Chiddy Bang is an eminent Hip-Hop band which hails from the land of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. The band consists of the people who are known by their stage names especially. Chiddy Bang is his stage name, and Chiddy Bang knows him is an American rapper whose name had been listed in the musical segment of the Guinness Book of World Record for freestyle rap for the longest time.

In the initial years, the group got started by a former alumni member of the band Zachary Sewall back in the year 2008, when the two friends were in their college days at the Drexel University situated in Noah’s hometown, Philadelphia. The music group got its production unit managed by the Parlophone and the famous Capitol records. The net worth of this American band is somewhere around 5 million dollars.

Early life

Chidera Anamege was born on 21st February 1987 and was raised in New Jersey, United States of America. He has been known for his immense aptitude for being a fabulous and prominent freestyle rapper.

He grew up with his five siblings. Chiddy was perhaps born in Nigeria, somewhere around Umunumo and later moved with his family to the United States. Life was tough for his family during early part of his life. The family was struggling hard and felt the urgency of migrating towards the American soil. After the migration, it was easily understandable that how the family had been beleaguered in the initial stages.

Chiddy was a son of high spirited parents who had left no stone unturned to look after their children. His mother worked hard as a librarian and then became a nurse to support her family. His father also worked hard at some food company. During her mother job as librarian Chiddy got a scholarship and went to East Coast Secondary School which is a prestigious academic institution.

The sacrifice of his parents had left a long-lasting effect on Chiddy’s entire life. In later stages, while growing, he booked time at studios for recordings instead of investing in cars and jewelry.

After completing his schooling, Chiddy went into getting enrolled in the Drexel University. During his college days Chiddy got acquainted with Zachary Sewall who launched Chiddy along with Noah Beresin, the friends got popular by their stage as Chiddy Bang and Xaphoon Jones respectively. They thought of proceeding with this new venture. Chiddy was a unique fusion of Radiohead, Ellie Goulding, Sufjan Stevens and some more with the hip-hop genre.


A fantastic musical journey had started with Xaphoon Jones. In February 2009 the two came out with ‘Pretty Much Amazing’ and four more songs which they sang together and released from the Myspace.

The wave of hip-hop was going through the campus of various colleges, and in that period the duo gave an outstanding performance at Swarthmore College. Each day Chiddy was moving high in popularity with his friend. They wanted to bring forth some new musical composition, and after some days the duo launched ‘The Swelly Express,’ which was their debut mixtape. The composition surged a high appreciation from the followers of, and big companies started recognition the gifted talent of the pair. iTune marched ahead and took the credit for releasing the hit mixtape. The two friends were encouraged enough to come out with another composition, this time a mini-mixtape titled ‘Air Swell.’

They became so popular that they were invited for an appearance in video games as “Mind Your Manners,” “Here We Go” and few more. During this time Chiddy released his solo “Shine” and “Happening” which were featured in the movies. Parlophone/EMI of UK got into an agreement with them to release an album. Soon after Chiddy and Noah released another mixtape titled ‘Peanut Butter and Swelly.’

In 2010 an electrifying performance was given by them at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The pair gave some outstanding stage performance in front of massive fan and followers in different colleges and programs. Finally, the two souls departed in 2013. After getting away from Noah, Chiddy released “Breathe,” “HeartBeat” and composed “Baggage Claim.”

Personal life

Chiddy is a very private man who loves to keep his personal life beyond the public domain. Or perhaps his childhood upbringing had made him more focused on his career rather than wandering in the life of chances particularly after his friend Noah parted away.

Chiddy gave an unbelievable freestyle performance for over 9 hours which earned him Longest Freestyle Rap and Longest Marathon Rapping Record under Guinness World Record. In NBA 2K12 his song “Here We Go” had been featured. In 2016 the North American team played his song “Opposite of Adult” to celebrate their goals.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Chidera Anamege

Date of Birth: 21st February 1987

Birth Place: Nigeria

Age: 31 Year Old

Profession: Rapper, Hip-hop artist

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $5 Million