There can be no denial from any human eye that one has not praised the beauty. But very seldom one would come across who makes your beautiful. If you are searching one such creator, he is Manny Mua.

He has been learning this art from his early childhood and now applying by his expertise and experience to the world. The tremendous passion has created the outstanding career of the exemplary youth. Manny never understood why men would not apply cosmetic colors on the face. He had never appreciated the discrimination ok make-up kit between ladies and their counterparts.

All his efforts, be it on the YouTube or the video blogs or the personal efforts of a makeup artist is to make people beautiful. He has earned enough fame by his tutorials of make-ups and reviews about the recent trends in the world of fashion.

He has an amazing number of followers in the prominent social media addresses. One of the prominent cosmetic company Maybelline has endorsed his endeavor by making him the only male ambassador for their brand. Manny is the only male person who had been appreciated through the Most Beautiful List of People’s Magazine. It is really a tough job to make an estimation of Manny’s earning but can be easily felt that he earns quite handsomely. You can never pay an art reasonably, but still, so far he has accumulated $350 thousand of net worth.

Early life

Manny is actually Manuel Guterriez and was born on 4th April 1991. He was born in San Diego, Southern California, and the United States of America. Actually, Manny was named after his father who was called as Manny Guterriez Sr. Manny has two siblings who are his brothers Nick and Aaron. Manny in his early childhood has watched deeply how his mother applies make-ups before the mirror. The reflection of such daily practice has deep into his way of life.

He preferred than in his schooling days to be with the girls instead of the boys. No one had noticed the significance of such different behavior as Manny was doing very well in his studies what is expected in a well to do educated family. When felt by the family he was then a teenage of seventeen, and further treatment was stopped by his supportive parents as the psychological suggestions were creating an adverse effect on Manny. His aspiration once to be in the medical field with the encouragement and support of his family had taken him to the benches of a premium medical college in the United States.


Manny had given up the idea of becoming a medical practitioner and treat his patients rather he preferred the desks of salons to give beauty treatments to his clients. From his early teenage days, a genuine interest regarding beauty is growing highly in Manny’s heart. In fact, he started working during this period in the counters of some prominent saloons as Mac and Sepora in San Diego. He came across Patrick Simondac who is beauty star of Instagram.

On the suggestion of Patrick, the young Manny understood that the social media is the best possible medium to make the world aware of his caliber. Sharing the same platforms both are very good friends to date. Manny soon started uploading his videos on the YouTube, and within few months his channel started getting good response particularly from the young generation of his time.

Manny now has his own channel by the name of MannyMua733 which supports the fashion enthusiasts with various makeup tips. The channel in addition to the make-up tips started featuring the reviews of recent times popular fashion trends. Realizing the effectiveness of social media with a tremendous response as subscribers Manny started associating with other sites like Instagram and Twitter. His YouTube channel has created more than 3 million subscribers with further followers of more than 4 million in Instagram and 508k of followers on Twitter.

Manny perceived he has more potential left to deliver and felt the benefits of associating with other personalities in the same line of endeavor. He got associated with Jaclyn Hill who has a massive fan base in the YouTube with his suggestions is a well-known figure as a beauty and fashion blogger. The two beauty icons joint hand to form ‘New Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette – Tutorial & My Opinion.’ The joint venture was propitious and brought enough pecuniary potency. The intensity of followers had gone so high that various companies soon realized the advantage of putting their advertisement on these channels.

Personal life

Because of his distinguished orientation, Manny has the mannerism of any lady whose focus of life primarily rovers around the beauty of oneself and around. Manny’s family found their boy to be gay when he was at his teenage. As Manny was growing all through his childhood with the attitudes of a girl at some advanced age, he has fallen in love as a girl would do.

Although there is no revelation on his part about any relationship so far his few acts in the past suggest for a secret relation of his kind. Danny Noriega is the role model of Manny. Manny has a tremendous liking for acting.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Manuel Gutierrez

Date of Birth: 4th April 1991

Birth Place: San Diego, Southern California, United States of America

Age: 26 Years

Profession: Make-up Artist

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $350,000 dollars