Slim Jesus is a music rapper, and he got this kind of fame after uploading a three-minute long music video of his own on the YouTube.

His net worth is 300,000 dollar.

Early Life

Slim Jesus’s real name is Easton Philips, and he was born in the city of Hamilton, Ohio on April 10th, 1997. Irene Brown, his mother is also an artist who is associated with the public artworks. Slim Jesus completed his education from a school named Hamilton which is in Ohio City.

The school got shut down by the former President George Bush after going through many disputes. Slim Jesus was only five years old when his school was shut down. He has many black friends from his childhood who influenced him to use guns and other weapons in his music videos. In his gang, he is more popular as “Swag Jesus.”


He started setting up his career at a very early of 18; his first music video was released when he was 18. Godfather and Monster are two of his albums which he released in the year 2017. He released this album with a bundle of other tracks too.

Just in between the year 2015 and 2016, he attended more than seventeen concerts in US and Canada. You can download his albums and tracks directly from his SoundCloud account. Ayoo, Buck Buck, show my ass, mission, homicide, problems, letter to Pappy are some his popular tracks are some of his tracks to download. He released his album Godfather and Monster in the year 2017 which was very successful.

He uploaded the three-minute video on 18th of August, 2015. But on July 15, 2015, the video was released on his SoundCloud account much before it was released on YouTube. People will be amazed to know Slim Jesus was not even an adult when his first video was released. In those times hip-hop and rappers who were there in the market are mainly Africans; they used to dominate this industry. Slim Jesus is from white race and decided to build his career in this profession of rapping.

Slim Jesus likes tweeting more about doing things which are illegal like smoking weed. His music videos also showcase the use of guns and other weapons. He has a fanbase of around four thousand people on his Twitter page.

Some people like referring Slim Jesus as a white chief keef but the title has already been used on a white rapper named Brewski in the year of 2014. Just a year back there came out a rumor of his death by a gunshot, but it was just a promotional video for his next music video. Hollywood, Young puppy and 22 Savage are the upcoming albums of his which will get released in 2017. His first stage performance “Young and Arrogant” was in Canada and US on 2nd of December 2015.

In the year 2016, there came out a rumor of his death by a gunshot while he was sitting in a car. But we know that it was just a promotional stunt for a future music video. Sleep Louch on January 2016 tried to defame him by saying that Slim Jesus lack authenticity and his ideas are mostly copied from Kanye West and Drake. But he succeeded in reaching the highest position to be in this profession. Slim Jesus has achieved success within just two years of his profession. He has been successful not only as a rapper but also a model. Being compared to Eminem is nothing less than a compliment.

Tweeting is another best thing Slim Jesus does apart from rapping. He stays active on Twitter for long hours in a day. Snoop Dogg, another celebrity of this field, said the same thing on Dutch TV years back.

Personal Life 

Rapper Slim Jesus kept his personal life private and hence there is no information available about his personal life.

Quick Summary 

Full name: Easton Phillips

Date of Birth: 10th April 1997

Birth Place: Hamilton, Ohio, US

Age: 20 years

Profession: Rapper

Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Weight: 52 approx

Net worth: 300,000 dollars