Professional sportsmen are also considered celebrities, and media likes to follow them. Because of this, they are constantly a subject in the papers, and we know more about them than we maybe want to.

In today’s text we are going to talk about the famous English boxer Tyson Fury, so stick with us to find out more about his career, net worth and personal life.

Early Life

Heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury was born on August 12, 1988 in Manchester, UK. Fury is a left boom, has a size of 2.06 m, and a range of 216 cm.

The professional career of Tyson Fury began on December 6, 2008. In the fight for the title British and Commonwealth Champion, he rose against Dereck Chisora in the ring. The fight went over the full distance, the heavyweight champion won his first professional fight clearly on points.

In the 25 fights of his professional career so far, Fury won all the victories and did not suffer defeat. 18 of the 25 professional fights he decided by K.O.

Is early years hold a fascinating story? When he was a baby, he was born two months early and weighed only 1 pound. The doctor’s didn’t hold much hope that he is going to survive, but he defeated all the odds.

He got his name Tyson after the famous Mike Tyson, because his father wanted to give him a name after someone strong and famous. Tyson ended up living up to his name and even more. His descent is Irish traveler and his grandfather was from a place called Tuam.

This is also the birth place of his father. His grandmother is from County Tipperary, but was born in Belfast. During growing up, he had problems with gaining his citizenship. At the age of 11, he decided to leave school and join his family in the tarmacking roads.

Another interesting thing about him is that his mother actually had 14 pregnancies in total. Sadly, only 4 children managed to survive and reach adulthood. While he was younger, Tyson was trained by his father, until his father went to jail because he hurt another traveler.

The reason for the attack was a feud that was going on for a very long time. Even though his father was jailed, Tyson never had problems with the law and only fought in the ring.

Career Path

The victory in the first world title elimination match against Kevin Johnson Tyson Fury won by a unanimous point’s victory after 12 rounds. Against Steve Cunningham Fury did not need the full distance, Cunningham lost in the seventh round by early knock out.

Thereafter, Fury was scheduled to compete against David Haye on February 8, 2014, but the fight was canceled due to Hayes shoulder surgery. Instead, the Briton then rose against the American Joey Abell in the ring. Tyson Fury won in the 4th round by technical K.O.

In November of the same year Fury entered the ring for the second time against Dereck Chisora. Chisora ​​gave up the fight in the 10th round, after he had no chance against Fury in the fight. In February 2015, the fight against Christian Hammer was scheduled. Here, too, showed the superiority of Tyson Fury. Hammer gave up a chance in the 8th round.

Fury beat 23 other opponents in addition to Chisora, 18 of whom were knocked out. His second opponent was Neven Pajkic on November 12, 2011. The Canadian was unbeaten until the fight against Fury, but had to take several hard hits in the third round of the fight.

The referee put an end to the spectacle in which Fury had previously fallen to the floor in the round. Tyson Fury was declared the winner of the fight, and also brings the first victory by K.O. in his still young professional career.

Fury played a spectacular fight on November 28, 2015, which has been the most important in his career so far. He won against the then reigning world champion Wladimir Klitschko, who held the title for eleven years. The Briton thus took all four heavyweight titles (the IBF, the WBO, the IBO and also the title of WBA Super Champion).

Tyson Fury clearly won the World Cup match against Klitschko on points 115: 112, 115: 112 and 116: 111. This, despite the fact that the British one point was deducted during the fight against Wladimir Klitschko, after several admonitions not to hit his opponent on the back of the head.

Winner at the points of Ukrainian Vladimir Klitschko, 39, and unbeaten since April 10, 2004, Tyson Fury created the sensation. Who is this 27 year old Englishman? All you need to know about the new WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight world champion.

Today, Tyson Fury and his 2.06 m impress on a ring. But at birth, it was something else. The new world heavyweight champion was born very premature, almost three months ahead. He weighed less than 500 grams at birth, and had to fight to survive. An experience that can explain his strength of character today.

On August 12, 1988, when John Fury is asked how he wants to name his son, born a very premature baby three months in advance, only one name comes to his mind: Tyson. The man is a fan of Mike Tyson who, at that time, reigns supreme in world boxing. He himself was professional at the end of the 80s and early 90s (8 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses). The collusion with Iron Mike goes further as his uncle Peter briefly coached the American.

Tyson Fury nicknamed it that way. The Englishman is very proud of his origins. I am a Gypsy that means I never refuse the fight. Belonging to this community is my life, that’s what I am and even very wealthy, I will always live in a caravan.

A native of Manchester, Tyson Fury could not escape the football virus. Growing up in Manchester, you are either Red or blue, in my school, it was united, says Fury. Two players have his preference: the Irish Roy Keane and the Frenchman Eric Cantona. I was always impressed by them because they were different. I decided it was them I wanted to emulate in my boxing career, he explained.

The King of Gypsies prefers electric guitars to flamenco rhythms. After his victory Saturday night, he did not hesitate to take the microphone to sing the tube of Aerosmith I Do not Want to Miss a Thing.

Waiting for revenge with Vladimir Klitschko, the public will get to know Tyson Fury, a colorful character and floral verb. I just want to crush your old mouth and I do not care what people think. Before his fight, the British boxer had ceased to proclaim that he was going to dethrone the youngest of the Klitschko brothers. Fury does not have his tongue in his pocket. He had appeared disguised as a Batman at a press conference before engaging in a fight with a robed accomplice in Robin.

He made his professional debut at the National Ice Center in England, beating Hungarian boxer Bela Gyongyosi. He succeeded in defeating’ John McDermott’ in 2009 and earning himself the title of English heavyweight champion.

His current net worth is estimated at around $25 million, which does not take into account his recent victory over’ Klitschko’ on unanimous decision.

Personal life

He stopped going to school when Tyson was 11 years old. Instead, in tarmacking streets, he met John. His three brothers did the same job as well. Amber, the mother of the boys, became pregnant 14 times, but survived only by the four brothers.

Today, Tyson Fury and his 2.06 m impress on a ring. But at birth, it was something else. The new world heavyweight champion was born very premature, almost three months ahead. He weighed less than 500 grams at birth, and had to fight to survive. An experience that can explain his strength of character today.

She gave birth to a daughter in December 1997 and named her Ramona. A few days after birth, Ramona died. Her death was difficult for the family, particularly for nine-year-old Tyson. Gypsy King started boxing at the age of 10. His father was his first trainer, and later on he switched to professional coaches.

The struggles that weighted him down was his way of coping. John was his personal coach at the time. In 2011, John was jailed during a struggle to suppress another Traveler’s eye.

Fury and his wife Paris met when Tyson was only 17 years old. Both of them are Catholics and just like him, his wife grew up in a Gypsy family. The two of them understood each other very well, which is why their relationship functioned so well.

The family lives currently in Doncaster and the two of them have 5 children together. Tyson was very open about the abuse he received as a Gypsy professional boxer. He even thought of going to the USA to maybe live a happier life, but he ended up staying in UK.

As Tyson once said, no one likes to see someone from the Gypsy people succeeding and making something out of himself.

Tyson definitely left a mark on the boxing profession, and his net worth is the best proof of his capability and what he can achieve. He continues to train regularly but he is no longer in boxing professionally. What his next step will be, we will have to see what he has in store for us.

Quick summary

Full name: Tyson Luke Fury

Date of birth: August 12th 1988

Birthplace: Manchester, England

Age: 31

Profession: Professional boxer

Height: 2.06 m

Weight: 120 kg

Net Worth: 20$ million