A very much outgoing and an extrovert character who had used the social media to earn and make herself famous. Many followers wait for her updates, and over 2 lakhs viewers eagerly hang around for Snapchat stories.

With her bare and twerking videos on YouTube, she has created quite a number of subscribers round about 1.1 million. By creating a huge sensation professionally, she has earned a good amount of money which comes around half million dollars.

Early life

She was born in Miami, Florida of United States of America on 29th November 1995. She had passed her childhood along with parents and siblings in Florida.

After the primary level education and schooling, she had enrolled in the Arizona State University and then gathered a degree in International Affairs from Florida State University. While in school she took the side of both Republic and Democrats to enjoy the profuse arguments between the two. She also played rugby in her school days.

The slim blonde haired Sagittarian is a former live streamer and a passionate internet figure. When she was just 18, she got into the arena of social media and got addicted. She regularly posted videos where she is dressed scantily.

She began availing Twitter from 2013. She used to shot herself in two pieces to post on Twitter and Instagram. To become a more talked about personality of her area recently, she had started posing simply bare in front of the camera. The videos were too much provocative and the live streaming on Twitch was soon imposed a ban on her display which perhaps belongs a particular segment.


Nowadays she is quite easily viewed in Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. By invoking the basic instinct with her bare and nude display in the videos she a gathered quite a number of followers of particular taste. She perhaps tries by all mean of the lusty and sensuous display to impress the followers.

The rumor broke off that she will bring all girls under a professional escort team. Later she accepted. Twitch banned her four times, and Fox TV has filed a case for violating ‘Zoidberg Nation overlay’ on her videos.

Actually, Fox TV’s reputation comes under question as the viewer might think that company is sponsoring her activities. She said that some co-star had secretly taken the snap, but with the utter surprise of everyone, she posted her bare photo shots herself.

Many do not like the attitude; nothing is perhaps wrong only that it should be straight and should not be fabricated. But this should go on, and she should be the talk of the town. She also engages herself in some online games but there too her preference is only bikinis which facilitate lusty display while she keeps busy in playing the game. Her exotic and seductive pictures have been very accepted by the viewers of nude videos.

One thing should not miss out is that she had been one of the contestants among the finalist in Miss Coed 2016. When interviewed she expressed that she even if not perfect but still don’t want to bog down herself with the remarks of the world which is definitely a lesson for any enthusiasts who wants to earn fame and money.

Personal life

There is hardly anything personal in Zoie’s life. She had never claimed anyone to be her boyfriend, or nothing had come up in the media or otherwise that she is into some affair with anybody in the world of media or web. She is very much fascinated to visit different places and make parties with her companions. She desires most to travel to Auckland which engages her to be reminiscent the past days.

Her hot and provocative tall and slim figures with dazzling dark eyes sight have enough strength to sway the intention of many, and she had created a good number of followers in her favor. A student who had chosen International Affairs as the subject how turns into a nude performer remains a mystery.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Zoie Burgher

Date of Birth: 29th November 1995

Birth Place: Miami, Florida, United States

Age: 22 Years

Profession: You tuber and gamer

Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches / 1.72 m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $135000