Andy Lau is one of the most internationally popular Hong Kong stars. He is a successful singer, songwriter, presenter and movie producer. Lau stands for one of the most notable Chinese stars.

Over the years, he has managed to maintain his successes, in both music industry and the world of movie magic.

According to reports, Andy Lau has appeared in more than 160 film titles.

He is known for numerous big screen roles, such as his appearances in “Lost and Lonely”, “Firestorm”, “Blind Detective”, “Cold War”, “A Simple Life”, “What Women Want” and many more.

Famous Andy stands for one of the most popular Asian celebrities, known for his achievements as a singer and his incredible movie performances. Lau was born in Tai Po, Hong Kong, September 27th 1961.

He grew up in extremely tough circumstances of a poor living area. No matter of a difficult living conditions and poor finances, his parents were quite supportive of young Andy’s education.

He did well in school and studied acting and martial arts.

Having stepped on his path to fame in 80s, Lau made his entertainment industry breakthrough in 90s.

He is known for numerous movie titles from various genres, such as “The Last Blood and the Savior of the Soul”, “Tricky Brains”, “Casino Raiders”, “Running Out of Time” and a lot more.

Andy is known to be extremely dedicated to his work. Alongside acting, he has been maintaining his singing career, frequently mixing the two and recording songs for the movies he starred in.

Despite of being one of the most popular and the richest Asian actors, Andy Lau is a sort of an enigma when it comes to his personal life.

Lau has been associated with numerous of his female co-stars, but he got married in 2008.

He is known to be a great fan of “Die Hard” and “Ultraman” Japanese series and a passionate collector of products associated with those two.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Andy Lau Tak-wah

Date of Birth: September 27th 1961

Birth Place: Tai Po, Hong Kong

Age: 58

Profession: Singer, actor, producer

Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.75 m)

Weight: 65kg

Net Worth: $96.5 million