Nino Brown is a famous hip hop artist and a well-known motivation writer.

Early Life

Nino Brown’s early life, education, and the beginning of his career is still unknown.


Nino Brown is a very popular hip hop artist as well as a motivational writer. Mackin & Stackin Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are his two of his famous books on guides to success. Moniker Rich Kidd is his name.

He released a mixtape which made him popular in the industry, and it is this mixtape which brought him in the eyes of the public. He has been struggling in the industry for a long time, but he still could not manage to make a place in the industry.

He released many mixtapes like the good, the bad and the ugly. Mackin & Stackin are two of his guides which brought him into the limelight. After he launched the first volume of this guide, he went further to release its next volume and pulled in more fame and popularity for himself by being a motivational writer. According to some people who read the guides, the guides have some ways to become a successful person.

Though this celebrity is in the industry for such a long period, he is not so popular among the people like other artists, and hence he does not have a very high net worth. As per the information we have, he never has endorsed any brand in the past nor is he into this type of business now.

So there are only two ways through which he has been earning, one is his guidebook to success, and the other is his music albums and singles. He was able to manage a net worth of $800,000 in the year 2017.  We are sure that with the success of his previous guides he must be working hard to launch more volumes of those in the near future. And by doing this, he will again be able to build up a good fortune for himself.

And not just this, if he can manage to bring out more mixtapes, albums, and singles in the coming years, he will be able to earn a hefty amount of money. Some people have an obsession with luxury things, some are attracted towards boats and yachts, but this celebrity is obsessed with cars. Bentley Continental GT and Mercedes- Benz S-class are two of his cars which he loves flaunting.

Though it is not confirmed that this star owns these cars but he has been seen in these cars many times and this can be easily assumed that these are his cars. And the reason behind him not having a good house may be these two cars.

He might have spent so much money on these cars that he could not manage to buy a house. This is why there is no image on the internet about his assets around the world. And it is understandable that it is nearly impossible to buy anything with the amount of money he has now.

Personal life

He is very popular in the social media accounts, and he has more than 50,000 thousand followers on Instagram and Twitter. DJ Khaled’s labels are signed by him. As this star has been in this industry for a very long time, people are curious to know about the various ways he earns money and what is net worth. Nino Brown likes to keep his personal life completely private.

Quick Summary

Full name: Nino Brown

Date of Birth: NA

Birth Place: NA

Age: NA

Profession: NA

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $800,000