Marla Maples is an American TV personality, actress and socialite. She is best known for her marriage with, the current president elect of the US, Donald Trump.

Her estimated net worth is around 30$ million.

Early life

Marla Ann Maples was born on October 27, 1963 in Georgia. Her mother, much like herself, was a model and a stay-at-home mom. Her father was a real-estate developer.

Marla was the Homecoming Queen of the Northwest Whitfield High School. Marla was probably most famous for her relationship and marriage with Donald Trump, whom she met in 1989. Their relationship became a newspaper headline because of their love-affair that ended in marriage.

The couple has one daughter and the marriage only lasted for couple of years. After her marriage she focused on her television and acting career.

Movie and TV career

Most of Marla’s income comes from acting roles and TV appearances. She continued working since the nineties and is still a familiar face on our TV screens.

Marla appeared in many movies during nineties. Most of her appearances were smaller roles in movies like Maximum Overdrive, Two of Hearts, Something Wilder and many others.

Her latest movie project was the movie Switching Lanes for which she received a Feature Film Silver Award on the Christian Film Festival.

Her first TV appearance was in the WWF in 1991. She appeared as a special guest of the WrestleMania. Since then she appeared in Designing Women and Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Marla also appeared in The nanny and several other TV shows and cameos.

Many have wondered for years where she is and what is going on in her life after her famous marriage and even more famous divorce.

She appeared on dancing show competition where she showed her dancing talent among many others. She also appeared as a guest host on several TV shows.

She never had any bigger roles during her career, she took her acting career seriously and even performed on Broadway. She acted in Love, Loss and What I wore and also The Will Rogers Follies.

Music and radio career

Marla’s career has been very diverse, and she even hosted her own radio talk show. Her guests included various doctors, astrologers and the theme of the show was health and wellness.

Her album Endless was, again, a great way to show of her musical talent. The songs are meant for meditation and yoga.

Other projects

Part of her income comes from a line of clothes that she created in 1990. The clothes line was meant for expecting mothers and it was sold in few department stores.

Marla even planned to publish a book but in 2002 the publisher announced that the book publishing was canceled by mutual consent with the writer. Book was meant to be in the form of memoirs but as it seems, we won’t be able to read it just yet.

Private life

After her marriage with Donald Trump that lasted for several years, Marla hasn’t been married since. From the marriage with Donald, she has one daughter, Tiffany.

Both her and her daughter have similar interests and believe in fitness and wellness lifestyle. Marla is a spokesperson for healthy living and eating, and her advice for everyone is to listen to their bodies. She eats organic food and practices yoga and meditation.

Her album that came out in 2013, was dedicated to meditation and yoga and represented her current life completely.

The Tiffany Company building was named after hers and Donald’s daughter, Tiffany. During the 2016 Presidential election, Marla supported her ex-husband together with their daughter Tiffany. The former spouses remained friends after the divorce.

In 2016 she came in to the spotlight once again because of her past. The media was obsessed with his presidential candidacy and all of his history was once again interesting to the public.

Even though she is best known for her marriage with Donald, Marla worked hard to make a name for herself and she certainly showed her talent throughout the years.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Marla Ann Maples

Date of Birth: October 27, 1963

Birth Place: Georgia, USA

Age: 53 years

Profession: socialite, actress, TV personality

Height: 1.73 m

Weight: 57 kg

Net worth: 8$ million