Megyn Kelly is an American journalist and news anchor. Even thoughshe is an attorney, her love for journalism has prevailed.

Megyn’s estimated net worth is around 15$ million and growing.

Early life

Megyn Marie Kelly was born on November 18, 1970 in Syracuse, New York. Her father had the biggest influence on her. He taught at the State University of New York. After finishing high school, she decided to get a degree in political science, and few years after graduating from Syracuse University, she got her J.D. in 1995.

Her father died when she was only 15 years old.

Law and television career

Megyn Kelly is one of the richest people in United States with a career in journalism and politics and law. She is one of the rare who managed to transform her career from one field to another, and still keep them connected.

After getting her Law degree, Megyn began working in an office of the Bickel and Brewer LLP. After few years working in an office, she decided it was time to focus on something more true to her. She moved to Washington D.C. and got a job in WJLA-TV channel.

Megyn showed extreme talent as a reporter and soon she started getting more serious job offers. Fox News Channel hired her as a member of their staff and we mostly recognize her face from this TV channel.

Megyn uses her knowledge in law and politics for her journalism career as well. She works as a Fox Channel political commentator. She also has her own show called The Kelly File. Her show presents a highly informational insight to current political situation and it is praised both by audience and the critics.

She started her career as an America Live host and soon moved on to something more familiar to her, and that was politics. Together with Bill Hemmer, she hosted New Year’s Eve Special until 2012.

Due to her knowledge and education, her opinions are highly appreciated by the audience and other experts as well. Her broadcasting and reporting career has also been highly praised by many and she will surely stick around for a long time.

She was even named one of the 100 most influential people in 2014. Most of her income comes from her on-screen work and appearance.

Writing career

In the beginning of this year, Megyn signed an agreement to write her first book. The book is an autobiography that tells about her early life and lesser known facts about her private life and childhood. The book is called Settle for More.

Donald Trump supporters didn’t like the idea of Megyn writing a book, so they tried to downgrade her book and her success. Megyn spoke openly about the Trump campaign. She wasn’t a supporter and by giving her honest opinion she attracted, Trump supporters, attention to herself and her book.

Private life

Megyn has been married two times. Her first marriage was with Daniel Kendall but the romance only lasted for 5 years. Her second marriage (present marriage) is with Douglas Brunt. Her husband is a CEO of Authentium and since recently, he became a full-time novel writer.

Together with Brunt, Megyn has three children and balances well her private life and her career. Being a successful woman and taking care of big family is a 24/7 job.

Even though she is a political commentator, she chooses not to take sides and has voted in the past for both parties. Her religious views are not often a subject of talking, but she has stated that she is Catholic.

Megyn Kelly is not only smart and influential she is also known for her good looks. Megyn’s charm lies in her quick wit and her extreme confidence.

She never holds back on her comments and often delivers her confident opinion with a smile. Even though she attracted many enemies by speaking her mind that never distracted her. Her self-confidence is not only present in her on screen appearance, but also in her career and professional life.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Megyn Marie Kelly

Date of Birth: November 18, 1970

Birth Place: Syracuse, New York

Age: 46 years

Profession: Attorney, News anchor, Political commentator, Journalist

Height: 1.67 m

Weight: 58 kg

Net worth: 15$ million