Adrienne Janic, also called AJ sometimes, is an actress that comes from the United States, but has many different origins. She is also a model and a host and is known for her beautiful looks.

Early life:

Adrienne was born on July 25th, 1974 in Whittier in California in United States. She was born and lives in America, but has both Serbian and Mexican descents which makes her part latino.

Her father was from Yugoslavia (a pact country that consisted of Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro and more republics) and her mother was Mexican. However, they never had a single problem with understanding each other and therefore they raised Janic in a peaceful environment.

They always supported her when she wanted to perform. She was an entertainer since she was really small and she was one of the popular kids of the Pioneer High School. She graduated at the same school.

After graduation she enrolled the Rio Hondo Community College in Whittier in California where she earned her degree in communication and theater. She was working all through her education.

Career development:

Adrienne got famous after working as a TV host but is also a known model because of her beauty.

She signed her first modelling contract with FORD Modelling Agency. It was during her college years. That gave her the opportunity to travel arround the world and see many countries such as Japan, and South Africa and she also visited Italy, Greece, Spain and many more. She especially loved South Africa, where she went cage diving, along with Great White Sharks which was her greatest adventure. It was an amazing experience for her and she felt great because of it. She said that she can never be thankful enough for these early opportunities since they gave a boost to her career.

Although she was mostly known for her Fantana soda advert she also modelled for Hewlett Packard, Lee Jeans, Bausch and Lomb. These girls all later became models, hosts or some type of TV stars.

She appeared on numerous magazine covers such as covers of Maxim, Cosmopolitan and Beverly Hills Magazine. She hosted numerous events and was called to model on many openings and celebrations. People usually remember her for her beauty and for how likeable she is.

Her first job was co-hosting a show on TLC called Overhaulin’. It was a show about cars and mostly considered to be a reality TV series.

She then worked as a host of Hot Import Nights in 2008 and it was a similar show to the previous one. This one, however, wasn’t on TLC. It was a show by the Speed Channel.

During September of 2015, it was presented to the nation that she will be a host of a new Velocity TV show called Competition Ready. By her side was Mike Phillips, a famous host in this niche, of Autogeek.

Because of her beauty, she has been casted in many TV series too. Several movies she was in were the National Lampoon’s Cattle Call (from 2006), N.B.T (from 2003), Choker (from 2005), Stiletto (from 2008). She says that acting was one of her favorite hobbies back in her early career.

She also starred in many TV series such as Angel, Undressed, Oliver Beene, Complete Savages, House, Kitchen Confidential. However, none of her roles were really significant. They were all minor roles of her playing a beautiful woman, a seducing woman, an angelic woman and so on.

During the period between 2004 and 2006, she became a part of a group called Fantanas. They were promotional models that were sponsored by Fanta to make the brand seem more appealing.

In 2009, she worked to host for the AbRocket Fat Blasting System. She met a co-worker there, Tinker Keck. They were good friends for some time after this campaign finished.

Personal life:

Adrienne is in a happy marriage with a man she met during her career development. His name is Bud Brutsman and he is a video producer and a TV producer who spotted her at one of their filmings.

However, there were rumours that their marriage isn’t going so well. The problem lays in the fact that her husband is a very busy man who has to commit to work more than he has to spend time with her. On the other side, he claims that she lost the spark that they had.

They have a daughter together and Adrienne often talks about how he doesn’t spend enough time with her. However, peopple cannot be sure are these just her ways.

Others say that Janic actually married him for money. Her net worth isn’t measurable to his net worth of $20 million. Media loves to speculate about their current relationship status.

Quick summary

Full name: Adrienne Janic

Date of birth: July 25th, 1974

Birthplace: Whittier, US

Age: 43

Profession: actress, host, model

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 57 kg

Net Worth: $1 million