Paul Allen Smith is a TV person who got famous after building up his fame as a designer and a lifestyle guru. He is still very popular.

Early life:

Allen was born in Little Rock, but he didn’t grow up there. His parents decided that it would be the best for him to settle in McMinnville.

His family used to have jobs related to horticulture and he had learned everything he today knows about plants from his parents and grandparents. Good thing he was always enthusiastic about it.

His childhood was spent on a private field property and his environment was always nature. He loved spending time in it.

He went to Hendrix College and he got a scholarship because of how well his grades were doing. He decided to set his life path to garden design and history. The university of Manchester is the place where he ended up.

He later came back home, to the US, and now he is a tourist guide for various gardens in Europe. He does his job very conciously.

Career development:

His first businessman move was in 2009 when he decided to make a group, a facility called Heritage Poultry Conservancy. He wanted to give more attention to plants that are going to be extinct and wanted to let people know that if they re-breed them that they could save them.

He appears in many talkshows where he gets invited, but mostly spends time making his show called P. Allen Smith Garden Home. The idea of the show wad to show people that plants are more than pretty flowers. They are something that’s much more wonderful, something that you have to commit to.

He wants to let people know that they can establish a private and a beautiful connection with their gardens and the plants they own, and he is sad that people often thing about gardens as things that only provide food.

He is often a guest on a CBS shows, The Weather Channel and similar. He is mostly a guest in episodes that deal with plants, botanics, medicine herbs, ecology and things in the niche.

He says that people often laugh at him and his job saying that it’s completely irrelevant. However, he claims the exact opposite. He and the members of Royal Oak Foundation (in which he is also actively participating) believe that the future is in preserving what we have today.

After being more than helpful with his show that received many positive reviews, he decided to write a few books too. He loves connecting with his audience and feels like everyone could be an awesome gardener if they invested the time into it.

He has a Garden Home (the original one) in Quapaw Quarter in Arkansas and he has a big number of rooms in it. All of them are gardens! Besides that, he built a Moss Mountain Farm, a complex filled with various plants, herbs and medicine. He sometimes lets people to have wedding events there.

He was also a host of P. Allen Smith’s Garden to Table and P.Allen Smith Gardens. He says that he enjoys hosting very much and that he would love to host more different shows in future, perhaps even those that are not related to gardening.

Personal life:

His private life is quite interesting although we don’t have a lot of information about it. He doesn’t have a wife nor has he any kids.

Actually, he is rumored to be gay. He is currently single and didn’t confirm any of the rumors addressed his way. 

In 2009, his life almost changed from the ground. He had a car accident where smashed his car and it flipped while he was driving under the influence of alcohol. The cops found him and took him to the hospital and thankfully there were no major problems. However, this changed the way he thinks about everything.

Allen has been told on various occassions that people love his show because of him, not because of the actual show. He is a really good comedian and makes people laugh during his show so that’s probably why people get so addicted to his work.

Quick summary

Full name: Paul Allen Smith

Date of birth: March 12, 1960

Birthplace: Little Rock, USA

Age: 57

Profession: TV person

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $5 million