Murdock is a renowned American televangelist, Christian singer, songwriter, and priest. He is associated with the Wisdom Center situated in Haltom City, Texas as a priest.

His preaching is very well recognized throughout the globe. His net worth has been calculated, to sum up to $6 million. His annual salary is $200,000.

Early Life

Mike Murdock was born as Michael Dean Murdock on April 18th 1946 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. His parents are J.E. Murdock and Willie Murdock. He has one sister named Deborah Murdock-Johnson.

Murdock graduated high school from LaGrange High School, Lake Charles in 1964. After that, he pursued his bachelor’s degree from Southwestern Assemblies of God University, situated in Waxahachie, Texas, but in 1966 he dropped out after three semesters. In 1989, Murdock received an honorary doctorate from Florida’s International Seminary.

In 1966, Mike Murdock got married to a woman named Linda Lormand. The pair adopted a child named Jason. However, after 13 years of marriage, the couple got divorced in 1979. Linda Lormand received Jason’s custody after the divorce was finalized.


Mike Murdock is an American songwriter, contemporary Christian singer and a pastor who is also a televangelist. His preaching on prosperity theology has made him a face of recognition all over the world.

Preceding his divorce with Linda Lormand, Murdock situated the Mike Murdock Evangelistic Association in 1973 that started preaching and hosting fundraisers all over the country.

Murdock gained prominence in 1989 as a pastor of The PTL Club when he requested his viewers to step forward and Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker who claimed that they help fix broken and failed marriages. However, The PTL Club afterward announced that the claimed were fraudulent which let to arrest and imprisonment of Bakker due to bankruptcy.

In 1999, it was reported by the Fort Worth StarTelegram­ that apparently Mike Murdock has refused to the repeated requests for interviews and has declined to answer any questions regarding the fraudulent case and the involvement of money.

A few years later, in 2003, Fort Worth StarTelegram­ started a series which ran to show Murdock’s involvement in raising and donating money to selected family members from his association board. In March 2003, the Associated Press reported that Murdock urged his followers for donating money to help the poor but apparently about 60% of the money was spent away, and very little was donated to the needy or any proper social cause.

It was reported in 2004 that Mike Murdock had started a church. It was also stated by the Fort Worth StarTelegram­ that the laws abiding in such situations would help him to keep his earnings and worth under the curtain. In late 2004, Murdock’s association owned the rights of International Faith Centre, Haltom City, Texas and renamed the place as The Wisdom Center.

It was reported in 2012 that Murdock’s residence cost a whopping sum of $1.5 million when the property went up for sale. The vast property was spread over 9,943 sq. ft. and had a built-in wine cooler. As of public records, Murdock also owned the property of 2013 Whitebridge Rd.

As a televangelist, Mike Murdock has made an appearance on various television networks, including CBN, TBN, INSP, BET, WORD, and Daystar Television Network. He has his own television program with the name ‘Wisdom Keys with Mike Murdock.’ Mike Murdock is also among the Founding trustees of Board of International Charismatic Ministries.

Mike Murdock actively preaches along with David Cerullo and Benny Hinn.

As per the records of Fort Worth, StarTelegram­ Mike Murdock has apparently listed 76 songs in alliance with American Society of Composers, Publishers, and Authors.

Mike Murdock’s net worth has come under scrutiny many times. His fame as a televangelist has made him a very rich person, as we know his worth to be assimilated around $6million US dollars. All the donations and proceeding and every bit of money regarding him is pretty much tax-free because they are going in as contribution for the welfare of various churches and non-profit organizations. His Wisdom Centre ministry is reaching new heights every day.

Personal Life

Mike Murdock married Linda Lormand in 1966. The couple adopted a son named Jason. In 1979, the couple separated, and their divorce was finalized by the end of 1979. After the divorce, Lormand received the custody of their son. It was reported that Linda Lormand found it difficult to support the child.

Murdock’s net worth is highly influenced by his properties. In 2013, his property with 25 rooms and spread over 6.89 acres was sold at a high price of $2.7 million.

Quick Summary

Name: Michael Dean ‘Mike’ Murdoch

Date of Birth: April 18th, 1946

Birth Place: Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA

Age: 71 years

Profession: Songwriter, Pastor, Contemporary Christian singer

Height: 1.79 m

Weight: 72 kg

Net worth: $6 million