EvanTubeHD is a boy of hardy 11 years of age is an excellent YouTuber who manages three YouTube channel at a time. His parent is quite supportive of providing him assistance with his work , as being a school goer it is very difficult for him to manage his YouTube updates.

In this channel, the viewers can get the reviews of toy videos, several video games, challenges, about science and detail information about the animal kingdom. At such a young age Evan has learned the strategies of time management and is quite successful with his YouTube channels. Evan Tube HD’s net worth is estimated somewhere around $1.3 million.

Early life

Evan is a Sagittarian cute YouTube star from the city of America who was born in the on December 6th, 2005. Born in Pennsylvania, United States of America, Evan was brought up with his younger sister Jillian and also involved her in making the videos.  He was born to parent Jared and Alisa in the year 2005. Actually, Evan’s father was the main initiator behind creating the three channels on YouTube. Evan had a love for toys, and this made his father make a channel that can feature his toy videos to get subscribed.

This little You Tuber has an excellent future ahead as he is fortunate to be supported by his parents. He is the boy who is simple by nature and has a way ahead to prosper. Evan’s toy videos on YouTube has over 5.5 million subscribers in his Instagram is having subscribers almost counted to 183k.


The three channels that are operated by his father are EvanTubeRaw, EvanTubeD and EvanTube Gaming. The first video that got uploaded in the YouTube Channel was the based on the angry bird “Angry Bird Stop Motion.” The two most viewed videos that were uploaded to the channel were “Angry Birds Space Softeedough, World’s Largest Gummy Worm vs. Kid and Epic Squash. This small little YouTuber has started off with a gaming career, and this has made him face problem managing his academic career. He often has to make an appearance on the reality shows.

He is having high counts of views reaching almost a count of 5.5 million from the three YouTube channels, and the two most-watched videos have reached a counter of 183 k subscribers. In such a small life span till date, this boy has made people know his occupation as a You Tuber. This can be considered as the greatest achievement within such short span.

Even his sister Jillian has an immense contribution to making his YouTube videos as she has appeared in some of them. Her father remains quite busy with his own professional schedules but still finds enough time to make the required arrangement for his  son Evan’s YouTube channel.

He makes the regular updates that are required to make the success in his career. Evan’s father Jared is quite supportive and never thinks that is not the child is not capable of proceeding with his business but he understands that it is only possible for a child of 11 years to manage three channels at the same time. Probably he is just waiting for his child to excel a bit with his academic career and then would hand over the business to his able child Evans Tube.

Personal life

The boy of Pennsylvania has not reached the age to have a personal life. Her personal life is now presented is based on his family consisting of his parents Jerad and Alisa and a supportive sister Jillian who has immensely helped Evan in making his toy videos.

The subscribers of the channels may not know that Evans family is so much involved in updating the channels by uploading the videos but people know Evan personally surely knows about the fabulous family collaboration. The family has understood that their child is heaped with talents and so they are waiting for the flower to blossom.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Evan Tube HD

Date of Birth: 6TH December 2005

Birth Place: Pennsylvania, United States of America

Age: 12 years

Profession: YouTuber

Height: 4 feet.

Weight: 22 kg, 33 pound

Net worth: $ 1.3 million.