A son of a boxing champion, Max Baer Jr is internationally known movie star, being also a successful screenwriter, producer and director.

His talents earned him great appreciation of entertainment industry realm and audiences over the planet. Max Baer is best known for his big screen appearances and television series roles.

Probably one of his most loved roles was the one of Jethro Bodine in “Beverly Hillbillies”.

This well-known actor is the last alive person from the original cast of the series and one of Elvis Presley’s friends.

Famous American actor of Jewish, Scottish and Irish origins inherited from his father made his first professional on screen appearances at Warner Bros production company.

He starred in television series such as “Maverick”, “Hawaiian Eye”, “77 Sunset Strip” and several more popular titles.

His role in “Beverly Hillbillies” made him well known face in households all over the States.

He is also known for movies such as “Vacation Playhouse”, “American Style” and “Time for Killing”. Baer made significant achievements in production, directing and screenwriting works, as well.

Max Baer Jr is also known for his investments in gambling industry. He started to deal with casino projects in mid 80s.

Having noticed the jackpot winning connection between famed filming locations and other sorts of entertainment and tourism industry, Baer came to an idea to make use of “Beverly Hillbillies” popularity and transfer it into casino business.

By the end of 90s, Baer has produced sixty five “Beverly Hillbillies” slot machines that were placed in ten casinos.

According to his partner, the total cost of obtaining right from the series production and developing the plan was $1 million.

His latest projects concerns building of a “Beverly Hillbillies” themed casino and hotel in Nevada.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Maximilian Adalbert Baer Jr

Date of Birth: December 4th 1937

Birth Place: Oakland, California, United States

Age: 78

Profession: Actor, producer, screenwriter, director

Height: 6ft 4in (1.93 m)

Weight: /

Net Worth: $50 million

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