Afroman Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Afroman Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Joseph Foreman has created his style and is quite popular in the United States musical arena with his rapping caliber. He is famous with his stage name Afroman. With the most popular single “Because I Got High,” he gained a high status in the rapping world. Another composition which got high appreciation was “Crazy Rap.”

In 2002 his performance urged a Grammy nomination. He began his career almost from the classroom when he was in standard eight.

From the very early young age Afroman was into music and with the passage of time reached a height in the music world. One of the most famous label Universal Records had approached Afroman to release his songs through their label. With the association of reputed label, his songs reached high on the prestigious charts, and the artist gathered enough fame and money. Afroman has basically from his musical endeavors.

So far the American rapper had gathered almost 1 million dollars as his estimated net worth.

Early life

Afroman was born as Joseph Edgar Foreman on 29th July 1974 in the East Side Palmdale, Los Angeles, California, United States of America. Till date, he had not shared about his details with the world. So there is no information about his parentage, growing up, siblings or education. But one of his compositions which he had done much earlier gives an indication that he had studied in some school but no further detail is available. Nevertheless, it is also known that he is a regular performer at some church at his place. He played drums and guitar while attending church.

When he was not known as Afroman instead people know him as Joseph Edgar, he had a deep interest in music. He was not of any particular genre at that time rather gave ears to all music which are available at that time. In interest towards rapping grew when he was in the eighth standard. He started recording his raps and earned by selling those homemade raps to the schoolboys. After getting influenced by the rapping mannerism, he made his first rap recording about his teacher who showed him the way out of the school for ‘sagging his pants.’

Obviously, that was a big effort from the teenage Edgar. Edgar sold that homemade track to his friends, students, teachers and whosoever came on his way, and finally, the young Edgar sold almost 400 copies of that track. So for any reason, the beginning was quite good particularly when he made all of his own. Later he expressed great relief by stating that even though he was not there in the school but his song gave him the presence in his school. It was reported that while he was trying to make some headway in music with his self-raps, he had worked as a baggage handler in the airport.


Previously he was busy in the public parties with his musical ability. The music was flowing on his sidewalk, and he also participated in the different musical contest in the surrounding area of East Palmdale. He was trying hard to make an impression on a smooth musical career. Somehow in 1999, he managed to bring out his first album titled “Sell Your Dope.” Obviously, without sufficient publicity and backing of any popular label, the effort did not fulfill his dream. He realized that Los Angeles is not the where he would find a real breakthrough. He shifted to Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Reaching Hattiesburg, he started searching a good companion for his music. He came across Jody Stallone who is a drummer and Daryl Havard who has experience on the keyboard and also a bassist. The three young heart joined hand to form a group. After sometime Afroman came in contact with Tim Ramenofsky and got a chance to make his name in the musical diary. In 2000 Afroman released his album “Because I Got High” from T-Bones Records. The frequency for the live shows increased with the release of the album, and conversely, his live shows increased the sale of his dream album. It was the time when the MP3 format was just making its way into the digital world, and this became the real blessings for the wide circulation of his hit songs. The songs of the album were also popularized by Howard Stem by playing the tracks on radio transmission. By next the album reached almost all music lovers all around the globe, and because of its huge popularity worldwide, there was no other way left but to nominate his effort for the Grammy in 2002 for the Best Rap category.

The massive success of “Because I Got High” really enabled the rapper to reach the highest position in the music world. The performance of any singer is always reflected by the inquiries of various label companies who want to take a share of credit in the creation of a great talent. Afroman was also approached by a different label, but lastly, he settled with Universal Records. He went into an agreement with the company for six releases. Soon his first album through Universal was released with the title “The Good Times.” The album included the best tracks of his previous two releases and few fresh compilations. In the meantime, a film by Kevin Smith “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” enriched its soundtrack with “Because I Got High.” His staying at Universal does not meet the expectation of the innumerable rap lovers. Some more films also took the popularity of the album which includes “Disturbia” and “The Perfect Score.”

It is always tough to maintain the position that one has reached, and Afroman was not an exception to the rule. His unremarkable association with Universal took away all big labels. He was left with no other way but to be an artist in his way. He made a reasonable recovery with four quite satisfactory album releases in 2004. He began his independent release with “Afroholic,” a double-disc album which came out in April 2004.

He wrote the tracks and composed music and also made the production and recording himself. The publicity was generated through online marketing and live performances. “4RO:20” and “Jobe Bells” was also released. Afroman’s another album, “The Hungry Hustlerz” featured by Mr. Mixx, Po Boy, and Blag was released. In 2006 he released two more albums. First, he came out with “Drunk’n High” and then released “A Colt 45 Christmas”. After one year in 2008, Afroman again took the initiative to make a release. He came out with “Waiting to Inhale,” “Greatest Hitz Live” and “Frobama: Head of State.” Then after, the rapper took him off the music world to retrieve in 2013 with few releases.

Personal life

There is no authentic information about his relationship with any lady. He is a single man busy with his work. The only information available which illustrates his relation with any lady is that once he smacked a lady while performing. The lady wanted to dance with Afroman and eventually he was arrested.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Joseph Edgar Foreman

Date of Birth: 29th July 1974

Birth Place: East Side Palmdale, Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Age: 44 Year Old

Profession: Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Instrumentalist

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $1 Million


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