Actually, she knows the best, and the viewers have believed it in the television reality series ‘Chrisley Knows Best.’ She appeared in the series along with her family. The response people have shown for the serial proves her acceptance as one of the prominent stars of serials. Before the serial came into the air she was just a common housewife of a very rich businessman. The reality show had brought a sudden change in her life.

Today she is just not the normal house wife; she is now a reality star. Before the serial nobody had any interest in her life. Today scenario has changed a lot, and people are very much eager to know about her everyday life.

It is heard that the reality show is not that really means Julie is not that worthy as it had appeared on the show. Their debt is supposed to be $50 million dollars. Todd had filed a bankruptcy protection in 2012.

Perhaps the reality show was planned to pay off some debts of enormous amount. But that does not disapprove their relation rather the strength of the bonding is further proven in their hard times. Their relation is somewhat like a true friend in need is a true friend indeed. Whatever is their situation but at present, the star had earned quite well through the serial and other sources as well. Julie’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of $3 million dollars.

Early life

Julie Chrisley is born as Julie Hughes. Julie was born on 9th January 1973 in the Winchester, South Carolina, United States of America. She was born to the very average family. Julie’s father was a Baptist minister. Julie’s mother was a Miss South California of her times. She has an American nationality and has the white ethnicity. From the very early childhood, she is facing a lot of incidents which had always influenced her life. Julie Chrisley has no such records concerning her academic achievements. No sources have justified her actual education. Of course, she has got her education from a reputed institute, but it has not been mentioned in any of her interviews.

Julie was born in Winchester but was also passed her some part of childhood in Georgia. The family had later settled in Georgia. Julie had a brother as Harvey Hughes. Unfortunately, Harvey committed suicide at the age of twenty-five.  The incident had been an overwhelming loss for the family. But Julie had always had always faced the situation of life very boldly. This behavior of Julie has always surged up whenever situation has gone wrong anyway. This attitude of her has not only helped Julie to handle such situation. This boldness and calm approach towards life had also given strength to her closed ones.

In 2012 the fortune had once again tested her courage with the arrow of cancer. The doctors doubted cancer which later tested positive, but Julie was courageous enough to handle the arrow of destiny. This was a time when Julie had to control her teenage boy with another little one. It is very hard to understand where she gets the strength. But she started her own research to know the source when there is no family history of the disease.

She had a double mastectomy. Here everybody will know her courage. Few would realize that she has the tears too which she had concealed in the pillows or in the basins of the bathroom. She is perhaps one of the best motivation and inspiration for those who are suffering from the same injury of the destiny. Her husband suggested mammogram, and fortunately, she got rid of cancer. The whole journey from knowing cancer to get relieved from the grins of the malignancy can be applied to those who are fighting with any severe illness.


Jim Sayer, Adam Greener, and Stephanie Chambers approached Julia’s family and conveyed their plan that they want to arrange a reality show with the story of the family’s experience. The show was cast, and it appeared on the small screens of United States of America as “Chrisley Knows Best.” The odd times of the family were really putting their optimism on the question. The family was going through the disgraceful days of bankruptcy. Julie shows the opportunity to clear off the massive debt as much as she could so she accepted the proposal and later must have observed that she had done no wrong. Rather her boldness might serve some other individual to handle any untoward incident.

The show came up with the first episode on 11th March 2014. The series has been featured under ‘Woman Around Town.’ Actually, people are generally more influenced when they get their inspiration in their own areas of injury with the same experience. It was a big success for the production team as the serial had drawn more than one million viewers within a very span of time. It can be mentioned here that actually Julie was signed for the first two seasons of the series.

However, as the show went on for some more days, the television series got a massive response. Automatically there was no other left out for the producers to sign Julie for another season.

With the success of the reality show, she has a tremendous appreciation for the kitchen. Now the doors of good fortune have opened up, and it is not long to visit Chrisley’s Kitchen. She is creative in her desserts and delicious meals. Her ingredients are locally available and cooking if filled with quality special tricks.

Personal life

Julie is married to Todd in 1996 after Teresa went off from his life. Julie became a mother for the first time in 1997 as she gave birth to Chase. Later the couple was further blessed by two more children; they are Savannah who was born in 1998 and Grayson arrived much later 2006.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Julie Chrisley

Date of Birth: 9th January 1976

Birth Place: Winchester, South Carolina, US

Age: 41 years

Profession: Television Personality

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: $3 million