Melanie Adele Martinez popularly known as Melanie Martinez is a rising music talent, originally from the United States of America.

Early Life

Melanie Martinez’s birthplace was Astoria Queens on April 28, 1995. Her parents belonged to Dominican and Puerto Rican descent. While taking nationality into concern, Melanie Martinez is American, and if ethnicity is taken into consideration, she is a half way between Dominican and Puerto Rican. According to reports, it is said that her family had migrated to Baldwin situated in New York on Long Island.

During this migration, Melanie Martinez was only four years old and had faced few difficulties also, especially in adapting to the new place and new people around. Melanie, all throughout her childhood listened to the songs which her father played like that of some hip hop numbers, Beatles’ songs. This listening to various musical numbers inspired her and thereby, she aspired to be a famous singer from a very young age.

Melanie’s schooling was done from the Plaza Elementary School. There one of the teachers named Mr.Nadien is responsible for making her aware to the musical world by providing her lessons on singing as well as taught her on how to write poems. In one of the interviews, Melanie has expressed her state of mind during childhood years and thus stated that she was a lonely child, with no friends around and lived an isolated school life. Therefore, she mentions her growing journey to be an emotional and traumatic one, with much loneliness and depression.

Later, Melanie had to join the school at Baldwin named ‘Baldwin High School.’ She learned how to play guitar all by herself, just by learning the diagrams of the chords, when she was only 14 years old. She was also the winner of one of the talent shows that was held at Baldwin High School, during her sophomore year when she was 16 years old.


She is said to be a multi-talented figure being a singer, music director, a song writer as well as an amazing photographer. She has stepped into the fame since her participation in the American Television talent show entitled as “The Voice.” He was a part of the team that belonged to Adam Levine in the third season of the reality show.

Melanie Martinez was made known to the public through her appearance as a participant in ‘The Voice’ which is an American TV reality show. The very first performance of her on this platform got her selected for the final show.

She has performed the song ‘Toxic’ which impressed Britney Spears, and thus, she got selected by her. Melanie, though was one of the best singers of the show, could not manage to win the title. She pulled her way to the top 6 finalists of the show and then got eliminated out of the show in the fifth week during the live show.

Though she got eliminated from the show, it did not stop her from achieving popularity through her musical talent. Melanie continued to create her own music all by herself. She independently released her entitled as ‘EP Dollhouse’ during 2014.

This debut video of Melanie fetched over 35 million views on social media platforms, YouTube to be specific. In the same year of 2014, she declared to have got a contract signed with the renowned Atlantic Records and was supposed to go on the tour immediately after this deal.

A year later in 2015, Melanie then got her debut album named ‘Cry Baby’ released. The song ‘Pity Party’ which is a single from the album got released on 2nd June 2015 as claimed by the music critics.

Personal life

Melanie Martinez currently is of 22 years old and is unmarried. As per reports, she is said to have been dating the music producer named Michael Keenan at present. She gave the confirmation of her relationship on her Twitter account on 14th February 2016 by posting their picture together.

Her boyfriend, Michael is quite a famous music producer, and both of them  are together for years now. She also spoke about her unhappy past relationship which got her mentally broken because of the separation.

Melanie many times revealed her admiration for Rihanna and therefore, considers herself as one of Rihanna’s greatest fans. In one of the interviews, she revealed humorously that she still owns a baby teeth being 21 years old.

Quick Summary

Full name: Melanie Adele Martinez

Date of birth: 1995, April 28

Birth place: Astoria, Queens, New York, U.S.

Age: 22 years old

Profession: Singer; songwriter; music video director and photographer

Height: 5 feet 2in (157 cm)

Weight: 110 lbs (50kg)

Net worth: $1 million