut album contained ‘Horse and Carriage,’ ‘3-5-7’ and some more good singles. The most important part of the release was that the rapper got international attention with its 6th rank on the Billboard 200. More than 500 thousand copies were sold. His musical career got the right momentum for which the rapper waited long.

After the release of his first album Cam’ron got introduced with Tommy Mottola. A contract was signed with the Sony/Epic Record, and the sophomore album with the title ‘Sports Drugs & Entertainment of S.D.E. was released in 2000. With the featuring of Juelz Santana, Destiny’s Child, Jim Jones, and more personalities the album got a high appreciation in the music world. With some mesmerizing tracks like ‘What Means The World To You,’ ‘Let Me Know’ and more, the album reached the second rank in the chart of the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

In 1997 along with Jim Jones he formed a group as ‘The Diplomats.’ In 2001 his hip-hop band entered into a contract with the Roc-A-Fella Records. He came in contact with the most important person whom the world knows as Jay Z. Next year with some excellent compositions as ‘Hey Ma,’ “Oh Boy’ and some more singles Cam’ron brought out his third album. In 2002 he was cast in a movie ‘Paid in full’, a Demon Dash production. In 2003 ‘The Diplomats’ released ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ which was their debut album and is featured by ‘Dipset Anthem’ and ‘I Mean It’ sang by Cam’ron. The album was honored by the god certificate. The very next year the band came up with another album as ‘Diplomatic Immunity 2’. The album got the gold certification but was considered as an average album. A year after Cam’ron showed his color affinity with his release of ‘Purple Haze.’

He was not convinced with the promotional aspect of the Roc-A-Fella Records in releasing his album and therefore withdrawn his name from the label. In 2005 he joined in Warner Music Group. He was assigned with the dual responsibility of bringing out the album ‘Killa Season’ and side by side took up the production of a movie under the same name which he wrote and directed. Some terrific songs have enriched the album which had been highly acknowledged by the music lovers all over. He also appeared in one important role of the film. The ‘Killa Season’ was released on 16th May 2006.

After some period from the Asylum/Diplomat records, he released another album ‘Crime Pays’ in 2009. The album contained the rare songs, past hits, and remixes. But only 150 thousand copies sold the album remained his lowest realizing album. Amazingly in the Billboard 200 reached the third rank but none of the singles met the expectation of any music lover.

During this period he realized that it is not as easy to take hold of the music world alone. The new group is to be formed, and the old feud has to be settled. He created ‘Dipset West’ in 2009 and along with this with Vado, a rapper; he formed Us Now or U.N. The two personalities joined in to release their duo album. In 2010 the pair released ‘Heat in Here Vol. 1’ and the following year they brought in another album titled “Gunz n’ Butta.” He settled the old disagreement with Jim Jones and other members of The Diplomats and planned for the new release which was long due. In 2012 in the album ‘ON.I.F.C.’ by Wiz Khalifa, he was featured in ‘The Bluff.’ He also appeared in another album ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ by Nicki Minaj for the song ‘I Am Your Leader.’ He collaborated with A-Trak in 2014 to release an EP ‘Federal Reserve’ which has his single ‘Dipshts.’

Personal life

In 2002 Cam’ron met Julliet C., and after some time the relation was romantically influenced. The carried the relation for quite some time finally it ended in 2017. He has a son named Cameron Ezike Giles Jr. Cam’ron is highly attached to his mother.

He stayed beside his mother while she was paralyzed by severe strokes. He took a complete leave from his professional assignment to cure his mother and rejoined after she recovered. In 2005 October he narrowly escaped a carjacking attempt on him, only got injured with a bullet in his arms.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Cameron Ezike Giles

Date of Birth: 4th February 1976

Birth Place: Harlem, New York City, United States of America

Age: 42 Year Old

Profession: Rapper, Actor, Business Entrepreneur

Height: 6 Feet 1 Inch / 185 cm

Weight: 80 Kg / 176 Pounds

Net worth: $9 Million